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So you got a year-end bonus… now what?

End of the year boosts are nice on multiple fronts but the variable income, if not planned for, can slip right between your fingers if you are not careful!

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Here are a couple of great options for putting that money to good use:

  • Spend the bonus on paper first for 1 time bonuses
  • Pay down debt
  • Get rid of credit card and charge card debt
  • Make an extra payment on your mortgage
  • Save
  • Emergencies
  • Major Purchases
  • Wealth Building
  • On-going variable income
  • How much can you count on?
  • Make a budget based on your base income
  • Live within those parameters
  • Have a plan for variable income

Andrew recently ordered a set of Kindle Fire tablets for business use. He and Jim spend some time talking about using this consumer device for business purposes.


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