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Investing 101, Brightscope, Money Desktop – FT012

What’s the latest happenings for Guide Rock and GFCU? We have a learning series March 30th is our 3 class of 10 Investment focused – entry level Tackle one topic each session Focus on an environment where questions are encouraged You are welcome to come, just rsvp to so I know how many bagels… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Big Bonus and Kindle Fire – FT011

Listen to the Audio: So you got a year-end bonus… now what? End of the year boosts are nice on multiple fronts but the variable income, if not planned for, can slip right between your fingers if you are not careful! Listen Mobile: Here are a couple of great options for putting that money to… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Values and Money – FT010

Where we spend our money is a reflection of our interests, values and priorities. Does your bank statement reflect what you value? If a stranger were to look at your last monthly statement what would they assume you love to do? So how do I get my bank statement to reflect what I value? Listen… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Tips for a Wild Market! – FT009

Most of us are involved with the securities markets on some level, for most of us it is simply within a 401(k). So how can we reconcile the extreme swings in the market with our own personal savings goals? Listen Mobile: Ask yourself a few questions: · How long is my time horizon · How… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Keeping Up With the Jones’ are You? – FT008

Keeping up with Jones’… Are you sure that’s what you want? Listen Mobile: Why do we find the need to compare ourselves to our neighbors? · A big part of our culture is based on competition · We have an inherent need to further ourselves · If you are not careful it feeds the… Click for more / Podcast Player> and Listener Questions and Answers – FT005

Andrew Hunt and Jim Collison are back for another episode of the Financial Tech Podcast.  Andrew updates us on what is currently keeping him busy.  We also spend some time discussing the benefits of using as well as answer some questions submitted by you, the listener. To submit your questions, email Listen Mobile:… Click for more / Podcast Player>