HP TouchPad / WebOS: The 28 Day Experiment – Day 3

Back on the laptop today and back to Windows Live Writer for the blog.  When I started using the TouchPad early this morning, it gave me the update OS option which in the past 2 days I have just ignored.  This morning, it would pop up literally every 2 seconds.  I dismissed it several times and then just gave in to the upgrade.  Was hoping to get a few more days on the old versions before I moved up, but HP would have nothing to do with that!  Maybe they are reading my posts?

Here is what the warning looked like:


The update took about 15 minutes to complete and the TouchPad has worked great ever since.  Still not sure what kind of differences it makes, but I will keep an eye out for them.

I was able to get Skype messaging working today as well after the update.  Let me tell you, IT’S AWESOME!

Was able to make both audio and video calls as well as a group conference call.  It was kind of a surprise since I thought the TouchPad didn’t have Skype at all!  I will for sure be using this feature both for audio and video calls since this is a Wi-Fi only device.  The sound quality coming from the speakers is incredible and the video on both ends in crisp and clear.  I make a lot of Skype calls so this functionality is a huge plus.


I did have an issue when trying to view a Google spreadsheet from the web browser.  It showed the cells that were in view, but would not scroll over to the cells not on the screen.  I use Google docs a bunch so this part is very important to me.  I will have to search for a fix to this issue.

This issue was not fixed when I upgraded to 3.0.2.  Will have to keep working on a fix.  If you know of one, please let me know.  Podcast@theaverageguy.tv

I had planned to talk about the apps tonight, but that will have to wait until tomorrow or the weekend.  Lots to say about those.  More to come…

Jim Collison is a blogger and podcaster for TheAverageGuy.tv and the HomeServerShow.comand a Microsoft Windows Home Server MVP

This unit was provided by Forsythe Technologies in Omaha NE for review purposes.