Windows 8, Internet Safety and Security, Raspberry Pi, OpenDNS, Freegate, K9, Solar Power – HT075

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim and Andrew are joined this week by John Zjadler and Rich O’Neil for Show 75 of The Home Tech Podcast.

The guys start off hearing about Rich’s new push bike, a Specialized Secteur Sport Compact, before briefly about some of the new Garmin exercise watches, including exercise watches that also work as a bike computer.

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John talks about his latest gadget on order, the Raspberry Pi, the ARM-based micro computer the size of a credit card, available from the UK for the bargain price of $35 plus shipping.  The guys talk about the features available on the system, as well as some of the applications that can currently be run on it, such as running the ever-popular XBMC media playback application.

The guys move on to the main discussion of the Show, being the Preview Release of Windows 8, with John walking us through his upgrade experience from the Consumer Preview, and shares his initial impressions following the upgrade, and some of the changes seen between the Consumer Preview and the Preview Release.

The guys discuss there testing strategies for testing the new version of Windows 8, being dual boot with a Windows 7 installation, or booting from a Virtual Hard Drive image, or a clean installation for checking out the changes.

For those of you wanting to test the Preview Release of Windows 8, Virtual Box from Oracle would be a great piece of software to try Windows 8 without any risk damaging your current Operating System installation.

Jim talks about Internet Security for The Average Guy, and a talk he gave with a link on the site, which somehow managed to get a link detected by Google Chrome as being malicious, which proves that all of us can get caught out on the Internet. Jim also talks about how he identified the bug, and fixed it!

Rich talks about a method he has discovered of bypassing DNS security implemented via OpenDNS, using an application called Freegate, which uses an “anti-censorship network” called DynaWeb, which is a proxy network.  The guys discuss Internet Filtering methods, such as router scheduling, and applications that run on the PC such as K9, and some of the built in protection that is coming in Windows 8.

The guys wrap up the show with a 12 month update on Andrews’ solar PV installation, and the power generated, fed back onto the electricity grid, as well as the money it has saved over 12 months, and draw some comparisons between having an alternate energy solution or greener heating solutions in Australia, North America and Canada.

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