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People Who Lose Weight Successfully…

Exercise regularly Set realistic goals. When they don’t meet their goals, they learn from their experiences instead of giving up. Have social support from family, friends, coworkers, or support groups. People who complete a weight-loss program with friends or family lose more weight and are more likely to keep it off. Work on liking themselves (or already do). Are motivated to lose weight for internal reasons rather than external reasons. For example, Star used to lose weight to fit into her old size-six jeans. Now she is losing weight to improve her health. Concentrate not on the bathroom scale, but

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The Fitness Tech Podcast #1 Hints on Starting a Workout!

Jamie Eikmeier and Jim Collison talk in the first ever Fitness Tech Podcast on the Average Guy Network.  We talk about a recent article from the Gallup Management Journal on exercise, sleep and physical wellbeing.  Jamie gives some good tips on starting and maintaining a fitness program and what to eat to stay in top… Click for more / Podcast Player>