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BLUETTI AC70 Portable Power Station | 1000W 768Wh

Comprehensive Review of the BLUETTI AC180: Unveiling the Power Beast in Portable Solar Generators

In the ever-growing world of portable solar generators, BLUETTI has established itself as a prominent player, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. The BLUETTI AC180, with its robust features and impressive specifications, stands out as a power beast in the realm of portable power stations. In this detailed review, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the AC180, comparing it to other models from BLUETTI, presenting a comprehensive chart of pros and cons, and concluding with a recommendation for potential buyers. Full Disclosure: I have purchased and currently use this unit. BLUETTI AC180 Overview: The BLUETTI AC180 is a high-capacity portable

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EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power

EcoFlow Delta Pro Portable Power Station Review: Powering the Future with Efficiency

In the seemingly always-changing landscape of portable power stations, the EcoFlow Delta Pro emerges as a powerful contender, promising an efficient and sustainable solution for various power needs. As a technology enthusiast and a former Microsoft MVP with a keen interest in gadgets and innovation, exploring the Delta Pro aligns seamlessly with your passion. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the intricacies of the EcoFlow Delta Pro, comparing it to other models from the brand, and providing a detailed analysis to assist you in making an informed decision. Overview of EcoFlow Delta Pro: The EcoFlow Delta Pro (at

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The Emporia Level 2 EV Charger Overview and Stats

I recently had the opportunity to review the Emporia 48-Amp 240V Smart WiFi Level 2 EV Charger. Here’s a comprehensive review based on my research Pros: Cons: Here are the basic features and specifications It’s evident that this Emporia EV Charger comes with advanced features such as intelligent load management, flexible amperage settings, and a rugged enclosure for both indoor and outdoor use. The inclusion of an energy monitor adds an additional layer of functionality. Make sure to check with local authorities for any incentives or rebates in your area. If you have specific preferences or requirements, comparing this information

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The Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer Thermometer

Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer Thermometer, Wireless Thermometer Hands On Review

The Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer Thermometer is a wireless monitoring device designed to measure and display both temperature and humidity levels. It’s often used in environments like homes, offices, or other spaces where monitoring these conditions is important. Here are some key features and details about the Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer Thermometer: I own 4 of them and have been using them both to measure the humidity of my cigars, but use one every winter to make sure my home is not getting too dry. Here as some of the features: Pros: Cons: As a tech-savvy individual passionate about maintaining an optimal

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Erin Lawrence with Withing Smart Scale, Alexa Smart Kettle, GE Smart Mixer and Echo Frames – HGG568

Erin Lawrence joins this week (Don't forget to visit for all the reviews). First, we look at the Withings Smart Scale, which Erin found to be problematic despite having a poor experience with a previous smart scale. Next, we looked at the Alexa Smart Kettle, which they found to be surprisingly helpful due to… Click for more / Podcast Player>
Happy New Year 2022

Top 10 Posts for 2022

As we close out 2022 and look ahead to 2023, it’s time to look at the Top 10 posts from for 2022. Not all of them were published in 2022, and many of them are niche products that still have a following today. Its fun to take a short look back and see what was hot during the year. 10 Benefits and Uses of Electronic Gadgets in Learning Install the Old Version of Windows Live Essentials on XP Alesis MultiMix 4 4 Channel USB Mixer Hands On Review 5 Best Gadgets to Reduce Your Household’s Carbon Footprint Buying a

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