Christmas Gadget Wrap, SimpliSafe, Meater+, Apple Watch to Fitbit Solution, Xbox, VR and Untangle – HGG384


It’s the post Christmas episode with Jim and Mike.  Both cover the new gadgets that they got for Christmas and even some that they didn’t! We cover some questions from the Facebook group and close it out with a look at Untangle. All this and more! Join Jim Collison / @jcollison  and Mike Wieger / @WiegerTech for show #384 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network.


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Christmas Updates

Mike – SimpliSafe doorbell –

Red Dead Redemption 2 (fantastic game),

Meater+ (which we discussed previously on this show),

Cutting board with juice trap

Status of the robot mower

Jim – Grilling Matts and Skewers and a grilling basket.  

KC military style NFL hoodie was the best!  

(Apple Watch and Xbox are on order)

Deals in Facebook

Kevin Schoonover

10 hrs

My daughter has been asking for a VR system. Her friend has VR with the Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator games. I have looked at Occulus and HTC. Anyone have a VR setup? What do you have? Likes and dislikes? Does it get used?

Any input is appreciated.

Than Lindley

December 24 at [7:52] PM

Wondering what app might connect fitness data from a new Apple Watch to the Fitbit app? Santa might bring a new watch to our family. I thought I heard it mentioned.

Kyle Wilcox

Visual Storyteller · December 18 at [9:58] PM

The story of how 3-2-1 backup failed me. I was paying $10 a month for both Google Drive and OneDrive. I wanted to consolidate to OneDrive. I copied the files from Google Drive to OneDrive on my Windows computer. I waited for the files to upload to OneDrive. I waited for the files to upload to BlackBlaze. I backed up the files to another local drive in my house. 3 backups. Then I deleted the files from Google Drive. Where did I go wrong? Google Docs/Slides/Sheets aren’t actual files you can backup. All I was backing up was a link to a non-existent Google Drive file. Fortunately, most of the files were podcast audio files and those transferred fine. Most of the Google Drive files weren’t critical and I could probably extract them from a Google Takeout archive if I really needed to.

Ernesto Morin

December 23 at [11:16] PM

Time off for the holidays?  What better time to run LastPass Security Challenge


Mike – Xbox allows for keyboard and mouse input. Slowly gaining traction with developers.


Untangle Firewall and UTM



Been really messing with moving all my drives around for optimum drive performance.  Think I got it now and am on track to the best week yet. Couple things I learned:

Using Stablebit Drive Pool to keep tabs on the status of my drives (even though the files are not in the pool)

Had to contact support and reset the license.  Drashna took good care of me. Then only 6 drives were visible.  Reset took care of it all. Now using both licenses to keep my drives in check for burst

Seemingly blew out my 2 drive, drive dock with week.  Just quit working.


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