Back from Vacation, New Podcast Option with Transcriptions and LIVE Options and July Prime Deals – HGG408

Mike and Jim are back this week after taking a much needed break for 2 weeks! It was super needed and awesome. This week we come back with some community updates, a look at both StreamYard and (you can now get full transcripts of the program with time stamps below) and update on the July 15 –16 Amazon Prime Day and Mike gives us some additional info on his Unraid set up.   I think you will enjoy the show.

Join Jim Collison / @jcollison  and Mike Wieger / @WiegerTech for show #408 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network.


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Benefits of taking two weeks off from podcasting 

we are trying out StreamYard –

Continuing to use for show notes at Gallup. It’s awesome! –

Kevin Schoonover sent us a Microbit –



Prime day deals? –,news-29166.html



Working a lot with Grafana to create dashboards for Unraid. Utilizing Telegraf and Varken as data exporters to InfluxDB


Product Updates



When you said you wanted the power to customize the WiFi settings of your Bitdefender BOX, we went immediately to work. And here we are today, with a software update that not only gives you more control over your WiFi, but also protects your children better, thanks to new parental control features that enable safety measures across the entire home network. 

Here’s what you can do now: 

1. Split frequency band

Now you can choose between the two wireless frequencies in your Bitdefender BOX. You can split them under different names and, if you choose, use different passwords. 

2. Select the wireless channel you want to use

Select less “crowded” channels and minimize the risk of overlapping signals, interference, and network slowdowns. 

3. Make your router invisible to others

Hide the SSID for each WLAN channel (or both, if bundled), and prevent others from seeing it and trying to access your network. 

4. Enable or disable WiFi and change password remotely

Reset your WiFi password and turn connectivity ON or OFF at will, even when you are away from home – all from your Bitdefender Central account. Read more about how we do it here 

5. Enforce Parental Control rules across multiple connected devices

Identify unknown devices that connect to your WiFi and pause Internet connectivity until you figure out who they belong to. With this update, these decisions move to the network level, so you can block unwanted content on TV sets, smartphones and tablets, and even “freeloading” smart fridges and smart … mirrors. Plus, you can now block access to a certain domain, such as, across all devices assigned to your child’s account. Read more about how we do it here

Enjoy the new functionalities, and don’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback to inspire us for future updates. It’s what made today’s update possible in the first place! 

Stay safe, you deserve it.

Bitdefender BOX Team 


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