Get Off My Lawn! Some Complaints About Tech – HGG407

Jim kind of goes on a rant about tech this week and doesn’t like what is happening at Facebook or any of the other tech giants. Have we lost our edge on innovation at the moment?  Is there anything compelling? Mike tries to talk him off the ledge. We also spend some time talking about Facebook’s announcement around Libra, their new cryptocurrency offering. Will this put crypto in the mainstream? It seems like the crypto market is responding with favor!  I think you will enjoy the show.

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Hey, Jim!  Miss seeing you every year at meet up, but I do enjoy the show.  With one kid just out of college and one headed there in a year, I really enjoyed that show with your daughter….very timely, and (even at that age) she sounded like a complete pro!  Must run in her blood…John Aydelotte


Cigar night last Friday night?  Thanks Joe — Cigar to review from Joe –




We are kind of in a weird spot with technology right now.  The Gadgets are not as compelling



Facebook’s Libra won’t be as power-hungry as Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s digital gold, but Facebook’s Libra is the digital dollar—here’s why that matters



Mike’s ADD Router choice continues – switched back to Untangle after using Ubiquiti USG for two months. Tried using it in bridge mode but it has issues with VLANS.

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