Mobile Security Matters: Dissecting the Dangers of Mobile Malware – CF040

Christian is joined by Jim and special guest Kevin Schoonover to talk about mobile device security. Which predominant platforms are winning over consumer trust and adding value? What design and marketplace considerations should be factored in when buying a device that is reliable to use? What can the average guy do to better protect these increasingly valuable assets? We explore the evolution of cell phone security over the last generation of mobile device platforms, and dive into wearables and other devices that have empowered these sensor-filled devices to be far more palatable targets than desktops have ever been. From “built-in” malware out of the box to undetected intrusions – we explore the main threats to the mobile device industry for consumers and ways to get smart about locking down your phone. With final remarks on cyber crime statistics and the recent Uber bombshell revelation, we cover a lot of ground and bring it straight to you the listener. Desktop security is old news, long live mobile device security.

Cyber Frontiers is all about Exploring Cyber security, Big Data, and the Technologies Shaping the Future Through an Academic Perspective!   Christian Johnson will bring fresh and relevant topics to the show based on the current work he does.

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Is my phone/tablet spying on me?

  1. Bought a tablet from China, never heard of the brand. Could it be gathering info and sending it back to China:
  2. Can I check to see if my device is sharing with people/sites that I do not know?
  3. Are there tools that the average guy could use to test for this?
  4. In the enterprise, Mobile Device Management tools are used to manage devices. Could they watch for this?

In fact, some companies have made a living out of selling device spyware:

ES File Explorer File Manager – sending “too much” network data?

Android A-Conventional Ways to Detect Malware:


Malware Stories Discussed



IoT devices are popping up everywhere. They talk over ZigBee, Z-Wave, BlueTooth and WiFi. Ultimately, these devices talk over my home network. As with tablets and phones how can I be sure these devices are not sharing with someone they should not be? Are they a hacking target?

Is Network Access Control the answer? Could it ever be functional for the home user?

Breaking News Segment

On the day of recording, the press reveals Uber’s concealment of a major cyber attack by paying off hackers to keep quiet.

Americans State Cybercrime is Their Top Crime Worry

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