Marv Bee with Cyber Security Month Lessons, Tech Conferences and Updates on PC Builds – HGG551

Marv Bee joins this week from the IT Business Podcast and we chat some about Cyber Security Month, a bit about upcoming tech conferences, my upcoming PC build and even some home automation conversation at the very end. It is always fun to have Uncle Marv on the show. Thanks for listening.

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Show Segments
How is the It Business Podcast going? [1:43]
What are some of the topics that are getting the most traction on the podcast? [5:43]
How do you feel about your small and medium-sized business owners? [13:03]
The importance of cyber awareness training for customers. [20:18]
Ransomware and scams [24:35]
The Unconventional Conference. [30:39]
In-person conferences vs. virtual conferences. [33:48]
Black Friday is coming up soon. [41:04]
What I’ve put on my Amazon cart. [46:15]
What he got for his server. [51:43]
Discounted gift cards for restaurants. [59:27]
The importance of making a list for the holidays. [1:03:33]
Do you have ground lighting as well? [1:14:32]


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