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Mobile Security Matters: Dissecting the Dangers of Mobile Malware – CF040

Christian is joined by Jim and special guest Kevin Schoonover to talk about mobile device security. Which predominant platforms are winning over consumer trust and adding value? What design and marketplace considerations should be factored in when buying a device that is reliable to use? What can the average guy do to better protect these increasingly valuable assets? We explore the evolution of cell phone security over the last generation of mobile device platforms, and dive into wearables and other devices that have empowered these sensor-filled devices to be far more palatable targets than desktops have ever been. From “built-in”

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Online Affairs, Female Chatbots, and A Mildly Unrelated DDoS Conversation – CF026

This week on Cyber Frontiers our discussions on hacks and leaks heats up as Christian, Ashton, and Jim weigh in on the Ashley Madison leak. We talk about the data from a high level, and some of the trend analysis that has already been done regarding the data leak. This leads us into a conversation about AI chatbots, and in this case, female bots programmed to lure men to the Ashley Madison website. We speculate a bit on how the leak was conducted, leading us to a mildly (un)related conversation about DDoS attacks and why they are still an issue.

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