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Christian Johnson and Andrew Morris(@unrealshots)  joins Jim Collison  https://twitter.com/jcollison and Mike Wieger from http://2980network.com/ for show #239 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network, part of http://thegeeksnetwork.com community.

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HT001 – Jim, Christian, Brian and John Z (Andrew joins at HT011)

First Video Show was HT050 – Guest was Chris Lux and we used LiveStream

HT100 was in a very new Hangouts

HT150 was Jan 4, 2014 and followed today’s format

HGG206 Added Mike Wieger

Sometime in 2013, Andrew Pod-Died… Was there a Pod-Funeral?

Update on the Kangaroo Micro PC

On Newegg – http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883722001

At the Microsoft Store – http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/InFocus-Kangaroo-Signature-Edition-Mobile-Desktop/productID.328073600

Christian’s Corner

A Half a Decade Flashes By: Where has technology grown since the start of the podcast, and where are we headed:

12/26/2010 – The average guy laments over the end of WHS V1 drive extender, and starts to wonder if we should be putting more content in the cloud. There wasn’t a clear consensus from the masses on this at the time.

3/19/2011 – The average guy starts getting interested in “super routers” like pfsense which at the time users were anticipating the release of the brand new 2.0 release series. Today, pfsense is at version 2.2.5, and was at version 1.2.3 before the major 2.0 turnaround.

8/27/2011 – The world watches as Steve Job finally announces his resignation as CEO of Apple He died several months later on 10/5/2011 – and the world remembered his impact and the “man behind Jobs” in many different ways.

10/3/2011 – The first talk of network based cable tuner cards makes its way into the show – with the HD HomeRun PRIME being on the list of talking points for the show. Today these boxes are in most home media enthusiasts homes, and

3/17/2012 – Rumblings of the Windows 8 consumer preview come screeching into the podcast – all out war is waged over whether or not it is the next Vist

Apparently this really started on 3/5/2012 – with Christian also announcing his first internship at NASA How the times have changed.

5/20/2012 – The Windows Phone enthusiasts hold dear to their Nokia devices and Windows Phone 7 operating systems, but we all know how this story ends.

6/1/2012 – The world is mesmerized by the world’s first $35 dollar computer, the Raspberry Pi A – Today we can get the same for $8

12/08//2012 – The beginning of the home server community enthusiasm around the HP microserver (the NL40) – a device that would dominate the conversation in a post mediasmart world until home server finally reached its eventual death and became Server Essentials.

4/21/2013 – It was the gift that kept on giving more conversation

9/7/2013 – Christian’s first podcast from the University of Maryland – where along the way we brought tech fused with financial aid discussing how students can make it to these types of institutions.

12/7/2013 – The world starts to benefit from Watson in the enterprise – and big data technologies in general. If only Jim Collison knew this was the precursor event to Christian losing his mind to the topics that began Cyber Frontiers.

2/18/2014 – We begin the exploration of big data and cybersecurity from an academic perspective as Cyber Frontiers is launched with a pilot episode on HGG.

6/7/2014 – One of Christian’s last regular airtime shows with HGG before getting more involved with Cyber Frontiers.

6/28/2014 – The world scratches their heads at Heartbleed – and we arm the citizens with the tools needed to keep their machines safe (LastPass coming in with growing popularity).

9/21/2014 – Quadcopters are such an average guy thing at this point that we talk about them on the podcast

2/1/2015 – We’ve reached the point where we have to decide between 3TB and 4TB drives – when we started the show if it wasn’t a 2TB drive you just weren’t cool


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