Erin Lawrence with Withing Smart Scale, Alexa Smart Kettle, GE Smart Mixer and Echo Frames – HGG568

Erin Lawrence joins this week (Don’t forget to visit for all the reviews). First, we look at the Withings Smart Scale, which Erin found to be problematic despite having a poor experience with a previous smart scale. Next, we looked at the Alexa Smart Kettle, which they found to be surprisingly helpful due to its voice control feature. The GE Smart Stand Mixer was also reviewed, which features a built-in scale and can be controlled through a cell phone or voice, with automated recipes. The Echo Frames 2nd Gen, which are sunglasses that double as headphones and can be controlled through Alexa, were also discussed. We wrapped it with the Juiced E-Bike, specifically the Juiced CrossCurrent X Step-Through model, and Erin shared her new found love for E-bikes! Thanks for listening!


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Show Segments:

Is it time to upgrade your phone? Is it time for a watch? [1:04]
Do you think it’s the too powerful of features on a watch that just doesn’t scale down [4:34]
Review of the Withings Body Plus. [9:31]
Joe’s new scale and smart kettle. [14:26]
How to use the smart kettle to make coffee. [18:52]
How much water can this thing eat up or in? [21:26]
Ge Profile 7-quarts Smart Mixer with Autopilot. [27:21]
How does the experience compare to other kitchen robots? [32:59]
Kitchenaid attachments and accessories. [38:37]
What’s the price of these headphones? [43:02]
The battery is still going! [47:48]
Tony’s first experience with the new bike. [53:54]

I tried a Withings Smart scale several years after a poor experience with another. It wasn’t any better: 

Alexa Smart Kettle: it’s surprisingly helpful! 

GE Smart stand Mixer; built in scale, control with cell phone or voice, automated recipes:

Echo Frames 2nd Gen; do you need sunglasses that are also headphones?

The e-bike review:


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