Christian Johnson with MGP Updates, Christian’s Corner on Crypto Today and More PC Build Considerations – HGG550

Christian Johnson is back for episode 550 with an update on Maple Grove Partners, his take on the current crypto space and markets. We wrap the show with a good hard look at some motherboards, memory and hard drives for Jim’s new build. Always good to have Christian in the house! Thanks for listening.

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If you have any questions about the products we discussed in the program, shoot me an email, and I can get you the most updated link. Amazon was changing prices by the day.

Email from Eric with links

As you know, I am a big technology Geek. However, after just listened to recent podcast on bitcoin mining, there was no mention of the cost of mining to society. Proponents of bitcoin never to mention the monetary and the environment (among others) costs for a few using scare resources to benefit themselves (the potential to make them rich). Here are just a few articles you may find of interest. 

Show Segments
How are things at Maple Grove hosting? [1:52]
WordPress and PHP 8 compatibility. [5:05]
It gets worse before it gets better in the blockchain space. [9:50]
Cryptocurrency is here to stay, but how will it evolve? [13:48]
Where do you land on when we think about bitcoin and the amount of energy it takes to mine and keep it running? [21:11]
What’s the cost of running java? [24:22]
What does the blockchain look like processed on quantum computers? [30:16]
What are we actually doing with these things? [35:42]
How much power is being consumed in streaming? [41:07]
What is it that you can’t do today on a gen 3 CPU? [46:32]
What are your thoughts on a 550 vs 570 board? [51:16]
Gaming x 570 Pro 6 (Wi-Fi 6) for 220. [1:01:54]
What’s the right number of VMs for the desktop? [1:06:12]
What are the pros and cons of the 3060 Ti vs 3070? [1:11:26]
What do you want to do with the 3060Ti? [1:20:14]
How much do you want to spend on a case? [1:23:17]


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