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HP Touch Pad Fire Sale, Steve Job Resigns at Apple, Google Apps or Office 365 for Cloud Services and Hybrid Memory Cube Technologies – HT041

Jim and Andrew are joined by Rich O’Neil and John Zajdler for this weeks’ installment of the Home Tech Podcast. Don’t be confused at first that the show is an update from the Weather Channel or the “Natural Disasters Podcast”, as the guys talk about the bad weather that has been hitting the US in the past couple of months; this IS the Home Tech Podcast, and this week we’re discussing the news. Listen Mobile: The guys start off talking about the impossible task of trying to locate an HP TouchPad following the news last week to discontinue the now

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Google Apps for Domains, File Recovery from Hard Drives and Memory Cards, Hulu Plus, Colour Calibration, and Yahoo! has sold Delicious – HT023

Jim, Andrew and Christian are joined by good friend of the show, Chris Lux for this weeks installment of the Home Tech Podcast. With everyone back on deck, and the Skype Gods working in their favor, the guys kick off with some listener feedback from Michael in Connecticut who shares with the show how he uses the often talked about SyncToy to copy his critical data between his Windows Home Server, and his cloud storage provider of choice, Mozy. Join us for the show live each Thursday at 8pmC/9E at http://theAverageGuy.tv/live. Listen Mobile: Moving on from backups, Jim talks about

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