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Black Friday Deals 2013

Let’s use this post to share information on deals we are interested in for Black Friday 2013. Please add your deals in the comment section below, I will move them into the post. I gather most of my info from; Also, feel free to post your wish list. Maybe we can help you find a deal on something you are searching for! Target Nook 7″ for $79.99 Vizio 47″ LED TV $379.99 iPad Air WiFi 16GB $479 plus $100 gift card. $100 gift card offer good on all iPads Radio Shack Lumia 520, case and 8GB SD card

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Ematic EGP008 8” Android tablet for $129; Glass half full or half empty?

Ematic entered the market with low-cost android tablet designs. Their original 7 inch tablet was very low performance and was not well received. Currently they have a higher performance 7 inch tablet that sells for $89 and comes in a variety of colors. The release of an 8 inch tablet intrigued me. I have found 7 inch tablets to be a little small for my use case. I have experimented with several low-cost tablets in the past and have always been disappointed with; battery life, display, performance or lack of Play store access. It would be easy to pick apart

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A PC Running Android: Tronsmart MK908 Initial Review

                       Well after two weeks in shipping, I received my Tronsmart MK908 Android Mini PC.  While Android is typically used in smartphones and tablets, someone got the idea of putting Android on a tiny PC about half the size of a deck of cards. Instead of having a built-in touch screen for operation, these devices plug into a standard HDMI port on a TV or computer monitor. The device itself came in very nice retail packaging and included the appropriate HDMI and USB cables. That was good because I was worried that cables were going to raise the total cost

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Roku 3 Review – Continued – Impressions after 50 days of use

I was fairly optimistic and excited about the Roku 3 ( affiliate link) when I first got it 50 days ago. I liked the channel selection, Wi-Fi direct remote capabilities etc. among the many features of the Roku device. The full in-depth review of my initial impressions can be found here [].   Over this course, however, I have been frequently annoyed with the number of times the Roku 3 hangs up and the number of clicks I have to make to view content. Hardly a couple of days go by before I have to unplug and reconnect the Roku

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Blogging from Windows 8 using Windows Live Writer 2012

It appears that the word “live” didn’t get removed from all the old Windows Live Essentials 2011 Apps when they upgraded the suite to Windows Essentials 2012 (WE2012).  I just installed WE2012 on a newly minted Windows 8 Enterprise Laptop (I am a Microsoft TechNet subscriber and the RTM version is available there now) to test the user experience and discovered that like Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger, the live brand has yet to be removed from Windows Live Writer (WLW).  Good, one less thing I have to change. Surface RT, now starting at $349 at Microsoft Store

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Rich’s Random Podcast Generator: Hybrid Drives, Drive Caching, Icy Dock Xpander, RocketHybrid 1220, Acronis True Image Home 2012 – RRPG011

Today I’m joined by John Zajdler MS WHS MVP and Mike Faucher of BYOB. Jim Collison is off today. So…John’s HP MediaSmart Server EX 490 has died (motherboard) so he’s modding it with plans to turn it into a port multiplier drive bay. Mike had an issue caused by a miniport adapter in bridge mode… Click for more / Podcast Player>