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The Home Server Show #35 – Before you Install

Regardless of whether you have built your WHS or it arrived all in one piece there are certain steps you should take to get up and running with Windows Home Server.  This is not a step by step guide to installation.  They are all different.  This is more like Cliff Notes.  It’s the stuff you need to know before you get started and some tips and tricks before, during, and after installation.  I will publish a check list or a cheat sheet list to go along with this podcast. News Items mentioned on the show The Home Server Show’s new

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Jim Joins the Cast of Home Server Show

Well, I haven’t done anything yet, but Dave over at the Home Server Show has asked me to contribute material from time to time related to the Microsoft Windows Home Server Product.  I’ve been talking about his on my blog for some time now, so this should come as no surprise.  You can find the more info on what I will be doing here or at the link below.  Enjoy! Remember, I search so you don’t have to!

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Home Server Show #33 and #34 – Jim’s Been On Vacation

I’ve been out skiing a bunch and got a bit behind.  My Friend Dave however, has been very productive producing the Home Server Show Podcast.  Both show #33 and #34 are now out. Show #33 (Click it) In show #33, Dave goes over your choices as a new Windows Home Server customer.  If you are… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Home Server Show #32 – Add-in Review for Recorded TV Manager

Dave over at The Home Server Show has produced another fantastic podcast for the Home Server user.  This week, he and John (Diehard) cover an updated add-in as well as the most current news and notes for all things WHS.  You will want to check this out. You will also want to know that I was #2 in the “first feed” category (you know what that is if you listen to the show.)  I’m sure Dave will mention it on show #33, coming soon. Remember, I search (and listen to podcasts) so you don’t have to!

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Home Server Show Podcast #31

The latest edition of the Home Server Show Podcast is available.  It’s full of great info on the recent cuts at Microsoft, five things we wouldn’t really miss and what’s coming soon to the Windows Home Server!  You don’t want to miss it. You can get the podcast on iTunes or right here! Dave does a great job on the podcast.  Give it a listen. Remember, I search so you don’t have to!

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