A Long Look at a Gaming Build and Crispy Chicken on the Grill – HGG446

This week we take a look at some parts that will make up a gaming build for JIm’s son. We also discuss replacing the hard drive enclosure for Jim’s Nvidia Shield and how not to smoke a whole chicken.

I think you will enjoy the show.

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[3:50] June 18 – All Listener Feedback Show – email me your feedback and questions to jim@theAverageGuy.tv


[6:24] Replaced the HD dock I had been using for the 1TB SSD on my Nvidia Shield with the enclosure from the Seagate drive that failed. Used the 


[23:08] Tim’s Box O’Parts

WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD M.2 2280 2TB

Core i7 9700K KGA1151

Patriot Viper Gamiling 16GB 2x8GB DDR4 PC4_32000 4000MHz

ASUS Prime Z390-A

ASUS Turbo GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB GDDR6



[51:38] Grill experience with the drip pan that caught fire.



Jim Collison  [0:00] 
This is The Average Guy Network and you found Home Gadget Geeks show number 446 recorded on May 21 2020.

Jim Collison  [0:22] 
Here on Home Gadget……oops

Jim Collison  [0:28] 
One of those days I don’t really care.

Jim Collison  [0:30] 
Here on Home Gadget Geeks we cover all the favorite tech gadgets that find their way into your home news reviews, product updates and conversation all for the average tech guy. I’m your host Jim Collison broadcasting live from the average guy TV Studios in Mike for as long as we want in spring it will not end here in Nebraska like we cannot we can’t summer kind of tries early you know tries to get started and we see sun and then it’s clouds and cool again great for the grass. We were talking about that in the pre show. Sure your grass is doing well. Mine is awesome. Thanks, Dave McCabe. How’s your grass doing?

Mike Wieger  [1:02] 
Mine is a jungle because we went down to the farm last weekend so I didn’t get a mo in and we are paying the price now it’s you know, we start to get the seeds on top of the grass. It’s it’s getting that Oh yeah. So it’s probably, you know, that’s not the hard part about it is, like we talked about two passes what I should do what I’ll have time to do those, I’ll probably be cutting off more than I should on one path.

Jim Collison  [1:23] 
I had to put my bag on to it because I’m trying to mulch and it just got so thick and I could hear that blade just crushing just churning in there, right, just too much grass. And so I so put a bag on it, we finished it. But if you haven’t gone back by the way, it’s been a very popular show. If you haven’t gone back and watch the episode Dave McCabe and we did on lawncare. pretty great. And then coming up here at the end of June. We’ll have the part two on that series when we talk about summer stuff you need to do to get ready for your lawn for the summer. So we’ll have him back as well.

Jim Collison  [1:55] 
Of course, we post the show with World Class show notes. In a few here. Mostly the transcripts will be there. We’ll have TheAverageGuy.TV. Don’t forget you can download the mobile app I’ll have it for a while I’ve been considering not doing that it just hasn’t seen a ton of use most of you have found other ways to get it done but HomeGadgetGeeks.com that app is streaming and you can just go from anywhere best way to listen. Since it goes through Spreaker you get the live show. So it’s a great way to do it as well that way as well HomeGadgetGeeks.com if you want to do it, we want to thank our Patreon subscribers

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By the way, Patreon subscribers if you we still are and Ron just made me a bunch more hoops upside down. It’s still upside down. There we go. Ron just made me a bunch it right here is making Yeah, there you go a bunch of new coins. And there’s a couple of you that jumped in on the $5 plan and I because of COVID I just couldn’t get it out to you. I just ordered the envelopes and I’m getting ready to ship this week. end of the month if you get in before the end of May. With that $5 pledge I’ll send you out a coin. So if you want to do that, Ron, I appreciate you getting those. For me. I got a few on hand that will send out new shipping me some more but TheAverageGuy.TV/Patreon if you want to jump on the bandwagon and join us here financial support of the things that we do.

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Jim Collison  [3:35] 
Big thanks to rich Hey, last week, he jumped in a lot of Microsoft talk and so he’s good to catch up with Rich, so Rich, thanks for coming in. Appreciate your, your willingness to do that, which I don’t know if he listens, but if he does, thanks, Rich, appreciate it.

Jim Collison  [3:50] 
Mike, June 18, which is three weeks away, maybe four, something like that, June 18. We’re going to do our first ever is that you’re looking at be funny. Is that a Thursday? No, it’s funny. I was like, Did I say something wrong? Okay, good. Cuz it’s that kind of day.

Mike Wieger  [4:08] 
Um, I was laughing at chat. They were they were giving What do they say?

Jim Collison  [4:11] 
Oh, they said,

Mike Wieger  [4:12] 
you’re talking about? No, no, you’re talking about shipping these in and to joke he says, with postage do lol

Jim Collison  [4:18] 
I learned my lesson on that when I make sure I’ll get to the post office. The plan is this gonna take a box and how much right and this let him let him figure it out. So yeah, that was funny. That was my mistake.

Jim Collison  [4:31] 
June 18. So June 18 2020, all listener feedback show. So we’ve never done this before. I don’t know if it’s gonna work. Mike and I all listener feedback. What does that mean is you need to send us some feedback. We don’t. I don’t read a ton. I get quite a bit of feedback. But I thought it’d just be fun. It’s summer. Send us your funny stories. Send us your tech stories, send us some feedback, those kinds of things. We’ll read them on the show and in comment on so the whole show That way, June 18, send it to me, Jim@TheAverageGuy.TV.

Mike Wieger  [5:04] 
That’d be great. Even anything like your setup of how you listen to us or watch us, yeah,

Jim Collison  [5:09] 
anything, anything. If you want to send an audio comment, you can do that as well. You can just put it on here, you know, record it and send it to me, whatever you want to do. All listener feedback,

Mike Wieger  [5:18] 
you know, one of my favorite podcasts that I listened to actually, they are entirely a user feedback show. It’s Mac geek, gab. And they I mean, they’re so it started when I was you know, obsessed with Apple, but I continue to listen, because everything is they do quick tips. And it’s people send in quick tips. And then they ask questions, and they’ll provide their answer, like their expert answer to the questions that I have. I kind of like that style. So I’m excited for this because that I really enjoy kind of, because it brings up such diverse topics. And people always have really cool ideas that you and I maybe don’t think about or talk about. So that’ll be a fun show. So make sure you guys tune that in so we can share the lovable

Jim Collison  [5:53] 
Yeah, if you guys share with us, if you’re a subscriber to the newsletter, you’ll get that reminder this week and next time And then you can just reply to that, send it back to me. That’d be a great way to do it. If you haven’t subscribed, you can get that done The Average Guy TV slash, subscribe, but yeah, Mike, I’m kind of looking forward to it. So yeah, I think it’ll be fun. Okay, so we’re going to talk about Tim’s bill. We’re going to hold it right behind me here over the shoulder. I don’t have all the gear yet. And he I don’t know if he’s ordered all of it. We got parts of it so we can scrutinize it. We’ll be looking for your comments in the chat. So if you want to do that as well, we’ll talk about it Mike and I have kind of take a look at it. But this week, just kind of an update on my Nvidia Shield usage of the Plex site last week I thought you had me talked into like moving Plex server over to my core i three because I’ve got that’s where I got the video cards in all week. So I’ve been working. I worked on it kind of all week, little bits at a time all weekend for sure. And was going to shift some stuff around and I figured how do I get to move stuff off that because you got it like, I think it’s got to be seamless for Sarah. I can’t be like, Oh, it’s gonna be down for three days or oops, I lost everything.

Mike Wieger  [6:56] 
I’ve done that. Yeah. Then we’re even not even losing the video files the one time I’ve caused a lot of annoyance to my, to my family has been when everything’s still there for them to watch but it lost all the data as in what they’ve watched what they hadn’t watched. Right so like they’ve been in the middle of a series of a TV show it also just reset to you haven’t watched anything, even that little stuff and that’s all that Plex metadata that you need to make sure you keep that, that sounds hard to if you lose it, you’ve lost it. There’s

Jim Collison  [7:22] 
just every time I would go to think about how am I going to move all this stuff I just i’d panic. I don’t know if I really want to do this right. And I move some drives around I tested some things I tried, you know, I tried some stuff on the shield to expose it to the network. So I could pull those files across ay, ay, ay, ay. so any when I was like, I’m not moving it. And it was super funny because I felt really good as soon as they made that decision. And I’ve been thinking about this for a couple weeks. And I was like not moving it and like this wave of calmness just came over me I was like, Okay, that was the right decision. But that Nvidia Shield storage has always been in a dock and you know in a hard drive bay dock that’s connected via USB three super janky like if you know if the wind blows the wrong direction and the house or the heater comes on I think falls over and then the disk falls out you know what I’m talking about? Those definitely. So it’s like okay, I gotta do something different Well, I had that Seagate eight terabyte drive go bad and a couple weeks ago the one I shipped back to Western Digital and got that $5 credit for it which is super slick. By the way if you haven’t done that yet if you have drives you need to get rid of just put them in boxes. Tell see tell Western Digital, go to the recycle page. They’ll give you a shipping label and it leaves your house it’s pretty great right if to drop it off at UPS or call them but it’s pretty great. So I had an empty an empty Seagate enclosure so took the took the SSD drive which is what I’ve been using for the storage for the Plex took that out in went to put it in a The Western Digital Well okay, it’s too small. Okay, no biggie. I’ve got one of those adapters, no, the I need a full size adapter to make it work. So I went because because that adapters too short and it’s expecting a full size drive right expecting the full length of the adapter is only the length of the SSD. So you’re like, Okay, this isn’t gonna work and I could kind of rig it in there but I kind of thought, huh, I bet Icy Dock has a solution for this right? So one of my favorite things that Icy Dock makes. Let me hold on let me find the I’ll share this. Let me get this screen just one of my very favorite Icy Dock products of all time is this little two and a half to three and a half inch. You know it’s just basically converts a two and a half inch drive to three and a half. Right? super simple, super efficient works every time. The lid slides back and pops up you put the drive the two and a half inch drive. in there, close it. It pinches it in seats it really well. Now you have a drive. Um, I didn’t realize this, but they’re doing refurbs right now for eight bucks, which is a pretty great a 50 bucks Yeah, that’s a good price. Yeah, pretty great price for converting those two and half inch drives two, three and a half. So in my case, it made it super convenient. There’s a million different ways to get this done.

Mike Wieger  [10:23] 
But, but that looks a lot more robust. And let’s say this is what I’ve used, right

Jim Collison  [10:27] 
where it’s focused back to you here.

Mike Wieger  [10:30] 
So this same thing, right three and a half inch drive and this can actually hold to SSD so it can be stacked here in here. But it’s not I mean, I think this cost more than $8 and this is I mean this thing’s pretty flimsy. It doesn’t enclose it like that one does.

Mike Wieger  [10:46] 
It same sort of style.

Jim Collison  [10:47] 
Yeah. And it’s got you know, this this drive here, you know, it’s got a it’s it’s hard plastic. I don’t know it just is a great adapter and it has been one of those you For me, it’s been one that they’ve had forever. I’ve been using these for maybe 10 years and they were always like 20 bucks. And I just went online I needed it. I was because I was gonna, so what I was gonna do was take that one terabyte drive and throw it in, I have that Icy Dock kind of quick sync enclosure, you can turn the power off on it, open the doors, put it in, seat it then turn the power back on. It’s kind of like it’s a poor man’s hot swap. And so I was gonna take the one terabyte drive out, put it in media center box that I have to get those files off of it. That’s originally why I bought it well, so I just thought, Okay, I’m gonna, I’m just gonna use that. I’m going to put it in that. That Seagate enclosure, I’m going to plug it in, and now it’s kind of protected. It doesn’t look so janky in there, and it protects that drive. And then I just thought, you know, this thing is working. And how often do you really get your media center and your wife the wife acceptance factor? It just freaking works. So is like putting it in. It’s got plenty of storage. Part of the problem was, we only use about 200 gig of recorded files at any given time. I got a terabyte SSD in there. I kind of felt like it was a waste. Okay, I don’t care. They’re cheap after we talk about the parts that’s gonna say that. Yeah, they’re super cheap, especially

Mike Wieger  [12:21] 
the status dial now now that NVMe is becoming so popular, it’s forced even the price on the SATA drives, the two and a half inch data drives down. I’ve noticed So yeah, I mean a terabyte there. And you know, you never know the great part is now you have to worry about it. Right. Nothing starts to fill up. And then you know, you’re good for a while.

Jim Collison  [12:37] 
Anders asking how do you spell Genki? I think that’s pretty close. Andrew, that’s another we were talking about those family words right that you just have in your family and that’s, that’s one of the ones that I use. So, okay, I ordered that drive. I ordered that enclosure. And you know, we’ve been talking about how things are because COVID related like they’re only Shipping priority kind of stuff and things were taken maybe two weeks instead of the couple days before because there was priority I guess those days are over because this came the next day I got that yeah ordered Yep. ordered it Saturday either ordered a Saturday or Sunday or Sunday was here Monday. like boom, just box in my in my mailbox outside and which I you know, I bought one of those plastic Paul Bran was talking about this patch package boxes. So I ordered one of those and I put it up on a I have it up on it’s kind of its own Wood Stain so it’s not so low because my FedEx guy was complaining, he’s like, shortens my back. I was like, What’s your job, but anyways, I didn’t I didn’t say that. And then we put hinges on the back of that thing and a handle up front. So now you just lift it up, you can one hand because before you’d have to take the lid off, you don’t have a lid you have to take he’d have to take the lid off and then find a place to set it down and then right put the box down. I just hinged it works great. So it’s been a couple upgrades there.

Mike Wieger  [13:59] 
So I’m Curious, you know, since you were going to an SSD was Did you ever think about just not doing an enclosure at all and just getting a short little USB three to cuz you don’t need power right? You don’t need the full Docker direct. So like most the time when I’m running off an SSD, I have a short little cable USB to that, because those things you can bang on like they’re not gonna break or they’re not fragile, so I’m really not too worried about it. Did you ever think about that, or just you already had the dock and kind of went that way?

Jim Collison  [14:26] 
No, I didn’t, just to be honest with you. No, I had the dock. So I went that way to begin with. And then when it worked, I was like, well, and the dock could have just worked like I could have just left it in the dock. But as killing it kind of looks like crap, even though it’s hidden. It bothered me. So now it’s in this slick case. And it just works. You know, kind of just works. It works pretty great. I’m happy. Like I feel like it’s locked down now. Like I’m not gonna mess with it. I’m just gonna let it be that’s going to be our solution until it breaks and and I’m perfectly content with it. Yeah Tony says I clicked on the wrong thing so you don’t get this is you have one of these box you know I have this box four boxes on my on my porch just for that. Here’s the one hang up somehow so it rained really hard the other day and I think filled up with water and I still cannot figure out where the water came in at like should be covered. I don’t think water goes up things it has, you know it has a lip that goes yeah, I To this day, I cannot figure out how that thing. It had a good half inch and wasn’t

Mike Wieger  [15:31] 
coming into the bottom or anything I know

Jim Collison  [15:32] 
because it’s up on I built a platform. I have two by two by sixes or two by eights one of those two, I think the two by eights. Yeah. And it sits on top I built a two by box that it just sits on top of so that again it’s kind of raised up a little bit for my FedEx

Mike Wieger  [15:46] 
guy. I guess you could drill a hole and put some really tiny mesh to keep bugs and

Jim Collison  [15:50] 
stuff. And I’m not just drill holes. I’m not worried about the bugs. It’s got a vent in it anyways that that just in case you know because that thing will get hot in the sun and anyway the Kind of vent the heat. So it’s got a non screen vent so I just because it’s up off the ground is in in the low spots where there was water and it drained right on I thought okay, good to go. I’m not worried about bugs boxes aren’t gonna sit in there very long. So

Mike Wieger  [16:14] 
I saw Tony’s tweet about him with his package. Yeah, the ubiquity AP on his friend stupid, it’s soaked in water. And I’ve had that happen a few times too. I’ve actually thought about going Jim’s route about putting something out there that they could put it in

Jim Collison  [16:26] 
now. Yeah, Tony says condensation. That’s what my wife said. This that No, well, they should. Yeah, yeah, maybe in Panama or Central America. I just couldn’t It was weird. And it’s okay. Like, you know, it’s one of those things I now have holes strategically, so it drains out it was very satisfying when I drilled those holes and then all the water kind of went right to it and it drained out. No regrets now that I got the hinges on there and I got a handle. I watched him through the package cam the other day. About delivered a package and he looked at it at first and then grab the handle and then he could see Oh, and slid the box down when he brings hellofresh that’s the that’s the hard part right when hellofresh has a big box and it just fits inside that box. And so he I see him he’s done everything but flip me off in the camera box. He didn’t like to put it on my doorstep much less put it in a box four boxes. So he’s he’s not real happy. We ordered extra food this week. And so they packed they packed it in their biggest box possible. And it was it’s tight, but it fits. So that’s all that that’s all that really matters. I can’t go back. I love having that package box, pop out the door, take a peek something in there. Or we get the notification off the ring doorbell because the ring doorbell is literally right in front of it. So it’s pretty great. They got the package cam it looks down at it. So pretty great. So that Was my that was one of the things do you have any you have any tech projects this week that you that you’re working on anything? You tuned up?

Mike Wieger  [18:05] 
No, no, not not really too much. Um, I did I have switched. I think we already talked about this, but I actually switched out the Xbox in the living room for another Nvidia Shield. You guys have gotten me hooked on that. So I ordered another one. So we now have the pro that’s in the master bedroom. And then I actually got the tube form factor one for the living room. I just, they play everything with as far as Plex goes. I don’t use as a Plex server like you do, Jim. But as far as even just a client loads, everything fast can direct play every single file type live TV works. The Plex app on Xbox is horrendous. It’s awful. It’s stutters all the time. Doesn’t matter what power server you have the client app on the Xbox is terrible. So switching over to that has been really good. My wife loves the new remote, big for approval factor there from her. And the thing that we started using too was our kids like to walk off with the remote You just install the NVIDIA Shield app, find the remote and that remote makes a high pitch sound. So you can find those remotes when they’re lost. So even if you have an old shield, I would say it’s worth I think it was $30 maybe $40 for that remote, I think it’s worth it. I really enjoy it and it actually has physical volume buttons, instead of just like that slide thing on the old one they kind of hard to use. So I think the those upgrades have been

Jim Collison  [19:26] 
pretty good. have been good. Yeah. 120 I think for that, that the lower end Exactly. 99. I think for the pro version, they’ve had trouble with them keeping them in stock. They have a little bit of a slick deals alert that tells me and I’ve been getting way more alerts. By the way, slick deals, don’t don’t set yourself up an alert for default. I get I get three dilla dunwall alerts a day on things that are on sale.

Mike Wieger  [19:53] 
The one thing I was curious though, since you run Plex media server on the shield is their hard work. I would assume there’s hard acceleration. Yeah. On and Okay, so you have that checked and that is an option on the

Jim Collison  [20:04] 
next night works great works like a charm, you know it works like a charm it very little buffering. I mean kind of having her monitor the I wanted to see if that enclosure would add any latency to it just because it’s got to go through a board writing that enclosures got a board in it. And so we’ve been kind of monitor it. She’s been saying no, although she showed me an area or it slowed down significantly. So yeah, Tony, Tony says or an alert for a hard drive. Don’t Don’t Be careful what you set your your select the old alerts for for sure. So yeah, it’s been it’s been great. I just, again, it was kind of I’m glad I went through the exercise. It was a couple days of brain like, Can I move stuff around? Maybe I should move these drives out of that into this. How am I how do I migrate that data? What’s its gonna look like maybe I need to convert the Unraid Box back into the media center because it was a media center for a lot of years. Maybe that means Because the media down, then I have to, then I have to put a new power supply in it like I’m one of those, but I can, you know, yeah, like, or I could just leave it and it would work. You know,

Mike Wieger  [21:10] 
you totally depend on the size of your library to and what you need. And if the shields powerful enough and how many remote clients you have running and I think for your use case, the shield is perfect. I think for most people, I guess, the hard part about talking about Plex and you try and make recommendations and you think everyone has the average an average user, people using Plex are already above average users, right? You know, the average guys not running a Plex server. It’s more the advanced technical people who are running Plex servers. And so sometimes they do maybe the norm for them is to have more power depends on how many users they have. But I’ve if it was just me in this house, I would be using probably the NVIDIA Shield as well. Mm hmm. Yeah. assumption I mean, extremely low power consumption. You already have a running all the time. Why not have an apparently no, it’s Android.

Jim Collison  [21:55] 
pretty great. We I have an Xbox. I move my Xbox out there. So we have a DVD player. Yeah, Laurie. And I could use Plex, but Plexus terrible on the Xbox. It’s terrible.

Mike Wieger  [22:08] 
It is. So yeah, it’s just terrible. JOHN doesn’t seem to have any issues. He says his Plex app and stutter but it doesn’t have the grid guide. And that’s true. The UI is clunky, an old one or something. And we don’t really use ours for live TV too much. But it’s just even playing movies for us. For some reason, it doesn’t work for him. Oh, man, I’ve been playing a ton of Xbox. Like, I think like, my gaming patterns go around when I have high stress. So I stress and then I’m like, I love to just boys have gone to bed. You know, hop on with Mike and it’s a good way I feel connected. Again, because I don’t play alone. I’m just not a guy. I can’t sit and play video game by myself. So I don’t play unless I have a buddy jumping on with me. But man, we’ve been playing a lot of that new Call of Duty Warzone to my wife’s dismay, I think she misses me a little bit. But uh, it’s been it’s been good.

Jim Collison  [22:54] 
Now Michael, she would say,

Mike Wieger  [22:56] 
Yeah, no, no, she’ll say just don’t spend time with me. No, and then there’s no there’s no right into that, fellas, if she says you want to spend time with me, it’s a

Jim Collison  [23:04] 
course that I do.

Mike Wieger  [23:06] 
And then run.

Jim Collison  [23:08] 
Right on, right on. Let’s dig into Tim’s build. So my site Tim, he is overseas right now, we’ll be back here in the United States. Some point, he’s had items shipped a home, he’s going to do a build when he comes home for leaf when he gets back whenever that is, I don’t even know. Um, so I thought it was a great idea just to hijack the parts. We’re not unboxing tonight. That’s not what this is. But this is a great opportunity for us to just kind of talk through the parts. So I’m going to walk through his parts. It’s not a complete build, but it is the parts associated with it. What I’d love to do is take some of your feedback in the chat room. So as we talked about each of the components, drop your comments in the chat room we’ll bring in and this will be Chad heavy, is we’re talking about this. So whatever thoughts you have on it, we’ll bring in the first we’ll start with the he’s got a ninth Gen Core i 790 700 k and I think we can We can show that here that’s the actual box for that I don’t know why it’s doing let’s it’s keeps changing the picture on me and I’m not exactly sure why okay there we go retail about 370 I think at this point pretty it’s it’s unlocked I think they all are at this by me I could be wrong I actually Mike

Mike Wieger  [24:23] 
the key model that would be unlocked Okay, I this is an area like I haven’t It’s been a while since I think I said this on the show while back having priced computer parts in a while so you’re kind of like I don’t know video cards I knew for a while but this I don’t. I think from a gaming perspective pretty standard I kind of what I’d expect when you looked at changing parts Did you you consider what you consider and what you get. I did I was going the AMD route though for the price performance for me is and since I was starting fresh, I was able to just start with a new motherboard and everything. So for me price performance was still there on the AMD side. I went with the 3600. It’s a six core processor. But that one is eight cores. You get two more cores. I think it’s up to 4.9 gigahertz you’re probably looking at I don’t know what it is base clock. That’s obviously turbos, turbo. But still Yeah, that’s a great chip for gaming. Yeah, I’m actually I think it’s

Jim Collison  [25:20] 
this one. I think it’s just the straight. No.

Mike Wieger  [25:23] 
And you know, I don’t know. I wonder, Jim, I would be interested to see since the 10th Gen just came out for Intel. I wonder what the price has done since he ordered compared to now. So be curious to see what he paid for this a while back now that the tensions are out. And he just bought it like a week or two ago. These just so maybe he benefited? Maybe? Yeah, I don’t know if the price has dropped yet. I’m sure some people in chat are more savvy on watching the prices. But I would I would suspect that they jumped down as soon as those tensions came out.

Jim Collison  [25:51] 
Okay. Yeah. And, and I think he’s gonna like it. I mean, it’s a pretty industry standard, I think from what I’ve seen.

Mike Wieger  [25:59] 
So that is the And that is the unlocked version. Yes. I missed that. Yeah,

Jim Collison  [26:04] 
yes. Yeah. 90 I’m sorry. 9700 K, yes on there it is. He does he liked you in overclocking, is he kind of

Mike Wieger  [26:11] 
tweak and he’d

Jim Collison  [26:12] 
not? Not a lot, but he will. Okay. He will. So, Andrew says he’s saving up for the quad core Celeron. All right. I’m gonna pair it. So from a from a memory perspective, he has gotten a viper gaming patriot 16 gig. What’s the speed on that? DDR four. I looked it up in the show notes. Looks like 4000 megahertz. Yeah.

Mike Wieger  [26:42] 
DDR four. Yep. 4000 megahertz. Okay. Pretty cool looking. But again, and again, I don’t know what he paid for these but two times eight gig on that. So some some cool looking. Some cooler memory, I think 16 gig for right now. It’s kind of that sweet spot of 32 is always nice, right? But for I think even if you’re just gaming, it depends on if you’re gonna do any video editing and things like that, but I think for gaming playing one game at a time, I think 16 gig is fine. I that’s what I have in this in this build. And I’ve never you know even running Call of Duty things that are a little bit heavier on that side I’m sure there are some games that could use more RAM. I don’t know if he streamed at the same time. And even when I have strive, you know, on my build right here I have stream game Call of Duty everything and I you know, I get up to about

Mike Wieger  [27:35] 
12 gig

Mike Wieger  [27:36] 
13 gig maybe of RAM utilization so that’s it a more couldn’t be beneficial but I think it’s a it’s a good spot to be at plus. I think that’s a when we talk about the motherboard. I think it has four dims on it. So he gone the good part is he’s on two he can always fill in the other two dims later, if you realize that 16 isn’t enough. So I like that think that’s smart. I always do the same. I always like when I look at motherboards I pretty much always only look at the four DIMM boards. Then I buy my current brand usage by try and get it done in two sticks. So I can upgrade that in the future.

Jim Collison  [28:06] 
Yeah. Yeah, I, you know, I got a core a seven bucks that I use for, for for crypto stuff. And I kind of wish it’s got 16 and I kind of wish it at 32. And I read some of it does I usually that’s

Mike Wieger  [28:22] 
true. Oh yeah, if you’re running a lot of VMs VMs are where you do need a lot of RAM because you’re dedicating usually that amount of RAM and then all sudden that’s chunked off. Right. So for example, in Unraid really beneficial to have a lot, especially if you’re running VMs and Dockers and things like that where it’s gonna be a lot of RAM heavy, but for a gaming rig, depends on what he wants to deal with. And

Jim Collison  [28:41] 
I just think now, I guess it depends on price, but I think you go as much as you can, and I think Windows has gotten so heavy in some cases have taken up 810 12 gig. Depending upon the browsers because we’ve gotten so browser intensive. I can easily run up to 10 gig In which browser windows really opened Oh yeah, it’s it’s crazy house how much RAM I use at times I, I keep now a task manager open on on most most of the computers I run and I’m at 12 I’m at 11.3 on this rig right here, just Are you running this doing this and I mean I’ve got I’ve got a bunch of Chrome open in it and of course I’m running stable stable that drive pool and it’s running the camera and you know it’s my editing app I do all that you know, I edit off this thing now but it’s just it takes a lot more than you think

Mike Wieger  [29:42] 
these Yeah, I think it because I use rain meter still when the best suggestions This community has given me love it. So and I’m only using 4.8 right now. gig of my 16 I’ve got chrome discord, and then like some of the Game Launcher Spotify. Some of that stuff open but nothing else which is which is pretty standard for what I’m what I do I usually see it running right around five.

Jim Collison  [30:07] 
This PC has been running a while, you know it hasn’t it’s it’s I’ve had things installed and uninstalled it’s had crypto on it, you know. So I like so 16 is great. I think it’s the minimum. Just to be honest, if I was going to build a rig that I was going to do any kind of VM virtual any anything on it, I’m going to go 32 from here on out degrees kind of a choice. Ron was asking a couple comments to come back to Yeah, Andrew says chrome will gobble up ram for sure. And then Ron was asking any any RGB on this? I don’t believe there is on the memory. So no, nothing he bought has a lot of lights on it. Ron also shocked that he didn’t go with the AMD rising. Yeah, me kind of me too. But he that’s what he picked. That’s why we were talking about it. So. So that’s pretty cool. Cool. All right. See if there’s any other comments and they’re kind of chatting yeah Justin says I’m a heavy Cromer I do like my Chrome and it’s I run it I run a lot of it. He suffers from memory and our for for harddrive we just talked about this a couple weeks ago. So as a WD Blue m dot 222 82 terabytes. I think I might be covering that part up two terabytes down there, Mike pretty standard, you know, I mean, how much does that terabyte look it up? I didn’t look it up.

Mike Wieger  [31:39] 
I think it is because I bought so I went with the Samsung 970 EVO and got two and I went with 500 gigs. I still think that was about 100 bucks. So I’m guessing it’s he’s paid around 250 300. Maybe

Jim Collison  [31:54] 
this tutorial is 229

Mike Wieger  [31:56] 
200. That’s not bad.

Jim Collison  [32:00] 
Ben Yep, yep 229 right now, so Okay, so there you go he’s This is just this may get lost oops. You had authority to watch this show

Mike Wieger  [32:14] 
in about two slots

Jim Collison  [32:16] 
now okay all my equipments tooled it will is

Mike Wieger  [32:19] 
is that SATA or NVMe. Say that.

Mike Wieger  [32:24] 
Okay, that’s that’s why the price is lower. Yeah. So that’s essentially the same speed as a 2.5 inch SSD. So m dot two you can either have about two SATA or m dot two NVMe. m dot two is the interface. Do you see me? So that makes a little more sense why is a little bit cheaper? because that’ll be about 600 megabits per second. And then when you get to the NVMe, that’s when you jump up to the left thousands. Yep. Yeah, okay.

Jim Collison  [32:51] 
Yeah, no, and I think again, we’d have to ask him, maybe when he went after the build, I should have him on the show.

Mike Wieger  [32:57] 
Or you should suggest him Okay, this isn’t open yet. What if you don’t? Why? No, no, this is just because if

Jim Collison  [33:02] 
I just the way I thought about it, what do you think? Hold? I know where Mike’s going with this. Yeah, chat rooms switch or not keep going.

Mike Wieger  [33:08] 
So I didn’t what I did on mine was I said, Okay, for the same price, you know, could you start, they’ll start to get pretty pricey. I wanted the speed of NVMe. So $100 for 500 gigs. That’s more than enough for a boot drive, and even probably one or two games of the big games. And then I just threw in a super cheap, two terabytes spinner as a storage for all my games, because games don’t need fast storage. And it was so that would turn out to be the same price and the speed on the NVMe is just insane. Yeah, what did I post here today? Like 2200 I mean, so you’re tripling the speed. Now that drive when you jump up?

Jim Collison  [33:45] 
Yeah, I think I would go it’s still go a fika 500 gig NVMe for iOS. Yeah, right. That’d be its thing and then, you know, then I put a bunch of spinners in there and rate them together. Yeah. Don’t forget to get the speed off of them that way, or actually what I do is for them, this is cheap. This is this is still for storage for, you know, for that kind of access to it.

Mike Wieger  [34:09] 
Yeah, I have the NVMe I have a 2.5 inch SSD, because just I was like I had an extra laying around it’s 500 gigs and like, I’ll throw it in there maybe that could be like a strat scratch disk or editing video and that’s still a little bit faster than a spinner. And then I have my two terabyte spinner in there for all my games to

Jim Collison  [34:29] 
depend on how you’re using it what what gets stored on it, you know, it works great on the My one terabyte SSD I’ve got that. You know, pet for year two was cheap by about 100 bucks. And you know, makes it great makes great storage so I’m going to do it. Okay. motherboard. Alright, so he’s got an A Seuss prime, the 390 a. For the board. I am not going to open this although I really want to I pretty bored it is a pretty board. If you can see the See the back there? I mean it is. It’s just a well done board. I think so Ryan I think Ryan’s out there. Yeah. Ryan I think didn’t Bob just review the Z 490 on that and I’m no I’m no motherboard geek. So I don’t know those guys think computers if you want to if you really want to get into the parts you should be watching think computers. I

Mike Wieger  [35:22] 
think the 490 is that when they introduced PCI 4.0. Because does that have 4.0 or 3.0?

Jim Collison  [35:27] 
No, let’s look.

Mike Wieger  [35:28] 
There is really no need right now for any consumer to need 4.0 on PCI, I made the mistake I overpaid probably for this x 570. motherboard. I could have gotten x 470. And been totally fine and paid less because I am never really the only benefit for me between 470 and 570 on the AMD side was PCI 4.0.

Mike Wieger  [35:51] 

Mike Wieger  [35:52] 
I stand corrected though. Ryan says 4.0 was actually not on until yet. No. So Intel doesn’t support PCI 4.0.

Jim Collison  [35:58] 
Yeah, pretty nice. Pretty nice. ports you can look up the specs for it if you’re if you’re a board geek lots of lots of cool stuff in there and and

Mike Wieger  [36:08] 
PCs are in fun oh three is when it wasn’t wasn’t motherboard fun but they are kind of fun and I like to say I’ve been really impressed with the ACE whose products I obviously that’s the brand of GPU I got. I was looking at some of their motherboards I ended up going as rock just because of availability. There was things were out of stock everywhere I was looking, but a Soos has made been making some some really good products both good looking and from the reviews seem to be reliable. People have been having good luck with them.

Jim Collison  [36:34] 
Ryan, what’s the what’s the significance of the prime line? He said that I asked him if Bob had reviewed that I thought I’d review the 490 said not the prime line. I don’t think yet. I’d seen a video with 490 or something out there from Bob. On so it

Mike Wieger  [36:50] 
looks like you need a Z 490 for the 10th Gen Intel boards is what I’m saying. Okay, if I’m reading his message, right, okay. Which would make sense

Jim Collison  [36:59] 
All right. Makes sense? Yeah. It’s a cow. You

Mike Wieger  [37:02] 
know how bad I want because Intel did change their socket. On the 10th Gen chips. There’s there’s no

Jim Collison  [37:07] 
there’s no sticker. He wouldn’t know if you would know I’m recording it.

Mike Wieger  [37:12] 
Right. That’s right. You guys in the chat? That’s correct. right the the 10th Gen chips do have a new socket. I’m like 99.9% sure.

Mike Wieger  [37:20] 
But I could be wrong still.

Jim Collison  [37:21] 
Yeah, that’s good to know

Mike Wieger  [37:22] 
does medical choice you like on the motherboard? I’m curious. We looked at price because I was noticing a lot of the price differences to where Little things like USB type C. Sometimes, like we’ve talked about previously at 2.5 gigabit Nic instead of just a standard gigabit by is a pretty baseline board for the especially for the X 570. It does have mine does have USB type C but it’s still a gigabit Nic things like that.

Jim Collison  [37:51] 
Let’s see, let me share my screen. I’m assuming this is the board. A Seuss Rog now. I’m Mandy. Gaming. Let me pull this thing out. Man this kind of words on here. I don’t even know what they are anymore. There’s so I need to I need to spend a little bit of time getting back into this.

Mike Wieger  [38:14] 
We run a tech show. You don’t admit that?

Jim Collison  [38:16] 
No, I know. I did. I just did. Yeah, there we go. I think it’s this one. So yeah, a 279. So, yeah,

Mike Wieger  [38:28] 
I mean that’s on the higher end.

Mike Wieger  [38:31] 
That’s an that’s a high end board. Just a sexy board. From what I think it was. Yeah. Problem. Yeah,

Jim Collison  [38:38] 
no, you’re right, you’re right. That’s actually pretty expensive. When it comes to board.

Mike Wieger  [38:41] 
It’s like five PCI slots.

Mike Wieger  [38:45] 
Looks like a heatsink covered. If that M got to slot well looks like there’s two screws, maybe I don’t know if that bottom piece of metal. Usually that’s a heatsink covered me. And then it looks like there’s another m dot two up top. So we’ll To him not to have them on mentally guessing have never seen this board.

Jim Collison  [39:05] 
Look here and to Yeah, up top right. Yep.

Mike Wieger  [39:11] 
So they were there a second one. Okay, there’s another line pointing to that metal strip on the bottom. Go back to that picture. Yeah, yep, it looks like there are two so it points to the one up top and then right below that shroud, which is kind of nice. I like that. I think a built in heatsink, which that’s what mine has as well and it’s kind of nice to have that plus offers a little bit of protection is that in between the

Jim Collison  [39:33] 
that’s down right here right in between right versus wrong.

Mike Wieger  [39:38] 
Keep going down that metal strip on the bottom like, it looks like a boat. Yeah, that right there that it goes under there. So the M dot two is under there. I gotcha in that metal strip is the heatsink and it keeps a low profile enough even if you had like a GPU in that second x 16 slot for PCI that it doesn’t interfere

Jim Collison  [39:59] 
okay. Ryan Ryan says sorry on the phone so slow to get the info

Mike Wieger  [40:05] 
is right you didn’t know you were a guest tonight dude like you were supposed to be here I know where you’re at

Jim Collison  [40:09] 
relying on you he pinged me he was like he was he says I can’t wait to hear you guys talk about stuff so super cool good little board

Mike Wieger  [40:20] 
good yeah it looks like a great board and you know that Aurora sync stuff like that like if I don’t know if he’s an RGB guy it doesn’t look like it based off the like the ram he got doesn’t have RGB but I don’t know, too. I think you said he’s using a case that he already has. Right and so we don’t know if he’s if he’s big in our RGB but having that sort of those headers on the board, right come pretty standard nowadays. But you know, someone like me, your son seems like he’s he’s already had some gaming PCs. I was jumping a lot of years in between motherboards. I mean, the two that I pulled out are still right behind me going from a 2012. Board low and toe boards now. I mean, just the stuff that’s included on those boards is they make first of all layoffs. Better convenience wise, like I said, RGB headers, dual fan headers, things that now people have pump headers for people who have a BIOS or our water cooling is all sort of things that are great. And then did you do he mentioned what kind of cooler he’s using?

Jim Collison  [41:17] 
No, not yet. And about the time we have the cooler show with Ryan, he should be back to talk about that. So I’ll have to ask him when he when he gets in. We honestly haven’t talked about the build. I haven’t spent any time he didn’t ask me.

Mike Wieger  [41:30] 
It’s just showing up at your house like, hey, someone shouldn’t be freaking out. No, I

Jim Collison  [41:33] 
gotta get I got a text from him. And he was like him. Is it okay, if I shipped some computer parts to you? Of course, it’s okay. Like, why would I say no? I’m gonna use them for the show. Yeah. Well, I

Mike Wieger  [41:46] 
didn’t think of that. Right. The most exciting piece of the build too.

Jim Collison  [41:48] 
Yeah. So let’s talk about the

Mike Wieger  [41:50] 
nowadays it’s

Jim Collison  [41:52] 
more important than the CPU sometimes it really is. What’s the What do you think the retail on this one. We should have done a game show style where that one before. Are 270 27

Mike Wieger  [42:03] 
sorry. Yep, it’s I think 480 Okay.

Mike Wieger  [42:07] 
I’m gonna go check that I couldn’t be low. I think that would be low if anything,

Jim Collison  [42:11] 
no. Four, four ports in the back. Which one is a gig of DDR six bunch of different ways that connect Direct X 12. All the pretty much the standard stuff sold out everywhere. All of all the things I really want to open and try is this one because I want to run some. I want to run some tests with it, especially probably for your crypto stuff. That’s a folding like, like, I’m super jealous of john. JOHN jumped in the folding group and then just smashed us all I know. I think he’s got I think he’s got 2070

Mike Wieger  [42:51] 
so that’s the turbo.

Jim Collison  [42:53] 
Yeah. Hey, Soos I liked anyone all a Seuss on this. I like a Seuss has been a it’s been a brand new like to go with as well. Like the software

Mike Wieger  [43:03] 
works like, Oh, I was I was a little, a little high, it’s 409 470 kind of pens where you get it.

Mike Wieger  [43:12] 
It’s like right around there.

Mike Wieger  [43:19] 
Because I remember looking through a lot of these when I was trying to set up my GPU. And I think that 27 super awesome card, right? Because you jump up any higher getting in the 2080s, which are going to add a lot to price. And, you know, probably a negative, negligible amount of performance that you’ll notice, unless you’re really geeking out over the numbers, and you’re really stressing that thing. I think that 2070 supers right perfect.

Jim Collison  [43:47] 
Joe says just let him know that he has a limited time to vote for a burnin test. So yeah, yeah, that’s for sure. Andrew says nobody’s holding records in danger from my machine. Andrew threw some some money. older hardware, for sure. But I think we have a baseline. We definitely have a baseline Andrew. And that’s okay. Thanks for trying. We appreciate that. Joe said, I had to put my folding on hold. It’s just too hot here throughout the day. And I did. I did, too. I got my power pill and I was like, I better back this down a little, too.

Mike Wieger  [44:21] 
I’m actually paused for a while. Two reasons. One power bill two. It was like I couldn’t utilize that card and Unraid for it was having issues it would work sometimes using it for Plex hardware transcoding. And folding. It was just it was giving me some weird stuff. So I just I pause the folding for now. Yeah,

Jim Collison  [44:39] 
no, no, a couple. We just just update that. JOHN. We were talking about he’s 72 million. He is just ranking. He just carried it. He just carried it mark at 43 Chris Kenny 26 you at 22 I’m not far behind jet 17 bust out at 12 to Joe ski there at 11. And then it makes its it makes its way down. So no, listen, no, no shame in any of this. In fact, I think maybe one of their blog posts, they said that that some of the data had helped some of the researchers and some of the work that they were doing so you know, will it find the cure or the vaccine? I don’t know. But I appreciate you guys jumping. It was sure fun while we did it, and it was a cool time of the year when you know, and then the heaters made tennis sense and now in the basement, so you’re kind of like, you know, like, wow, okay, maybe I should rethink this, especially since my power bill doubled. I think Yeah. Power gets more expensive. The judge does, right, there’s for sure. Mike, anything else when you think of from a gaming bill from what you built, like anything you saw there, you wish you’d done different or anything you didn’t see that you’d add to the list.

Mike Wieger  [46:00] 
You know, it really comes down to budget for the build because I I think the 1660 Super that I have is a great card if you’re sticking to 20 p gaming but at the same time I’m like you know if I was building that machine I was gonna go I the problem with how I build PCs gyms I don’t do it as soon as your son just do it all at once. I’m like, I probably won’t need that. No, I end up graduating later and later and later and I keep just doing it one one at a time. I should have probably gone with something like a 2017 Super. I think that would probably I see them benefit more. I’ve actually I don’t have enough PC gaming friends that you can still do Xbox chat on a PC with an Xbox. But it’s kind of a pain to do so I’ve actually been you know, so I was I was playing Call of Duty on my PC while connected into voice chat to the Xbox app to my buddies because they all play console. I have no PC gaming friends at all and the benefit for me of a 1660 Super wasn’t good enough for me to stick with the inconvenience of the chat so I actually went back to my Xbox so now I’m not even utilizing for the most part I jump on sometimes to on PC but for the most part I’m not even utilizing now my game because it wasn’t that big of a difference it still looked a lot better but the inconvenience was more for me so no I think he’s really smart with where he went with the with that bill I still think AMD would have been something to consider I don’t know if maybe he’s just a big big team blue guy or maybe he hasn’t you know he he’s in the military I don’t he’s probably not having a lot of time to be you know, checking in and keeping up with all the Hey what is price performance ratios and all the YouTube reviewers who are out there so but nothing rocket knocking into I think someone mentioned it earlier I think they do still hold the king for FPS right so that caught that chip is probably gonna perform better. And probably he that was probably what he was going for his high FPS Yeah,

Jim Collison  [47:57] 

Mike Wieger  [47:58] 
I am very interested to see, I made the mistake. I don’t like my case. And I like the look of my case a lot. But as I am for a basic build, it was totally fine. But when I upgraded my parts, and when I added an AI o in, it is not a very convenient case to build. And when you’re doing something like an AI Oh, with a rad up top or even in front, it really hard to access, not great cable management in there. The pinch between the back panel, like there’s not much clearance back there between the back of the motherboard tray and the back panel. So I’m actually really curious, maybe we do an update a little bit what Casey chooses his cooler, and I’m a big peripheral nerd. I love knowing what people are using for monitors because especially to know what monitor he’s pairing up with that 27 you super, right because you can have an awesome GPU, but if you’re still rocking a you know, even 120 hertz 10 ADP, you’re not going to see any of the benefit of having that awesome graphics card right like my mom is very much matched up with my I have a 10 ADP 144 hertz monitor for a 1660 Super because that’s about the maximum gonna get 4k Gaming wouldn’t be that great on a 1660 Super so my I they’re kind of matched. So I’ll be very curious to see what he pairs up with.

Jim Collison  [49:17] 
We’ll try and get him on when he’s home. I don’t know if he’d be home for Thursday or if he’d even be interested. He’s pretty quiet kid unlike his dad, so he’s, he’s a he is a man of few words. So love to see you know, we asked him why he like I don’t know I did. Like those are some of the answers you can get out of them. What case Do you have Mike?

Mike Wieger  [49:35] 
I love mine focus g case. fractals. Not a bad case. It’s just when you start to add in everything. The convenient side and you kind of get it for the price you paid. I think it’s only a $55 case. Which nowadays isn’t is on the low end of case prices. So you kind of get what you pay for and I got paid for on the

Jim Collison  [49:57] 
case. Ron assets is going to go water cool. I don’t know. No, I have to ask him when he gets home. He so he’s got some parts that he’s bought in the past. He’s going to reuse and I think he’s going to reuse this case, he bought a pretty expensive case the last time he did this, I think, if I can remember it’s really nice. And so I think he’s just gonna reuse this case, which gets me thinking like, Hey, what are you doing with those parts are taken out so I might have to do they may get acquired as part of a tie. There’s something him him staying home So, um, yeah, so we’ll we’ll as he, again, I don’t know when he’s coming home. But hopefully when he gets back, maybe we can get him on the show and get a talk.

Mike Wieger  [50:35] 
I’ve been super impressed with the alpha cool. While ai o cooler. That thing keeps my 3600 super cool even under extreme. You know, I did a prime 95 test on it and really stressed that CPU out and it only got up to 85 degrees. And usually you’re starting to see the job of 90s you know, and this thing had no trouble keeping it cool. It’s only a, I forget my millimeters I’m talking fans, I don’t talk about them of 260 I think 240 maybe, or 260 millimeters. I’ve got two fans instead of like a three. So it’s not even a huge rad and it just keeps things so cool. Look, if it’s really nice, it’s got two on this one, it’s got the ability to add in something to the line. So most a hose, the hose goes from the component attached to the, to the chip up to the radiator, and they’re just connected. This one actually has a place you can disconnect it and add something in line. So if you had a water block for your GPU or something like that, you could add it in 240 Thank you, Ryan.

Jim Collison  [51:38] 
Yeah, super cool. All right, Mike, let’s finish it out with maybe a little self deprecating humor. Okay, you ready for this? Right. So, we’ve been I’ve been offering to do more grilling during the day because I’m home right? I mean, um, so it’s like, hey, let’s let’s do pork butter. Let’s do a whole chicken or whatever we had mark on a couple Go and talk about this so it’s been really good like I have just been crushing it on the on the smoking. So, let’s see Tuesday was a Tuesday when were we doing yeah I think it was Tuesday. So Tuesday we decided I do a whole chicken so I put the chicken in I build a little drip pan out of out of tin foil just for it so it’s disposable. Then when I’m done, it cools down you just fold it up and toss the thing. In so I didn’t do anything different. Put the chicken on. You know thought it overnight, put the chicken on Saturday, you know 220 or whatever. And let it go. And so it started doing its thing you know, dry based, dry, dry, rubbed it. Got it all set came out a couple times in the first couple hours a hose looking good just brown and crisp. And so about noon I kind of stopped checking it. I got kind of busy doing some things and it was really kind of do to be done around two So like that’s not such a big deal. It’s it was maybe at 140 at that point at noon and it was going real slow and slow is fine. I had all afternoon. We were going to put it in. Actually, no, this wasn’t Tuesday it was Sunday service. So we were going to put it in some white chicken chili. That was kind of the goal. So strip it out. And I wanted it really, really done was going to use marks trick to wrap it. tin foil, wrap it in, you know after it’s done, rabbit so it cooks longer put it in a you know, cooler. So, I come upstairs from doing something in servos Hey, how’s that chicken doing? It’s like, I think okay, so I pop out. And I open up the grill. And here’s what I see. Oh, no, these are not actual pictures. I just oh yeah, took me a second. But but that work looked just like this. Okay, just so the one off way up to the the one over here. Yeah, exactly like that just burnt all the way around. And the the drip pan, just black, right. And I was like, like what the hell like I was so I looked over I thought maybe the smoke tube it caught fire and yeah had, you know just started flaming out of that thing now it didn’t look like it and then I started doing some forensics, I took some pictures and I didn’t but started doing some friends of friends. I’m pretty sure the drip pan he either heated up because it was under heat, which I think is a mistake. I should have been doing this indirect from the other side, not the end of the pan like did that before I didn’t have any problem. Or an ember came out of the smoking tube and landed in the drippings and caught the drippings on fire. That’s the only thing I can think. And drippings just torched. Like They weren’t because oh my god,

Mike Wieger  [55:02] 
you’re talking about your drip tray though. I’m sure you got your, your turkey or

Jim Collison  [55:06] 
chicken. Right. And then underneath that I put a drip pan that I make out of tin foil.

Mike Wieger  [55:13] 
So above those little tent metal tents thing over there. Okay, yeah, I think I like the drip tray underneath. Oh no, it

Jim Collison  [55:21] 
just sits on top of the main grill and then I have a rack above that, that the chicken goes on. So it’s separated, it can just drip right through there into the drip pan, the smoking tube and the drip pan or at the same level. Okay. So the only thing I can think of is that thing heated up to the point where it caught fire, which I can’t imagine something it caught fire. And the only thing I’m really sad about is I wasn’t there to see it like because it would have been spectacular. Like I am sure for about five minutes

Mike Wieger  [55:54] 
your neighbor was about to call the fire department.

Jim Collison  [55:58] 
I’m pretty sure there was some smoke billowing out of my grill. Right? Just it’s good. I’m sure though I’m sure they’re like wow, that guy really knows how to smoke meat. Well

Mike Wieger  [56:12] 
he’s rolling smoke for sure.

Jim Collison  [56:14] 
Holy cow. All right, so I brought the I was sorry first thing I did turn the turn the heat off grab the thermometer, stick it in. It’s like at 180 you know? No. All right, well, town call pizza. No, so I we pulled it in and I surgically started removing the skin and the meat underneath that ball a little dry. was still okay. And okay, so we got Sara said she probably lost about 30% of the meat but had a great well, crispy.

Mike Wieger  [56:47] 
Yeah. And like, it’s like KFC crispy chicken, you know?

Jim Collison  [56:52] 
Maybe better because KFC is really bad, but just just so I’ve been I had been praying myself on how good my grilling had gotten. just crushed it with a with a burnt really happy bird.

Mike Wieger  [57:07] 
And that you know, that’s something that wasn’t even your fault. All right, you know it’s, well, it makes me more mad is like I I have the wrong temperature in my head of what something needs to be. And then all of a sudden I get to that Timberlake suite is gonna be great. I’m like, you idiot. It’s not 203 for this, it’s supposed to 165 and I told you, those are the things I kicked myself over. But Okay, question for you because you do a lot of these long coats with prob No, that’s not propane. That’s

Mike Wieger  [57:30] 
a notice propane. propane. Okay.

Mike Wieger  [57:32] 
How fast are you going through a propane tank?

Jim Collison  [57:36] 
Well, it’s slow cooking. So it’s those that you know, I could probably get three of those really long cooks. out of a propane tank three or four probably out of Okay, what about just on your regular grilling schedule every couple months if I wasn’t if I wasn’t smoking, I probably get I probably get a couple months. I think I saw by month we just got that new grill a few weeks ago.

Mike Wieger  [58:01] 
And I had to replace the propane tank yesterday. Hmm. And I mean, although the times a week are you grilling for

Mike Wieger  [58:09] 
a lot? I mean, so you said is a lot.

Jim Collison  [58:11] 
I’m like maybe one a week to the left. Yeah, so maybe that was the difference. Maybe one a week. You know we can pretty much every night. Yeah, yeah, that will that that would make sense that you would you would go there 20 bucks, you know? Yeah, it wasn’t bad. And where do you place your tanks? Where do you go

Mike Wieger  [58:27] 
right across to the gas station. Oh,

Mike Wieger  [58:29] 
okay. Hyvee gas. How much are they? 2020 bucks. 20 bucks.

Mike Wieger  [58:33] 
bucks. Yeah. And I end up grabbing a spare so that I have I can always if I run out. I can just swap it.

Jim Collison  [58:39] 
Yeah, I have three. Do you really? I do have a great

Mike Wieger  [58:43] 
I have. So but I just thought you know two

Mike Wieger  [58:47] 
weeks that is that was really fast for me what I thought but then I thought you know what, what, what have we been cooking? We had a lot of steak. And those I am cranking those ball three burners to get that hot hot hot, right? I’m not getting Turn it down at all. And that thing’s running at 600 500 600 degrees to get those steaks nice and seared, so, mmm, maybe that’s right, I guess.

Jim Collison  [59:08] 
Yeah, in fact, I’ve been thinking about my grill making a sear side and making deflected side. So taking the deflectors out of the equation on one side of the grill, so I can crank that burner up and get just super, you know, temperature of the Sun hot if I want to sear and then if I want to slow cook or a little bit more to you know, a little bit more diffused, then I can come back over to the the more diffused side of the grill. Yeah, that way. It also I think, on that chicken, I didn’t need to be running both sides. I think the last time I did it, I just ran one side in and that was the opposite side of the bird and the drip pan.

Mike Wieger  [59:48] 
Oh, maybe that’s even had a flame underneath there.

Jim Collison  [59:52] 
Pretty sure that was it. Something happened to it. pretty. Pretty, pretty hilarious to come out and just See? crispy, burnt like just destroyed. I was like oh can you use this Sarah

Mike Wieger  [1:00:09] 
moments to she was trying to cook so she does salmon on the grill and she is just knocked out apart he knows perfectly and put it on temperature everything. She tried God and her and I are both just we have we don’t cook fish ever except for salmon. And she asked me like do you want to cook like I have no idea Good luck and so she went out there and tried cod cooks way differently because it like it breaks it sticks it breaks apart like that. It’s very the consistency of that fish. Which is way better than I am and goes on almost you know it’s like a steak right? You just said on turnover doesn’t stick. That cod it cooks way that we have we have to google it or something because that was not same same. Really good.

Jim Collison  [1:00:50] 
hellofresh salmon still really Sarah or Sammy cook there and she cooked it till just started kind of flaking off and pulled it and man so good.

Mike Wieger  [1:01:00] 
That’s awesome.

Jim Collison  [1:01:02] 
Well, a couple reminders. Before we go on, don’t forget about the all feedback show, June 18. Send me your email Jim@TheAverageGuy.TV, join the subscription email list, and I’ll send you a reminder to send it in to me. Love to see out there as well. Thanks to all our Patreon subscribers really appreciate that again, if you want to grab a coin, you just subscribe to the $5 level on mail these two you got all the and I won’t charge any postage. And what’s the post office fault? They’re the ones who charge you postage. So I get those mailed out for the two of you and you know you are you subscribed during the pandemic and I was like, hey, let’s not do anything until this thing is over. I’m gonna get those out to you here. I think this week I had some I ordered some really cool teal, or this green, whatever this green is as close as I could get to the green envelopes. So they’re there, those come in as well. So you’ll see those in the mail.

Jim Collison  [1:02:00] 
Join the discord group TheAverageGuy.TV/discord if you want to join us on Facebook TheAverageGuy.TV/Facebook although that group is all been dead at this point but it’s still out there

Jim Collison  [1:02:10] 
I do Mike I am taking a day a week off. Here coming up. I mentioned Dave McKay was coming back to the program. If you’re listening live, I save these Till the end because I know it’s only our really dedicated live listeners. Next week Chris Nesi is back. We missed him when we had Nathanial and Brian on so Chris Nesi is back take the week after that off. So the week of June 4 is a big summit week for us here and so I’ll be taking that week off the show 48 that week of the 11th they don’t have a guest yet. We’re still working on that. The all feedback show is on the 18th mccade is back on the 25th. Ryan’s coming in to talk water on second of July. So we got some great shows lined up we’d love to have you join us live. The Average Guy tv.eventbrite.com and you can always know what’s going on. We are live every Thursday 8pm Central nine Eastern, TheAverageGuy.TV/live and stay around for a little bit of post show. That was a goodbye

Jim Collison  [1:02:10] 
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