Google Apps for Domains, File Recovery from Hard Drives and Memory Cards, Hulu Plus, Colour Calibration, and Yahoo! has sold Delicious – HT023

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim, Andrew and Christian are joined by good friend of the show, Chris Lux for this weeks installment of the Home Tech Podcast.

With everyone back on deck, and the Skype Gods working in their favor, the guys kick off with some listener feedback from Michael in Connecticut who shares with the show how he uses the often talked about SyncToy to copy his critical data between his Windows Home Server, and his cloud storage provider of choice, Mozy.

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Moving on from backups, Jim talks about his recent experience of recovering data from a friends’ failed hard disk, using the “6-inch drop method”, which involves dropping the disk onto a hard surface from 6-inches which sometimes seems to work as a last ditch effort.  The guys go on to talk about the other various methods they have used, such as freezing a faulty drive (in a zip lock bag to prevent condensation build-up), and even the KISS method of swapping the faulty disk into a different PC.  Although these techniques do work from time to time, the most failsafe method is still taking a regular backup!

For those of us who use Google Applications for Domains, Google has announced that as of May 10th, new domain signups will be reduced to 10 users.   Existing accounts will still be able to expand to 50 email address per the original Terms and Conditions.  For those who don’t currently use Google Applications for Domains, it provides the GMail and full Google Application Suite (Sites, Calendar, Docs and more), using your own custom domain, rather than your email address.



From Christian’s Corner, and the Deal of the Week is who have HP 16GB SD cards for $19.99, which is a nice buy for an additional card for your digital camera, or even a plug-in memory add-on for your laptop, if it has a built-in SD card reader.

Chris tells us about the new Eye-Fi card, which provides a very cool service that tethers to your mobile phone, and in turn upload images on the fly to your online image sharing service such as Flickr, Picasa, Mobile Me, Facebook and other online services.  Chris also tells us about his Sandisk Micro SD to SD adapter with a built-in USB connector.


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Christian tells us about his experiences on his recent trip in Argentina and having to recover images from a friends camera memory card, using Recuva from Piriform, the folks who bring us software such as CCleaner and Speccy.  Christian relates how his tech-free vacation was great for his health having a break from his tech projects, and how his immersion into a non-English speaking country was great for practical use of years of Spanish lessons.

The guys hypothesize about the future of voice translation devices replacing the need for learning a second or third language.  Would technology in this instance remove the cultural experience of visiting another country?

Christian’s tech tip of the week is how to dig into the Windows Event Viewer, and reference any error messages you might find using the online service EventID.Net

Andrew brings us the news of Yahoo! finally finding a buyer for the Social Bookmarking service Delicious.  The service has been purchased by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, who were the original founders of YouTube, which is as we all know is now a Google service.

In latest software releases in the mobile computing world, Google have this week released Google Docs for Android, which enables you to edit your Google Docs from your mobile device.  For users of other platforms, there is not a native application as yet, however the mobile web interface is very good.

Chris brings us news of the impending release of Hulu Plus for the xbox 360Hulu are offering a free week trial of Hulu Plus.  After the trial period, the Hulu Plus service is $7.99 per month

Chris tells us about his huey PRO pantone calibrator, which is a great tech solution to being able to get true colour calibration on your monitors and LCD TV panels.  This is a fantastic way of being able to uniformly calibrate multiple monitor set ups, or obtain perfect calibration of your HTPC.

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