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Financial TechAndrew Hunt and Jim Collison are back for another episode of the Financial Tech Podcast.  Andrew updates us on what is currently keeping him busy.  We also spend some time discussing the benefits of using as well as answer some questions submitted by you, the listener.

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Comments submitted by a listener.

“One of the things I see all the time is when  a new management employee signs up for the stock program, they almost always start at the maximum payroll deduction we allow of 10%.  Then a few months later, sometimes even sooner, they drop out of the program and sell out the balance in their account.  In comparison, the few that sign up for smaller amounts, say 5%, tend to stay in the program longer and actually build up a decent balance.”

“I have run into many employees who when I show them how much they need to save to reach their goal, say that is too much and therefore they will not save anything.  Of course that makes no sense at all, but the moral of the story is to start saving with the maximum you can afford and then increase it over time.”

“If your employer has any kind of matching, like we do, you should make sure you are investing enough at work to max out this matching.”

“You guys mentioned Mint.  I have never used that, but as a long time Quicken user (from the DOS days), is Mint something I should consider and why?”

Other questions that have been submitted:

What is the best/most effective way to pay off a credit card?

What are your thoughts on loan consolidation? How does it work?

What is the best way to start investing? Can you explain what a 401(k) is and how It works?

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