Rich’s Random Podcast Generator: Windows 8 and the Metro UI, Mouse without Borders, Streaming Devices in the Home, Mics Accessories for Podcasting – RRPG006

Rich's Random Podcast GeneratorJohn Zajdler, Microsoft MVP – Windows Home Server and co-host of The Home Server Show podcast, and Mike Howard, creator of the jpeg2RAW podcast join the show this week. Topics include in-home streaming devices, a Netflix apology email, Mouse without Borders, Windows 8 and the Metro UI, and what will now be known forever more as The Full Fo-Shay.

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Windows 8 is the new Microsoft OS equally at home on desktop and tablet. That’s due to the addition of a new UI library called WinRT, a set of API’s which among other things supports the Metro style. Windows Phone 7 users are already familiar with Metro – it’s the look characterized by tiles. While the Win32 API is still part of the OS, developers working with WinRT will be creating apps that run in a sandboxed environment meaning they won’t be able to crash the system, and they won’t be able to cause the infamous Windows ‘bit rot’.

Metro apps will also be Windows AppStore-ready. The guys get into a fairly lengthy discussion around the new Metro UI – what it means to consumers and enterprises, and how folks might find themselves interacting with it.

Mics and related accessories for podcasting setups are also discussed, as well as streaming devices for the home network.

Are you surrounded by computers, each with its own keyboard and mouse? Clunky, isn’t it? Mouse without Borders lets you share one keyboard and mouse between them all, seamlessly integrating monitors from up to 4 different systems into your main multi-monitor setup. Once configured, simply drag your mouse to one of those monitor screens and keyboard control slides over with it, letting you control the system that is hooked up to that monitor.

In the show this week: Jim Collison, Rich O’Neil, Mike Howard, John Zajdler



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