The New Kindle, Amazon Prime, Ford Mustang Customizer, HD HomeRun PRIME, Home Storage, and ISP Modems – HT045

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim and Andrew and Gary Johnson are joined by Gordon Schmidt and John Hughes for this week’s installment of the Home Tech Podcast.

After a timely reminder that the podcast feed will be changed next week, the guys kick off the show.

Jim starts off, talking about the new Kindle range of eBook readers, announced by Amazon this week, with the new range starting at $79 for the Kindle 6” model, all the way up to $199 for the new Kindle Fire, which is 7” has a color display, and runs Android, with the Amazon Silk Browser.  The 6” model is available now, with the larger and color units becoming available in November this year.  While talking about Amazon products, the guys discuss Amazon Prime, as well as Netflix and Redbox, and cutting the cable.

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Andrew talks about the Ford Mustang Customizer on the Ford website, which lets you build a completely customized Ford Mustang, complete with custom background, and burnouts!  No Knight Rider lights are available though…

Gary steps in for Christian this week, and for Christians’ Corner brings us the NewEgg 72 hour Labour Day sale, where he found the Seagate XT 3TB Hard Drive at $149, using a promotional code of EMCKAHA26.  Sign up for Newegg’s Daily Deals via email, to be sure to get yourself a regular tech bargain.

Gary gets the HD Home Run fans drooling by telling us about adding a Silicon Dust HD Home Run PRIME into their home network, and streaming content via their Verizon FIOS connection.  Gary gives a few tips on getting the unit for the best possible price, found over at J&R.

For the security conscious amongst us, Gary shares a link over at the How-To Geek, that shows how long your cellular phone provider retains your text messages, call logs and other information – something to be mindful of if you’ve sent the odd text message you wish you hadn’t!

For Christians’ Speed tip of the Week, Gary tells us about an article over at PC Stats, which talks about Intel Smart Response Technology, which boosts the performance of a regular spinning hard drive by caching frequently accessed data.

John talks to us about his Synology DS411+II NAS, and the features it has, including:


Check it out over at the Synology website, and look forward to Johns’ review over at the Home Server Show website soon.  If you are looking for a solution that “just works” this could be an alternative to Windows Home Server.

Gordon helps wrap up the show with some tips for getting more control over your broadband modem, and learning what the parameters you see in the configuration screens mean, to make sure you are getting the value you should be receiving from your ISP.

If you are not sure if you are getting the speed you are paying for, you can always test the performance of your Internet connection using services such as, Speakeasy and PC PitStop.

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