4 Unique Gadgets to Improve Your Home Life

By Erin Vaughan – Guest Writer

Modern life isn’t perfect. There are so many chores to do and things to remember, and sometimes it can be downright overwhelming to keep track of it all. Fortunately, there are lots of cool gadgets on the horizon that will help save you time and hassle, and that will make you feel like your home is cool and space-aged to boot.

Smart Locks

Anyone who’s ever felt the pain (and expense!) of locking themselves out of their apartment or home will be pleased to learn that the tech field is on the case. These cool new smart locks, like the Kwickset Kevo smart lock (On Amazon at http://amzn.to/1jaF3jU ) or the Goji smart lock, keep your home secure and the locksmith at bay. Once the lock is installed and you’ve downloaded and set up the app on your smartphone, you can unlock the door just by touching the lock.



Via Kwickset


Wireless Charging

Here’s one that we at Modernize want to run out and buy right now: furniture from IKEA that charges your devices wirelessly. Think about the number of times you’ve had to untangle a wad of cords in order to pull your charger loose. Or how often you’ve been imprisoned next to the outlet, waiting and waiting for your phone to charge. Well, no more! Plus, if you are aesthetically-minded, you’ll enjoy the cool look of these lamps, side tables, and desks. Unfortunately, this awesome new device won’t be available in the US until 2016, but looks to be more than worth the wait.  Click here for Wireless Charging options on Amazon





High Tech Trash Cans and Recycling Bins

Let’s face it, ordinary trash and recycling bins do not look good. They smell, they spill bulky materials all over the place, and on top of that, they just aren’t cool.

But now you can get a space-aged garbage or recycling bin that looks sleek and manages problem garbage smells. The MINUS garbage bin keeps your trash as cold as ice, which prevents bacterial growth and smells from spreading around your home.

Or maybe your problem is that you’re tired of taking the recycling out every day. Science has a solution. The ecomod recycling bin automatically sorts your recycling materials into separate compartments and compresses items like aluminum cans, and it has a neat, futuristic design to boot.


Via Coroflot


Evolved Dishwashers

Another way to zap your leftover food into submission is to throw your dirty dishes into the fancy Eco Cleaner dishwasher, which sends ionized waves over your soiled plates to clean them and moves food scraps and leftovers to a composting department—ecofriendly and economical.

But if you can’t deal with the idea of cleaning your dishes with waves, there are also some more traditional dishwashers with cool high tech flairs. Whirlpools Sixth Sense washers connect to your electrical grid and monitor the times when electricity is cheapest, then automatically run the dishwasher at these times, saving your money. The KitchenAid AquaSense washer keeps your water consumption low by reusing water from rinse cycles on previous loads to pre-rinse the next batch of dishes.


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