Keeping Up With the Jones’ are You? – FT008

Financial TechKeeping up with Jones’… Are you sure that’s what you want?

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Why do we find the need to compare ourselves to our neighbors?

  • · A big part of our culture is based on competition
  • · We have an inherent need to further ourselves
  • · If you are not careful it feeds the “rat race” and leads to a dissatisfied life

We tend to overestimate other people’s financial positions

  • · We exaggerate there income
  • · We minimize their spending habits
  • · We assume they are better than we are

What is the secret to finding satisfaction within your means?

  • · Become a realist
  • · Start a conversation with your family, or if you are brave, with your friends
  • · Set some goals
  • · Save first, then spend.

Check out some of the statistics you can find on on-line communities like, but remember you don’t want to be average! Consider checking out some of my favorite blogs such as:  – Great book called “Stop Acting Rich: And Start Living like a Real Millionaire”

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