Drobo HQ in San Jose, Disk Defragmenting, In-flight Internet Access, Steve Jobs and Weather Stations – HT046

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim and Andrew and Christian are joined by Bill Paulmenn for this week’s installment of the Home Tech Podcast.

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Christian is back this week, taking a break from the school work for an hour or two, catching some time for technology!

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After some updates from Bill and Christian, Jim tells us about his trip to the San Francisco Bay Area to visit Oracle World, and his visit to Drobo – watch out for the podcast that Jim recorded with Mario Blandini from Drobo while he was visiting.  Jim tells us about the performance of in-flight Internet access on his flight, a great way to be able stay online whilst in a flight, and not have to resort to reading a book while flying!

Andrew joins late, and the guys pay tribute to the passing of Steve Jobs, and discuss the amazing contributions he made to the technology world.  For those of you who wonder just how much of a contribution Steve Jobs made to the world of technology, the New York Times listed the patents registered with him as an inventor.

From Christians’ Corner, Christian brings us Disk Defrag from Auslogics, which Christian recommends as it is more efficient and has more features than the built-in Windows Defrag.

Christian talks about the benefits of running Check Disk following an unexpected power shutdown to help avoid File System corruption.

The guys go on to talk about the benefits of installing device drivers from the hardware vendor, instead of installing the default drivers that come from Windows Update.  Christian and Bill give some tips on how to find the correct driver for the hardware you have installed using Google.

Christian remind us to use MSConfig.exe to review the applications that automatically start with Windows – take a look at what is automatically starting on your PC – if  you disable the apps you don’t use on a regular basis, your PC will boot up faster.  Christian also talks about speeding up your PC using various tips and tricks, as well as checking the performance of your hard disk using HD Tune Pro.  You can always check the startup time of your PC using the following script from Seven Forums.

Christian talks about some of the performance issues that have been seen in older versions of Mozilla Firefox – if you are using Firefox, and finding that your PC is a little sluggish, make sure you upgrade to the most recent version.

This weeks’ Deal-of-the-Week is the Seagate 3TB XT from NewEgg.com, which runs out at $139.99 when used with the coupon code EMCKAHA26 at checkout.

Andrew returns from greeting the in-laws, and talks for a while about the trip they are having with their caravan in tow.  The guys talk about road trips and technology for uploading images when on the road.

Jim and Andrew talk about the potential of moving from an Android  phone to an Apple iPhone, and the reasons why they would move over.

To close out the show, the guys talk about Bills’ weather station, and the Davis Vantage Pro2™ hardware, and options that Bill has added onto the unit, and why he uses it.

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