HP Touch Pad Fire Sale, Steve Job Resigns at Apple, Google Apps or Office 365 for Cloud Services and Hybrid Memory Cube Technologies – HT041

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim and Andrew are joined by Rich O’Neil and John Zajdler for this weeks’ installment of the Home Tech Podcast.

Don’t be confused at first that the show is an update from the Weather Channel or the “Natural Disasters Podcast”, as the guys talk about the bad weather that has been hitting the US in the past couple of months; this IS the Home Tech Podcast, and this week we’re discussing the news.

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The guys start off talking about the impossible task of trying to locate an HP TouchPad following the news last week to discontinue the now very popular WebOS tablet device, with most retail outlets around the world selling out of their stock within hours, with the closest thing to a global buying frenzy following the price drop last week, with the prices dropping to $99 for the 16GB model, and $149 for the 32GB.

If you were lucky enough to get yourself a TouchPad, be sure to check out Jim’s 28 Day Experiment over at TheAverageGuy website, where you get get yourself some handy tips for maximizing the performance of the device.

While discussing HP, the guys look at other news from the HP WebOS announcement, and the possibility of the PC division being spun off from the rest of HP, as well as what that could mean to the PC industry as we know it.

The guys move on to the Apple announcement that Steve Jobs has resigned as the CEO of Apple.  The guys discuss what this could mean to Apple as we know it.


Moving on, the guys talk about the pricing and scalability of Cloud Services such as Google Apps or Office 365, in lieu of dedicated instances of Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint server, and how much of a business can benefit from an online service versus locally installed applications such as the Microsoft Office suite, given the percentage of applications like Excel that most people use to their maximum capacity, not to mention the real-time collaboration benefits something like Google Docs brings, allowing multiple parties to edit a single document at the same time.

Rich brings us some future technology coming from Micron Technologies, being a “Hybrid Memory Cube”, which will bring the following benefits to computing as we know it.

The Real Difference is in the Cube

HMC will provide a revolutionary performance shift that will enrich next-generation networking and enable exaflop-scale supercomputing:

  • Increased Bandwith — a single HMC can provide more than 20x the performance of a DDR3 module.
  • Power Reductions — HMC is exponentially more efficient than current memory—using just one-tenth as much energy per bit.
  • Smaller physical systems — HMC’s stacked architecture uses nearly 90% less space than today’s RDIMMs.

To close out the show, Rich also talks about the next processor line coming from Intel, being the Ivy Bridge series of chips, and what that will bring to the user with performance and thermal efficiencies.

As a parting interest topic, the guys briefly discuss the IBM AS/400, the corporate midrange number cruncher that is used in a lot of the enterprise.  For those of you who have heard about the AS/400 but have never seen one, here are some pictures showing the various formats the AS/400 has taken over the years to pique your curiosity

IBM Application System/400 Family

IBM iSeries

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