Best Apps for the Sport and Fitness-Fanatic

No matter whether you are one of those people who like to work out all the time or just an occasional exerciser, you may be looking for a way to switch up your routine. Working out on your own is now all the rage, and with gyms and workout centers being closed and operated under heavy restrictions, some of the best smartphone applications for working out have become extremely popular.


Sport-Specific Workouts

Golf – Skillest

The Skillest app can connect you with any golf instructor anywhere in the world for lessons to be taken online. By recording your swing, you can use the app to upload it to the instructor of your choice. All of the communication with your instructor is all done within the Skillest app itself, including payment. More at


Golf – Anova Golf

The Anova Golf app is focused on measuring your performance while actually on the golf course. It provides you a way to figure out exactly the performance level you’re playing at, and more importantly where it will matter while on the course. With the information you’re given, you can take that to your instructor or coach, and be better prepared to have a conversation with regard to where your game needs work. Yoga – Down Dog
If you’re a regular yogi, you can use Down Dog and customize your next flow. You have the ability to input the time you have, along with any areas of the body you’re looking to hit. You’ll be having your perfect asana practice with just the right length of your savasana in no time. More at


Running – Nike Run Club

With access to audio coaching from Nike’s top trainers, you’ll get a positive workout with the Nike Run Club app and stay at the top of your regiment. You can set up timed or distance runs that are coached by teachers courtesy of Headspace. There’s the ability to track runs anywhere from a quick jog to a half-marathon training plan, all built around your weekly performance stats. More at


Cardio Boxing – FightCamp

Not only will the FightCamp app give you a good workout, but it will teach you how to appropriately execute the workout. The technology gives you the ability to track punches, output and more, and can work with your own gear or a custom setup from the company. More at



General Training


All too often equated with pricey workout equipment, the Peloton app actually offers much more than cycle and treadmill workouts. There’s no need for any equipment to use it, and for a small fee, you’ll get access to a host of guided classes in strength, yoga, and running. More at



The days of constantly searching the internet for “workout ideas” before you head to the gym are no longer needed, as the MyFitnessPal app brings to your device over 350 exercises to choose from. The app’s aim is to keep all the information you need for health and workout-related activities in one place, somewhat of a fitness diary. Along with the fitness aspects, there are nutrition reports designed to help you to understand how your daily food intake impacts your goals such as losing weight, toning up, changing unhealthy habits, or just attaining overall health. More at


Strava Training: Run & Ride

If you’re into Cycling, Running, Swimming, or even Yog, Strava Training: Run & Ride is a pretty flexible app that can suit many needs. It’s part workout tracker, part social network, as the app allows users to track a variety of activities, and share them with their network. The positive reinforcement and praise from friends and followers can be helpful to keep pushing to improve. It can help you to stay challenged and can inspire you to do better by sharing your favorite routes and photos with your peers. More at


Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer and a fitness enthusiast. He also owns a golf publication site,, where he shares how to play golf, how to improve, and a lot of tips and tricks