#1 Rich’s Random Podcast Generator: Routers, SSL Certificates, Host Files, Kindle and eBooks

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RRPG4From The Average Guy Network, home of the ‘Home Tech Podcast’ and other fine podcasts, a new show hosted by Jim Collison and Rich O’Neil.  Along with guests, they explore the world of technology in an open format. Anything goes, hence the name of the podcast.  Using Google+ Hangout to host the podcasts, guys and gals talk about whatever’s hot or not, current or historic, or anything else on their minds.

This week, Rich and Jim are joined by Mike Howard and the Zajdler twins, John and Joseph, who sound so much alike that you cannot tell the difference between the two at times. Give a listen and see what we mean.

Rich gets things rolling by tossing out a couple of problems he’s run into with Windows Home Server 2011. Joseph Zajdler lends his network experience and expertise to the topics of domain name resolution, DNS cache on the router, HOSTS files, and certificates. Mike Howard talks about using DNS forwarding on his pfSense router to deal with name resolution problems. While realizing that we have our little tricks – reboot the router, release and renew the domain, rerun various setup wizards – to get around these problems,  the big question remains: why does this stuff happen in the first place?

Chris Lux joins mid-show to talk about his Kindle. He runs down the features, and explains the physics and physiology behind the reason why E Ink is easier on the eyes than active screen technology used by tablets. He is a doctor, after all, so we’ll take his word for it. Joseph Z. talks about his eBook reader, the Kobo. We also cover eBooks themselves, and the idea of renting an eTextbook vs. buying ‘dead tree’.

Windows Server Solution Find My Server Wizard: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=23621


In the show this week: Jim Collison, RIch O’Neil, John Zajdler, Joseph Zajdler, Mike Howard, Chris Lux


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