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Hangoutasaurus with Mike Howard from jpeg2RAW.com and Drobo Meetup Interviews in Omaha – HT116

Jim (@jcollison) is joined this week by Mike Howard from jpeg2RAW.com for Show 116.  Mike recently spent sometime working on his podcasting studio at home and created what he now calls a Hangoutasaurus for his weekly shows on photography.  Using 5 PCs, a mixer and a mic, Mike is able to broadcast and record his… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Rich’s Random Podcast Generator: Windows 8 and the Metro UI, Mouse without Borders, Streaming Devices in the Home, Mics Accessories for Podcasting – RRPG006

John Zajdler, Microsoft MVP - Windows Home Server and co-host of The Home Server Show podcast, and Mike Howard, creator of the jpeg2RAW podcast join the show this week. Topics include in-home streaming devices, a Netflix apology email, Mouse without Borders, Windows 8 and the Metro UI, and what will now be known forever more… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Headsets, Keyboards, Mouse Without Borders, TouchPad, Windows 8 – HT044

Jim and Andrew and Christian are joined by Gary Johnson for this week’s installment of the Home Tech Podcast. After some chat about the benefit of purchasing a decent quality headset if you are getting into podcasting, the guys kick the show off. Listen Mobile: Jim tells us about a letter received from Cox Communication… Click for more / Podcast Player>