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Lulz Security: A Digital Flash Mob of the 21st Century

Lulz Security hacking group has taught a lot of different divisions of the computing industry several important lessons. Even though the first group has officially disbanded and is being pursued by the CIA, there is still much left for the average guy to try and investigate for himself. Lulz Security is responsible for several notorious… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Changes to the Podcast Schedule this Week! Take Note!

We have some special events coming for you this week on the Average Guy Blog and Podcast Network.  The Home Tech Podcast is moving to Wednesday night 2/2, 6:00pm CST and will be broadcasted LIVE right here.  Brian and Christian join Jim for the regular content.  The link is below. The Fitness Tech Podcast is moving to a special time on Friday night, 2/4 9:30pm CST and is LIVE Here as well!  Carrie Adams is again joining Jamie and jim for an hour of great nutrition talk.  We also have some good news and a special new segment to announce. 

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The Drobo Trilogy / Can it Replace Drive Extender?

I (Jim) have spend a bunch of time over the last three weeks doing an in depth review of Drobo for the Home Server Show.  While the purpose of the review was to determine if a Drobo could be used to replace the current functionality that is now in Drive Extender in a Windows Home Server. If you have never seen a Drobo in action, you might want to see these reviews.  Click Here to Review What is a Drobo you ask?  Think of it as a data robot that helps you protect your data.  It’s a simple, scalable and

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