Mike has a new Webcam, Ham from Montana and Plex has LIVE TV – HGG453

Mike Wieger is back from you Montana with some updates on using Ham Radio there as well as a new way to use some old equipment for a webcam. He tests it live right on the show. We also talk about the new Public Beta for iOS 14, an update in zip ties from last week, some new from Plex about LIVE TV and some info from Western Digital on their new hard drive recycle program. We finish up with some user requests for help around converting old slides and 8mm film to digital and the best way to sell and old stamp collection. I think you will enjoy the show.

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New Webcam Camera?

Nikon D3300 with this cheap HDMI capture card – https://amzn.to/30HKUob

Mike’s Stuff

Use of Ham radio in the mountains of Montana with no cell service. Also Mike is going for his General license (the next step up from technician) 



Public Beta iOS 14 is released – https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/ – Mike’s initial thoughts


Product Updates:

Update on cable ties – Eric Janofsky via email

Plex has new live channels


WD is now giving $15 off $50 for broken hard drives




Jim went thru my Dad’s old stuff – My Dad’s Timex Watch

Two bits of community help?

  1. Community help on the conversion of slides and old film to digital


  1. Best way to sell all my Dad’s stamps?

Jim has another DCS 936L coming for the backyard



Jim Collison  [0:00] 
This is The Average Guy Network and you found Home Gadget Geeks show number 453 recorded on July 23 2020. Here on Home Gadget Geeks we cover all your favorite tech gadgets that find their way into your home, News, Reviews, Product updates and Conversation all for the average tech guy. I’m your host Jim Collison broadcasting live from the average guy TV Studios here in a sunny and hot tonight like a typical Nebraska buggy hot evening, but I’m gonna tell you my lawn my lawn looks fantastic. Like I have been watering. really sure I’m gonna have like $1,000 water bill because I have like this. This is the summer of lawn watering and I’m not every other day. I mean, it’s front one day back the next front what because it’s been super hot and then I put down some I put down some iron, you know? I’ve did the Scott’s number three treatment, like last weekend and then we got rain and all green dude, it looks so great.

Mike Wieger  [1:11] 
So it looks awful. Well, yeah, well I’ve been out and I don’t have much shade in my yard, I’ve noticed that the areas that are shaded my backyard looks great. I just have my free art is so large with no shade that it’s and I didn’t have I needed to have a third. So my sprinkler system runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, and it goes like four and six. And I need to turn on in the summer I really didn’t at 8am to like three rounds of a little bit of water. And so I finally when I got back from vacation, I was like, Ooh, that’s bad. I need to turn on the third round. So now hopefully going forward, it should be good to me and bring it back. Once it’s brown. We talked about this last time, it’s gonna be difficult. So we’ll give you guys an update. If I’m able to bring it back at all

Jim Collison  [1:51] 
once it goes dormant. Just let it let it stay dormant through the fall. Course what’s not don’t dormant is our show notes and we’ll have a few for here. At The Average Guy Network TV, don’t forget you can also join us live on our mobile app. It’s still available and available for free if you want to download at Home Gadget geeks.com is the way to get that done. thank our Patreon subscribers subscribers who helped me pay for that each and every year in it. And don’t forget, you can follow us on Eventbrite. Although I’m not going to say that this week because I haven’t updated it yet this week. But if you want to head out to the average guy, TV slash No, go out to the average guy tv.eventbrite.com and you can see when I’m posting it, what is coming up, we do have a few shows coming up that I need to get posted this weekend. Big thanks to Paul Baron and James Madison. Last two guests I was on Paul came on and did a bang up job talking about what Paul talks about we, Mike we ramble through, I think 20 different topics in the hour and a half hour and 40 minutes that I had Paul on. He does a great job. And then of course, Jay came in and knocked it out. We spend an hour and some change just on his desk like it’s pretty impressive. So if you haven’t missed those shows in true Home Gadget Geeks forum that’s really the epitome of the Home Gadget Geeks show. If you missed those, go back and listen to Paul and Jay Big thanks to them for being on the program and Big thanks to them for just being good friends of the work and everything that do Mike, you’re looking good tonight. You got a new camera there?

Mike Wieger  [3:18] 
I do. Yeah, um, well, not a new camera. Actually. This is a very old camera that’s been repurposed. So what happened is I actually saw of someone on Twitter was talking about a very cheap HDMI capture USB device. And I’ll actually here I can I can pull it up on on the screen here for you guys who are watching. I can get to it real quick, one second. But essentially, the whole theme behind this was usually an HDMI capture device is a very expensive device, hard to turn off and I was I wasn’t going to do that. I have one in my computer actually for my Xbox for when I used to stream. I never really thought about using that for a camera but I’ve always had my Xbox plugged in. So I never thought about doing with my camera. But here is the secret sauce here and let me share my screen application window here we go. So this little device, surprisingly enough, I was very skeptical. It’s $23 but what it does is allows you to capture anything that’s via HDMI. So you could do a console, in my case a camera, and you can plug it in this thing needs no drivers, it just shows up and works. Like I plug this thing in, stream, stream yard picks it up, teams picks it up, whatever it is, picks it up. And I saw then after I bought it, I ordered it. I’m like, well shoot now Should I go read some reviews? Because I just like for $23. Like that’s worth it. And actually, I was talking to Kirschner about this and he’s out in chat and he’s been a guest on the show. And he said that he posts Vox which is a very popular stream doctor tight like each show tells you how to do live streams. He reviewed it and he had the same reaction. He’s like this thing is crazy. This literally replaces some of the very expensive Capture devices for $23 and works really well. So that’s what you guys are seeing me on right now. And again, so 23 bucks, there’ll be a link to that in the show notes by the way. So I once I grabbed that I’m like, Okay, well I have a DSLR that has literally been, where am I pointing? Right here. It’s been sitting on this counter for forever. We got it from my wife about when we got married. So five years ago, four, four years ago, five years ago. We got it for her cuz she thought she really wanted to use a DSLR for capturing images of the kids. Turns out iPhones are just fantastic. And you have them with you all the time. You never carry around a DSLR so it ended up on the shelf. Well, um, so this is a Nikon D 3300. Again, not not the latest and greatest, nothing great. doesn’t even have a flip out screen. But what it does have it has mini HDMI out so I did have to get a mini HDMI to full size HDMI cable. That’s it, but it’s a clean output. So what I mean by that is like when you guys are seeing this you’re not seeing all the info about the camera. You’re seeing a clean out Put from whatever’s on the camera out to it so a Nikon D 3300 kershner was asking about the lens earlier this is an 18 to 55 millimeter lens stock lens that comes on it. I would love to be able to use the larger zoom lens because it has a much deeper more rich depth of field but I can’t get my camera that far back. This camera I can reach out and I can almost touch the screen right now. So that’s how far away it is for me but I think it still provides a really good depth of field from my workbench which is not that much further again I can turn around and touch my workbench so it provides a little bit that depth of field really good color, obviously it’s a DSLR The only downside about this I would not suggest this is not one of those things of go get this camera for live streaming because it will only stay on this mode for 30 minutes. So what I have to do is actually I got a second little device and this is also very cheap from Amazon. About $20 This is a remote that you plug into the remote port on the Nikon $20 plugs in up top sits in the shoe out. And this allows me to focus it remotely. And as long as I hit this every 30 minutes, we’re good to go. So what I wanted to use this for mainly was making YouTube videos on my own. And the hardest part for me about using this Nikon is there’s no without screen. So I can’t tell if I’m in focus or not. Well, now I just aim it at me. I’ll do it right now, actually. So I want to do in the next 30 minutes.

Press the button and you guys kind of saw it, zoom in, zoom out there and focus on me, which is really nice. So overall setup works great. I wish it didn’t have that 30 minute limitation. One guy saw online, he said, here’s a hack, put a hair tie around the autofocus. So it’s just us constantly half pressed down, and then it will never go to sleep. So that’s good. The other thing I got for the camera is a power supply that plugs into the battery port. So this camera does not have like an option to plug into power full time. But you can get a battery that has a cord out the bottom so it thinks it’s on battery power, but it’s actually just full constant power. So this thing’s plugged into a wall outlet. But it’s not on battery, it’s never going to run out of power. So two little things there. So you know, overall what I spent after I already had the camera was probably about $55 on the battery kind of charger AC unit, the capture device and then also this, this remote it’s a little bit more than that. But I think it works great because especially for YouTube content, you know, sit here on my desk and make a video like this and have higher quality video than I would have out of my cnn 20 not knocking the scene on 20 still a great camera, but I think this looks a little bit better. I can also record straight to the SD card. Pull that out. If I’m not recording in something like OBS, I could record that SD card, pull it out and edit externally. The other thing that I like to do with it is I can actually route all my microphones through my digital recorder and into the camera so it’s all synced. sinking in post isn’t really a big deal anymore. That’s pretty easy to do. But right now I have actually this boom arm that we taught. Oh, it’s actually in frame. I never noticed that. It’s so black. You can’t tell. Oh yeah, here in the corner. You don’t really know what that is my boom mic, which I don’t want to move right now, but I can also route that down and plug into the DSLR as well. So everything is is synced there. But the one thing I just did notice Jim is when I’m talking about something up close, I would have to you know, there’s no autofocus, right? This isn’t a 920 so I would have to hit that focus button not a big deal. I can just hit it one with the remote.

Jim Collison  [9:22] 
But overall, right, this isn’t this one is I have the autofocus turned off but it’s still okay because it’s a different. It’s designed for this rifle. Right that you get here where that is different.

Mike Wieger  [9:36] 
Yeah, the depth of field here is so shallow, right? It’s such a small measurement that it’s only really in focus right here Even if I move up a little bit. I’m going to be out of focus with this camera and I like it. I think it provides a little bit more option for me and it was a camera that already had

Jim Collison  [9:52] 
sitting around. No native windows recorder right for catcher at capturing HDMI,

Mike Wieger  [9:58] 
you read oh four I just want Gemma when I’m looking for any native app that records video. Yeah, because I even gotten to DaVinci Resolve doesn’t allow you to record straight in. So I’ve been using OBS that’s really the only thing I’ve been finding. You know on the Mac. It’s so easy the Mac you can record a quick time you can start a new so I downloaded QuickTime thinking would be the same on Windows. You can’t do that here. I’m so used to working on the Mac that on the windows side now, I don’t know what so if you guys have a good app that captures video via you know, select your video input, select your mic input record. I would love that because I do not know I’ve just been using OBS.

Jim Collison  [10:35] 
Check the check. I guess there’s an Xbox recorder app. Oh, that’s a good point. I think about that

Mike Wieger  [10:44] 
is built into the Yeah, you’re right that’s built. Yeah.

Jim Collison  [10:46] 
Maybe that will work. I think

Mike Wieger  [10:49] 
that’s a Windows Key g pops up that I do believe a dashboard. Yeah, I use that when I’m playing on the PC but I also want to party chat with Xbox players.

Jim Collison  [10:59] 
I’ve heard that so Several times but I’ve never used it yeah Should I just use stream yard? To be honest I go to bed after I’d probably get better resolution if I use that you totally

Mike Wieger  [11:09] 
would because this is limited I noticed to 720 p so even though my cameras at this is limited to 720 but even you know even OBS right you still have to you’re messing with bit rate if not native off the camera. I would love an application that would just like Hey, what’s what’s being brought in by the camera? I’m just gonna record that right if it’s 60 FPS if it’s 30 FPS with OBS you’re setting all those ahead of time so if I’m you know if I’m bringing in at 30 then that’s what’s going to do but this cameras out putting at 60 right now FPS I would love to record a video at 60 without having to mess with all those OBS settings so I don’t know if you guys have anything like that. Let me know and I’ll check out the Xbox recorder. That’s a good point. Tony also says the camera Oh no, that’s not the right one the camera app. My lighting just went bad are my videos. Just went bad when I open the camera app I musta reset my

Jim Collison  [12:04] 
ever see let’s see how that went it was to set it to default. Oh, I didn’t do a camera app did

Mike Wieger  [12:07] 
that. That’s the other one.

Jim Collison  [12:10] 
Yeah, yeah, you know we’ve gotten so far away from those things. I guess some of the game though gamers are using them and such but we’ve gotten so far away from those things and windows that I just don’t even I don’t even think of them anymore. It turned on. By the way when I started the camera app, something to know live streamers. It took my it took control the Logitech C 920 and turned on auto gain and white balance in it pushed auto gain all the way up. Interesting. Oh, yeah, not maybe maybe something you don’t necessarily want to do in the middle of the program. The one

Mike Wieger  [12:44] 
thing I want to do a lot for my the dad nerd channel is do tutorials right and recording screen. When I was on a Mac, there’s an app called ScreenFlow that you can get and it is the most amazing app for literally creating screen recording tutorials. What it does. What makes it so good? It says, hey, what camera are using, and then it just where do you want to record the desktop what mic you’re using, you hit record. And what it does is it creates separate tracks for here’s your camera the whole time, here’s your desktop the whole time. And you so you can move it around you OBS if I record that in my cameras in the bottom left corner OBS, it’s there, right in the final video, there’s no moving my camera on with ScreenFlow it was well here they’re on separate tracks. So if at any time you want your camera disappear, and this is in post, which is great. So you can just record not worry about where your camera positions at not worry about any of that and then in post, you can say okay, put my camera here. Oh wait, now I’m showing a portion of my screen where you need to see that area, move my camera down here make my camera disappear. And there really isn’t a good, affordable alternative for that on Windows. So I’ve actually been finding myself considering do I bring my Mac laptop down here for creating those tutorials. And then and then you know, I guess doing all my other videos. The hard part for me is that those mind maps cannot edit 4k. They’re old enough that that’s just not a thing. This new computer is great for 4k. But again, I have not found a good alternative for yes Camtasia Nathaniel mentioned is that is the replacement. It’s just expensive. I got used to ScreenFlow being a pretty affordable option and maybe it’s not anymore I bought ScreenFlow A long time ago and I’ve just had the license so maybe Camtasia something I just need to get and

Jim Collison  [14:26] 
and bite the bullet and go with that. You mentioned this loom and screen A by A Tony clarifies Oh, not screencapture we’re talking about the camera app on windows so

Mike Wieger  [14:36] 
Oh, that’s fine and actually wasn’t even talking. Yeah, for when I was talking about just capturing I would just want a basic bring it in record a video right? If I don’t do a talking head video. I was going to talk about ham radio the other day as you want to sit at my computer. I want to make a real quick video talk about my ham radios, call it good and be done. And I was like, wait on Windows. I don’t know how to do that. Which is weird. You know, we’ve been you and Jim have been doing video stuff for forever. I’m just new on the way Aside sounds like I don’t know how to do that

Jim Collison  [15:02] 
fired up OBS and that was what I did. I have a star tech card that I bought a couple years ago that does HD HDMI capture and it comes in USB. It’s got a DDI, HDMI and a what’s the other? What’s the third one? VGA actually VPN. And that works well to once we did that. We actually did a live Called to Coach from a conference center and I had a you know, TV quality camera had that was shooting all the way across the room, and he gave me an HDMI cable and it was great. Beautiful. So I think I paid 65 bucks for that thing. So you can those capture cards you said this one was 23 young star tech makes some there that HDMI capture used to be expensive. Now it’s kind of stand right. Well shouldn’t pay any more than 100 bucks

Mike Wieger  [15:58] 
unless you’re doing past So what makes it expensive is if you need, for example, for a lot of your streaming video games and you want your console, you need HDMI into the computer and it also needs an HDMI out. So it just passes it right through to your monitor. Otherwise, you’re playing on a delay. Like if I use this when I’m showing you I showed you guys earlier for Xbox, I would have to be playing via my computer, and there’ll be a slight delay, which you don’t want you on pastor. So I have an Elgato HD 60 Pro in my computer right now. That’s like the PCI version, right? It’s a PCI card in there that has the two HDMI in the back and I use that for Xbox all the time. actually even have I haven’t been streaming but I forgot that’s how I hooked this thing holding up. And actually notice that the other day my computer was off when I got back from vacation, fired maxbox up like why is it not showing up on the screen? What is going on? It’s because there was no power to the PCI card, which is doing the pastor I forgot that I had routed it to my computer. That’s how low latency is. I never noticed.

Jim Collison  [16:54] 
Yeah, I’m gonna be honest. When I put this topic in the show notes, I thought it’d be 30 seconds

Mike Wieger  [17:00] 
Sorry, but yeah, well, you know, you never know.

Jim Collison  [17:03] 
It’s so great though we put it up top. And I was it was just gonna be a new camera in a conversation but so much great information. Great reminder on the Xbox app, great reminder on XT ry capture using different cameras. It’s funny what’s the model on that camera again like

Mike Wieger  [17:20] 
Nikon D 30 302. I would not suggest going out and buying this. But if the great part that what I’m trying to get a point across is, you might have a DSLR camera sitting on a shelf or in a bag somewhere or something you use all the time. Like I didn’t even think about the fact that I can use it for live streaming now. Because these capture cards are so cheap. If it has HDMI out on it. You’re good to go. It’s gonna work great. And obviously, the the focus trick is working because we’ve been live from much longer than 30 minutes now and my camera has not cut out on me.

Jim Collison  [17:52] 
Yeah, cool. We it’s funny, we just talked about this last Saturday on Ask the podcast coach and I think we talked about a different camera. It must have been a Canon or or one of those have to go back. I wasn’t paying attention, but there’s like 400 and a 450 or something like that. And they talked about this 32nd problem. So yeah, if you want to get additional conversation, obviously I wasn’t paying attention, head, head over to ask the podcast coach calm. We talked about that last Saturday.

Mike Wieger  [18:20] 
And if you want the link, I’ll put the link to this remote to if you happen to have a Nikon camera. This was a super cheap Focus remote, which you might be in the same situation as me with no flat screen and needing to see if you’re in Focus.

Jim Collison  [18:32] 
Dropping the show notes and all I will I will lose part of that. Mike, welcome back, by the way from vacation, we missed you the last two weeks. How

Mike Wieger  [18:40] 
beautiful if, if any of you guys ever get a chance to go to Big Sky, Montana, I would say probably one of top, top three places I’ve been in the world as far as beauty and overall experience. It was just gorgeous out there. Now obviously it’s a place that you could go to ski very popular ski location. We went there in the summer and we have Every single day we all joke that you know I haven’t hit my activity rings on my Apple Watch and probably three months. I hit it every day I was on vacation now that is a vacation that’s good. Usually I’m coming back from vacation fat and happy and needing to work off the pounds I put on a vacation but we hike just gorgeous country, you know between 70 and 80 degrees the entire time zero humidity. So we came from that we went on a six mile hike and I came back for like I’m like yeah good to go. You know did the did those smells, smell didn’t didn’t stink. I got home. Our car was really wet. We got to the airport It was so humid here I went took the trash out the next morning and felt like I needed to shower just from the walk down the into the driving back back to bug oh so humid here but gorgeous country out there.

Jim Collison  [19:42] 
Do much ham radio

Mike Wieger  [19:44] 
while you’re out there. I did. Montana was you know everyone knows that. You know I I come in and out of hobbies. Ham Radio has been one of the I love the hobby. I just sometimes you know I’ll go for a month, month and a half sometimes haven’t fired him up. And so I thought you know I should take the radios out there. So when we do a lot of hiking, running Mountains. And just we were so glad my family was actually very intrigued with ham radio when we went out there because I took and these are if anyone in the ham community knows you know, Ron’s gonna make fun of me for having these but these are bow Fang UV five Rs. These are like the cheapest way to get into ham radio. But honestly, they’re they’re, they’re fully functional great radios. So I took these out there, I would say I have two of them. And that’s what that was the key. In the mountains and Big Sky, there’s rarely ever any cell service. We did have some when we got back to the cabin, but every time we were hiking, zero, nothing. And so what I did was I actually, these, these have an ability to have two channels on them, you can monitor two different channels. So I put the first one on, you know, and the people in ham can talk about legality of power and so that I put on an FRS channel family radio service, which is a frequency that for the most part, it is open. There are some requirements on equipment stuff, but you don’t need a license. That’s the main point. You don’t need a license to FRS. So I put them on FRS. And I said, you know, here’s one for my sister, she’s up ahead of me on the trail. And here’s a radio for me. And we were able to communicate back and forth with no cell phone service, which was fantastic. I thought that was really cool. And when we were in the car, we had another family with us. And we had two cars driving around all through Montana, we went down into Yellowstone, and down there, and it was great to have the radio connectivity. But here’s the important piece. The second channel I had was there was an actually, there’s a local repeater, and repeater and ham radio. We’ve talked about this in the past, but all repeater is, it’s someone who has set up a very tall, usually very high up antenna, and it takes in signal and repeats it. So think instead of my radio directly talking to another radio, it’s saying, Hey, I can’t reach you were on different sides of a mountain, but I can reach this antenna above a repeater, and it’ll repeat out my signal. And so it greatly increases your range. So there’s a local repeater there. And this was the cool part. We got up to the top of a mountain and I said, Okay, we have zero cell phone service. You guys want to see what happens if like what if it happens what if one of you has a heart attack? When if one of you breaks a leg, what would we do? And so I got on there and I just said, you know, throughout my call centers to doing a radio check from the top of, I said, the, you know, the trailer on and the guy says, yep, picking you up loud and clear. Everything good. And like, Yeah, I was just doing a real check, show my family kind of the power of ham radio when you don’t have cell phone service. And he’s like, Yeah, he goes, you’d be surprised how many radio checks I get because of that exact thing. And I’m just a perfect use case, perfect example of why radio, ham radio especially can be so beneficial. We would have been, you know, in a very hard place had something happened up there while we were on a hike, and there’s no cell phone service. But with this radio, I could have told them our exact location, he would have been in a spot where he could have used his phone to call for emergency services, things like that. And just a very cool use of radio. The next cool part though, was we’re actually we’re in Yellowstone and you can actually look up the Yellowstone Park people use Ham Radio. So there There’s the wolf watcher. So this is a group of teens in Yellowstone National Park who are monitoring the packs of wolves and where they’re going. There’s a frequency you can monitor those. Now talking on it would get you in a lot of trouble. You tie up those frequencies, you can monitor all you want. So I had these I had both radios as we were driving through Yellowstone, for different frequencies. I had the emergency personnel, you’d be amazed how much bad stuff happens in Yellowstone throughout the day, like people hitting their heads, people get in their car stuck, because you’re listening to the fire and rescue. And you’re also in the wolf. It was a really cool, super glad I took these. And it’s sparked a new renewed interest again, right in Ham Radio for me, it didn’t take much. And so now I’m back here in Omaha getting very much back into the scene. And I’m actually going to update upgrade to a general license, which is a whole new test. I got to study again, take another test, but right now I’m just a technician. I’m gonna take my general which will allow me to get into hf and so I know Andrew out there is a he’s a he’s a ham Ron’s out there. He’s a ham. They’re all hf and so on. Want to get an hf and maybe I can make a contact with one of them maybe later this year. The equipment for hf is very expensive. It’s about $1,000 for the radio to get into that. But the general license though, I think I’m gonna take that hopefully, sometime in the next month or two.

Jim Collison  [24:15] 
You proved me wrong. I was having a conversation with Ed Sullivan the other day, I think we were smoking a cigar. And he said, when Mike comes back, is he gonna? Is he gonna? Is he out of ham? And I said, well, is there’s a possibility, like, it’s been a while as Yeah, you either had the opportunity while you’re away to ditch him or to get more into it, and you definitely got more into it. So that’s, well, good. There’ll be some ham content update folks on as we as we move forward. And I I’m so always surprised how just how many ham? You know, folks, there are in our community, there are a ton. I think when we talked about it, I seem to get a few comments. So super cool, glad things were safe. My parents lived in Montana for a lot of years. I’m gonna talk about my dad here in a minute. But my parents were in Montana for quite a few years. And so we go up there. Every Labor Day, I would go up for four days and fix stuff for them. And I didn’t hike as much as I probably should have. I was busy doing stuff for them, but it is absolutely beautiful. I live in Kalispell. And so we were right at the base of Glacier National Park. And it was pretty fantastic. So you you went to a Big Sky Country and it is Big Sky for sure. It’s gorgeous and absolutely amazing. So now Good, good. Good to have you back at least for the next couple weeks. Anyways. Hey, real quick. iOS 14 is in beta at this point. Should I should I do anything at this point? What are your thoughts on on the beta? The beta release of 14? Didn’t 13 just come out last year? Okay. Seems like it seems like it maybe I just put it on my phone. I don’t know. But maybe I

Mike Wieger  [25:55] 
mean, comes out in October, right October is always when they need the public release. out and some people may not upgrade till you know, November or whatever. And so maybe it’s hasn’t seemed like that long. But yeah, I was 14 beta is out and this is, you know they’ve been doing this. No, no when the first time they did it, I want to say I was 13 was the first time they did it, but it could have been 12. They have a public beta, so you no longer going to be a developer to put the bait on your phone, you simply just go to and there’s a URL, but beta.apple.com you can get there and you can put the public beta on your phone. Now this is one of those things you always want to wait until you hear reviews from other people because public betas have been known to like brick, the cellular service, things like that. I’m here to report that they are up to beta three now. So they’re on iOS 14 beta three. Safe to put on your phone. I have it on mine. I actually have it on my phone, which is my daily driver. This is not a test phone. This is my daily driver phone. I know that idea but you can always revert back to 13 if you need to. They’ve made that pretty easy. Do a backup before you do it. Super easy to do. They have made this process so dang easy. Jim, you go to that website on your phone. You sign in with your Apple ID, you accept it. It says, Hey, do you wanna install the profile on your phone? You say yes, you then go to your updates and your phone and it just shows up in updates, like no computer needed. Nothing hard. Very easy now to put the beta. And I’ve been really enjoying it. I think some of the biggest feature that I like are, for example, no more full screen when someone calls you, which is perfect. You’re watching a YouTube video and someone calls it’s just like a notification. Now, it says, Hey, you have a call coming in, doesn’t take up the whole screen doesn’t you know same. Same thing with Siri. Siri no longer takes up the whole screen. She’s just a nice little either notification or down the bottom. And then I really like the widgets. I know you guys won’t be able to see it from there. But maybe you can see up top there. I have a weather widget and a stocks widget up at the top of my screen. You can put those anywhere on your homescreen now, and the great part about this is you no longer need all your apps to be on the homescreen they have what’s called an app library. So now I have so many apps on my phone, but I only have two pages worth that I need access all the time. The rest are in what’s called the app library. And this is automatically created by the iOS and it groups them automatically. I didn’t create these folders, it groups them by what type they are. Now, admittedly, I’m going to search for it. I’m not going to go over here very much. But the big point about this is that you no longer have eight pages of apps. And this is all stuff that you know, Android has done for a long time, or like, Okay, finally, Apple. But we all stick with Apple for different reasons, right? And, and we like the iOS ecosystem, if you’re in it, you usually like it. And so some of these little tiny tweaks have been great, and it is safe to put on your phones. I can’t speak for future ones if you’re watching this later. But as of right now, iOS 14, beta three, beta beta three just came out like today or yesterday, so you are safe to install and be fine. And like I said, it’s also very easy to revert back if something were to if you were to have a problem.

Jim Collison  [28:53] 
Okay, I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna do I’m just gonna wait. Yeah, everything’s working great. Everything is working. Right. Hey, speaking of apps, one thing you just reminded me two apps that I think we should we should talk about. One is the the the red claw, the Red Cross donation app. So if you’ve ever given blood, and I hadn’t given blood in a super long time and seen it called every week, but a month ago, a month ago, I kind of with everything going on and the Red Cross contacted my, my kids are really good blood donors. And they they were like, hey, like, it’s bad. It’s it always seems like it’s bad. But they were like, is really bad. Can you come in? And I was like, Yeah, sorry that I didn’t realize when I when I went in. They were like, oh, if you were in the app, there’s a lot of benefits to it. So they have an app here that will tell you it’ll eventually it’ll update with your information, your blood type, how many times you’ve given some of those kinds of things. There’s a quick pass when you go to the when you go to give blood you have to answer all these questions. You can ask answer them in advance on the call Fastpass on the app and when you’re ready to go in it can really be I mean I think I can get this down to five minutes. I gave blood in four minutes. When I was there, I mean from, but put it in and they’re like, Oh, your blood pressure is good. Man, four minutes. That’s like I only wish I had more to give you. One of the cool things about this app is they’ll tell you, if you schedule through the app, they’ll tell you, they send you an email, but the if you don’t, but in the app, they’ll tell you where your blood went, which is kind of cool. So if you’re like, I like to track everything. And so my blood ended up in Minneapolis at a hospital there. And so they sent me a note, hey, we just want to let you know is used here. They don’t you know, you don’t get any personal information, of course, but it’s just kind of cool. It’s one of those I kind of like tracking those. So if you haven’t given blood and while and you’re willing to do it, I’d encourage you to download the app set up everything and that set up the appointment through the app as well. It’ll it will populate it takes a couple weeks for everything to populate your blood type. One of the nice things about it is they do check for COVID antibodies. So if you ever want to know if you’ve had it yet and you don’t want to get that thing jammed in your nose You can give blood and they’ll test for antibodies do not go into the Red Cross sick, okay, do not do that. That’s not what this is for. Okay. So that’s one app too. And I think I turned you on to this. But man, the the john deere mowing app, we talked about this. Was this a discord?

Mike Wieger  [31:20] 
Yes, it was. Well, you know what’s funny is I went to go set it up. Have you? I had a question about it, actually, and I haven’t mowed. I haven’t had a chance to mow with it since but I’m only this weekend so you can answer this doesn’t matter what mower you put in because I don’t have a john deere mower, obviously. And it asks you when you’re setting it up. What more you have? No, I was like,

Jim Collison  [31:38] 
I just picked a 22 inch I have a 2222 inch mower. So I just looked doesn’t matter. JOHN DEERE? No.

Mike Wieger  [31:45] 
The only time it would matter for me there and I’m like, oh, maybe you need a john deere mower. And so I stopped. Okay,

Jim Collison  [31:49] 
good. No, just put it on there. Super cool. On the app, it talks a little bit about the weather. So it gives you a five day forecast on the weather. It tells you how many days since rain And how much rain you’ve gotten. And then they even make some suggestions like this would be a good day to mow. And which is super cool, right? They’re kind of like, Hey, you know, weather’s good. You might want to it’s gonna be sunny, you might want to get out No, I have done three. I’ve already mowed three times. So you can see those three bars in the upper right there in those bars are measuring the amount of time it took me to mow. So 26 minutes, 31 minutes, 24 minutes, you can also go down I’ll give you the month on the bottom there you see down here that gives you the month and when you mode and then if you click on that, it’ll actually show you your milling pattern is super cool. Like it is a super cool. So remember what Dave was talking about, you know, write that down in your book, you know, when you mow the mowing be well, okay, you can’t there’s a lot of things you can’t record in this. But there’s a lot of things you can and so this would this tells me when I mowed and what the weather was and some of those kinds of things. So if you haven’t done that Yeah, it is just it’s just it’s called mower Plus, it’s available for free from john deere. And it’s the super I like it’s the nerdiest mowing app like that. That’s right up our alley.

Mike Wieger  [33:14] 
Yeah, I’m excited to hear that doesn’t matter on the more I thought maybe was gonna ask me like, maybe certain motors had Bluetooth like to the phone. I so I stopped. I was like, Okay, I’ll set this up later on. We’ll ask them and I totally forgot to ask. So good. I’ll set that up. And I’ll use it this weekend. Now, Jim, is there a social feature? Now that will know I moved twice this week? Once you have mo be hilarious like, you know, your personal record on time, time per square foot or something like that? That’d be great.

Jim Collison  [33:42] 
Yeah, you can track all your maintenance. In this case, I could put my maintenance in for my mower, even though it’s not a john deere mower. I could put my maintenance in there if I wanted to. Yeah. And then it has a season tab that hasn’t populated yet. I haven’t I haven’t done enough. It’ll give you average time. It’ll give you total time. So all knowing for a seat It’ll give you the distance you’ve covered in the mowing, it’ll tell you the coverage in acres if you want to do it that way, and then it gives you the speed. So like I mow at 1.8 miles per hour that’s I have a walk behind so I’m pretty slow so I get the turbo in mind I’m gonna be you know, really flying when I just do I mean when you when you’re keeping track and it literally is as easy as you know, there’s a little yellow mo button, and that’s that little button down here. Says Mo, just click it and put it in your pocket and then go away. And it keeps trying to keep track all of that. So super cool. If you haven’t, I should have I should have talked about that when we were talking about how our lawns looked, but that mower app is super cool. Mike last week, we were I was spending time with JJ Madison came on and we were talking about cabling. And Jay had some really cool cable kind of maps you know they were they’re basically Velcro pads you could put around your put around the The like any any kind of, you know, like monitor amount or, you know we have a cylinder and just wrap the cable. I talked about my frustration with zip ties because I use a lot of zip ties in this too and it always seems like as soon as I zip tie that thing up, I add in there always seem to do that.

Mike Wieger  [35:22] 
And I’ve used them all around. So I have a tree of monitors, right, I have four, three along the bottom one, and all those wires run over here and every time I zip tie, my gosh, shoot. Now I want to add this other cable the random one, okay.

Jim Collison  [35:35] 
Now I’ve used these cables before these this kind of cable before and it’s pretty simple. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it. I’ve done it before. I just haven’t used it on the computer side. I use it on when I’m out doing, you know, DJ events or for those kinds of things. Erickson offski sent me a email and he’s like, Hey, I heard you talking about Cahill. They do make Velcro cables. And I don’t know I didn’t think about that. But Eric, thanks for sending In that email I got some pictures on there. You can buy them in packs of different colors if you want to do it that way I probably would go all black but big like, Mike I don’t know why I didn’t I was like, duh Why wouldn’t I just use you know a Jay had been talking about these mats so you can run the cables down and put the mats over these over the you know, the poles it looks super clean. But you could do it this way too with Velcro. Yeah,

Mike Wieger  [36:27] 
I huge fan. I’ve a big pack of those. And here’s the other one Jim, that has been invaluable to me I got a massive package from Amazon for super cheap. So this camera thing is so hard to explain. It’s a sticky square, right with ladder cable on the edge and then you just stick it in and you can you can tighten it down. So I use this on the back of desks or on the bottom of desk so you can stick it up, run and you can get a lot of cables in here. If you just put in the lightest setting. You can get a ton of cables the stickiness is really good on them. So it sits That makes a full loop. I don’t know what these are called, but they’re just you know, cable management sticky things that I put on the back and underside of my desk. And I use four of them. And these are just like the cheapest best things. I have used these everywhere. I’ve used them in the garage. You can use them to stick like cables in my car for my ham radio stuff. Then you just stick up under the dash. I’ll just stick one of these in there and tighten it down. You can pull them off if you need to. These are great, too. Yeah.

Jim Collison  [37:29] 
Yeah, no great way a great way to anything you could do I mean, the zip ties I mean, once they’re in there in your snippet them and then you’re cutting them in, they’re done right. Now you can get 1000 of them for like a nickel on Amazon. So it’s not like they’re expensive, but it was a good Eric, thanks for sending me that email. He’s Eric’s really good about sending me just about every other week I get something from Eric. By the way, you can email me too if you want to. You’re listening to this. If you got something. It might make the show. If you send it to me actually good chance I’ll make the show if you send it to me jimothy Average guy.tv and always appreciate that feedback. I just bought a bunch of zip ties so I probably won’t go out and buy a bunch of new Velcro ones. But I think the next time I’m in in in looking for those that that works out pretty well as well to get those kind of wrapped up. Mike this week also Plex in it’s funny I mentioned Plex the guys over entertainment to Dotto, right, Josh and Richard, talk about Plex all the time. They just made a new announcement they’re actually recording right now we’re up against them for the live for the live show. By the way, thanks to everyone in our audience who I know could be over there listening to Josh and Richard recording, entertainment to Dotto, appreciate you guys. And maybe Tony I bet has both going at the same time. I’m sure he does. Because he’s an avid listener of both shows. I hear him mentioned all the time over there when I’m listening to that show. But Plex made an announcement that they just have now opened up or given the ability to you don’t have to do anything with this. Let me bring this up here. So again, We’ll show this on screen if you’re listening to the recorded or the audio version of it, you won’t get you won’t see it. So come over to the YouTube channel, but they have now 85 new channels actually the blog post about it if you want to go over and get all the details on that. Free streaming, live TV Now you might be thinking that rivulet revolutionary Well, the only way to really get live TV streaming now is to have your own you know, your own box your own home. Why is that? The name is escape network, silicon, silicon dust HD. There we go. Yeah, I network tuner. I have two of them. And so I have four channels on that. But now with with Plex, and you can see down here, they have all kinds of new channels when it comes to and you can see, you know, you’ve never heard of any of these channels. You might have heard of Yahoo, finance and IGN and a few of the other ones, but these, you can’t record them. You can’t save them. You can’t possum, all you can do is play it’s like it’s like back to the old days of live TV like, in other words in an AI. The cool thing about this, they have about 20 or 25 music channels that are there. And it’s all old music videos, not old, some of them are new

Mike Wieger  [40:17] 
on TV then isn’t what it

Jim Collison  [40:19] 
is like it is like MTV. So if you go to the 80s party channel, let’s just, let’s just, I won’t play the music. Hold on, let me There we go. That way, we don’t get to take it off on YouTube. But here’s a little George Michael, you know, there. This is this takes me back to MTV from from high days when I was young, right? You can be playing in this background again. You’re not stopping it. You’re not saving it. You’re not recording it. It’s just live streaming. But I was thinking from for a party standpoint. You know, if you want to have this mindset, yeah, right. Put this on, just let it play.

Mike Wieger  [40:54] 
My parents used to have the DVD sets of certain concerts so my dad’s a big sting fan. He loves So he had the steam concert live concert that he would just put on as a DVD in the background same exact thing as this but you get more of a you know a diverse set of music that’s really cool. Now I do see the one I’ll be watching all the time they have a whole fail army channel and I’m a huge fail army on YouTube and snapchat guy. I could watch fail on me all the time. So yeah, that’s really cool. No, no, we should say there are no regular TV channels here. Right? These are all young not having anything that you can get over the air on cable. But still some some pretty good content here. Jim, are you are you happy with the direction Plex has been going with you know that first of all, they have their their movie library, right? They have their TVs, everything like that, that you can get as part of stuff and they’re starting to become it’s no now they’re providing content instead of just being your content.

Jim Collison  [41:53] 
Yeah. Well, okay. I’ll be 100% honest, I’ve watched very little Plex right now even though I record some of I do a lot of Home Improvement stuff and you know the the this whole house and those kinds of things. I record some cooking channels that I record. I never watch them. Sarah on the other hand, she just uses the heck out of Plex. She has you know, we put plaques on Nvidia Shield. Put a one gig SSD on it for her for storage once it works. What is it? We’re sorry? Yeah, one terabyte Thank you. One gig would be 64 K. Yeah. super huge. Put a lot of money into it. one terabyte of SSD storage, super fast works great. But that Nvidia she’ll actually put the one terabyte drive inside a failed I’ll talk about this a little bit, a failed Seagate a terabyte drive. So I put it inside so it has an enclosure hook that she uses a ton of it. We recently moved the Xbox over and put it in that same entertainment configuration. And she’s been watching a lot of the blu rays now that she can do that as well. She watches way more TV than I do. I’m an I’m kind of a YouTube guy. But I do. I do like, the functionality. Like, there’s so many things you can do on Plex now from, you know, just by adding these channels, the channels they had before some of those, I don’t know, Pluto and some of those other ones. They have so many freaking commercials on them that are obnoxious. They’re just not worth it. Yeah, this No, I haven’t run into a commercial yet. Maybe there are, but I haven’t run into any yet. And so it was a I don’t know. So I haven’t liked the services they provided that are all commercial driven. I get enough ads on YouTube, just to be honest, you know?

Mike Wieger  [43:48] 
Yeah, well, okay, so so my point on the Plex thing is, so I’m like a private Plex super user. I probably use it more than anyone. I have a lot of users on my Plex, a lot of family member that are that are watching stuff. And you know, I would rather see I don’t know how much money they’re spending to get this type of content, so especially the movies and TVs that they provide, I don’t know, I have not met a single person and someone should please correct me in chat or on Twitter, if you are someone who has like, actually watched one of the movies or tv shows that they have provided as part of like the new Plex service, right? They have not increased their fees. So like, I knew it costs some money to get that content. I would much rather them take that and just just make their app just work everywhere. You’ll make the Xbox app actually functional, right? Like the Xbox app is terrible voice causes all the time. It’s absolutely awful. I don’t I just don’t know anyone who’s using it. And you know, these live channels. That’s a cool new feature. It’s and I think it’s all honestly, they can advertise and they can publish that they provide content, free TV and movies with Plex, which is technically true, right? Like you can get something without providing your own content. And I don’t know if it’s a legal thing where they’re like, Well, no, no To stay legal, we do have the rights and our shipping it. What the person does with the rest is up to them. I guess, as the lawyer side of me is like, my brain is Queen like, I can see the argument here because they’re like, well before it was user uploaded content, and there’s really no argument for us, like, how are they uploading any legal movie content, there’s really nothing that’s legal for them to do. Like, really, technically, by the letter of the law. If you were to read it straightforward, yes to everyone has kind of carved out you can rip DVDs and be fine. But according to the law, if you really read it, they can make argument that that’s not even legal. So I’m guessing this is kind of a play by their legal team to make sure that they’re just on the up and up to keep going. So I hope not spending a bunch of money on it, but man, it’s just, I don’t know anyone who’s using it to be honest, and the live TV is new. So that might be something that’s kind of cool. And maybe there’s some some content there but the movies and TVs and Okay, so here’s the other point of graduate as the admin of a Plex server. If you have family. It confused Is the heck out of everyone. That because all of a sudden this populates in front of my server, and like, well, what are all these movies and TV shows? These aren’t the ones that I These aren’t the movies and TVs we have like, what is this? And I’m like, that’s the Plex provided stuff, just unclick that tab, it’s really confused. They’re like, they’re so confused because it shows up as to the now they have access to different quote unquote, servers, the Plex server and a mine and it’s super confusing. And it just, it’s caused me such a headache. And I get text probably once a week from people who are just like, Ah, yeah, I still don’t know how to make my homescreen back to what it was. I just want to watch my TV shows and be good.

Jim Collison  [46:37] 
Now all super valid. In some good points I did read in their blog post. They’re able to make these streams available for free by having limited bathroom break, commercial breaks, and some astute viewers may have noticed we’re also implementing our first on air promos if you love to make silly, emotional, stylish, profound spots yourself. Drop us a line and then we’ll see if we can find a way to feature community made spots in the mix as well. Yeah. So

Mike Wieger  [47:06] 
I think the bigger feature here that they’re not talking about, they added skip intro to Plex. So now on all your content, so anything you add, let’s say you record from your silicon dust, they have it tells and it does the annual analysis, or you can skip the intro the TV show, just like Netflix and a lot more. You can just say, hey, skip the intro. They now have that feature built into Plex. That is an awesome feature.

Jim Collison  [47:29] 
Yeah, I can’t I can’t get away from from the old 80s. I just, I just can’t there’s so much wave in the machine can even tell you who you really but what journey was on before and then let’s see. Let’s see who I can write. This is Pat Benatar. I think love is a battlefield, I think is what this one is. No close caption. At least I can find it. It may be in there. But it would be great. I would love to see the music video title in here somewhere. You know what, what’s playing at the moment? You can’t tell you know there’s no I mean the old MTV there would be at least a something in the beginning and something at the end this is definitely not I thought it was but it’s not. So anyways new from Plex one of the cool thing is like they’re they’re trying at least they’re trying they are constantly trying out new things they are in so good good for them.

Mike Wieger  [48:26] 
Yeah they’re definitely cutting edge this like Plex is the like MB is still some people love NBN and not not going to be I’m sure it’s great. But I think flex is definitely the leader especially in in terms of pushing the envelope forward.

Jim Collison  [48:38] 
Right. They’re trying stuff and right on right on this week in in crypto mining. I have an eight terabyte drive here. Oops, upset now. It’s live. It’s dead. Narrow. Number three to bite the dust of two years in. It’s weird to think that I think I’ve had these drives for two and a half years. I think we did it. 2018 so 2019 I guess a year and a half, coming up on two years this Christmas and most of these had one year warranties that I didn’t extend I should have bought I guess I should about the extent maybe if I maybe if I think about this, like if I used a credit card that had the extended warranty on it, it would might extend the manufacturer’s warranty.

Mike Wieger  [49:21] 
I’ve used that from American Express. If you have an American Express card they have a warranty

Jim Collison  [49:27] 
off the check that I’ll have to check on that. Well okay, I’ll shoot now I’m going to quit Okay, well, thanks for coming out tonight. No. So check my warranties. I will. I will do that to mention and that we’ve mentioned this before but you know for whatever reason Western Digital is taking any drive that you have, they don’t really even care what it is for the most part and the recycling it in right now if you turn this in, you can get 15% off your first 50 bucks from them. So anything $50 or mortgage or $15 off which is pretty great. The The process is pretty simple. You just register it, they you print, they literally give you a label to print and throw in the box, take it to a UPS Store and you’re in business. And so I know I was gonna do that now I’m kind of thinking better go back and check my check my Amazon receipt for those to see and see what card I put them on and maybe I mean it’s one of those things I should see about the extended warranties did you have to you have to fill out is there a deductible on that for for American Express or I would definitely was American Express a little bit Chase was super easy. I remember.

Mike Wieger  [50:37] 
Okay, um, they looked it up if you as long as you can tell them when it was here’s the transaction prove the price than it was it was pretty easy work. Oh, don’t go into detail right now. still worth it to be mining via hard drive capacity.

Jim Collison  [50:51] 
Depends what worth it means. Okay, you know, Ken’s helping me out and we still continue to do what we do. It’s this point I made My money back plus some. And so everything at this point is gravy that it keeps me engaged in it and know what’s going on. They’re all it’s they’re all kind of a you know? Yes, it’s it’s not healthy right now

Mike Wieger  [51:15] 
having a spare a terabyte hard drive worth it No,

Jim Collison  [51:18] 
no, no, not today. Yeah, no, I wouldn’t get started on it today. Like I wouldn’t jump on any of those on any of those hard drives. No, I do every once in a while I’m gonna quit and then like I’m like, why should I like I’m doing it this. It’s not like I mean, I have plenty of storage even using all of these I have an Unraid Box that’s got storage, I’ve got a Drobo that’s got plenty of storage. The Morrow data box even with the problems that I had that we talked about a couple weeks ago, I got plenty of storage. And so like I keep thinking like I need more excuses to store things not less. And so no, I don’t I don’t know if I necessarily throw anything out at this point. So I’m okay. Okay, so not a lot of tech in the next conversation. I want to share a little story with you and with the audience as well about something that happened this week with my dad. My dad passed away years ago. And I inherited and inherited a really loose term. I inherited all the stamps, he has this huge stamp collection. And I’ve actually if you look behind me, about half of it sits on the shelves behind me. And from time to time I pull it out thinking I’m gonna sell this stuff and I don’t we’ll talk about that this here in a second. But this week, I don’t know what got into me Tuesday, Tuesday afternoon about three I got kind of restless. I just needed something to do and I was like, you know, I was I was I had been working a lot. So it’s like, I’m gonna take a break. I’m gonna look at the seams so I started pulling the stamps on there all dusty and dirty was awful. I’m still sneezing. I’m thinking this I’ve got a kind of a runny nose and I’m pretty sure it’s from all that. I think I picked up diseases from like, World War One. in there, right give me a relaxation ya know, right on it’s so much so I stayed home like I don’t know if I want to take I think I have Spanish Flu from from 1918 Yeah, I’m just going through all kinds of old stuff. found his passport found. Guy found some old I found small pennies I found stamps that don’t even like Anyways, what I did find was super sentimental as they found the last watch that he wore. And this little Timex it’s a little Timex watch not particularly expensive. I bet he bought it at Fred Meyers for 4550 bucks, right type deal, but it’s the last thing he wore. And and when I pulled the Watch out, I was looking at it and it was five, little after five here. And the watch said a little after three. And I was like, so you know, you do this? Like I started thinking okay, too. It’s exactly. It’s actually two hours off. He was actually mad. time so so I thought well that’s interesting then I was thinking oh wait a minute, it’s summer he passed away in February that was daylight savings time and mountain time so boom there’s the hour that or two hours that makes sense and then the date said the 22nd and it was the 21st and I thought we had one leaf here in there. So for eight years this watch has sat in a box and did nothing and kept perfect time. Like the no no it just it was one of those cool little you know, you think eight years on a watch battery okay? That’s not well Okay, first of all

Mike Wieger  [54:38] 
you know 36 from my Apple watch here

Jim Collison  [54:41] 
we don’t even think about that anymore right? It’s one of those

Mike Wieger  [54:44] 
are this up if I if my died like my kids in eight years be like I don’t even have a connection to power this you know, like it’d be dead. paperweight no right on

Jim Collison  [54:52] 
20 times as much as that watched it that he had, I could pull the back off and probably replace the battery. The light still works, you know, there’s a little light in there. That

Mike Wieger  [55:00] 
were that I think actually pretty cool. Um,

Jim Collison  [55:02] 
well I’m going to leave it on my I’ve attached it to my the boom arm here in the studio and it’s going to become a permanent part of the studio. Just as I look down the arm it’s just kind of reminder, you know of my dad. It’s the one thing that you know, I don’t know why it’s touched me the way it has, but it was just one of those moments. I was I don’t have a lot from him. I had kept a lot of a sweatshirt he liked to wear that I love to wear. That’s kind of hit like and i think i think i bought 25 weather radios. He was a wrestler who’s a weather radio addict. I thrown a bunch

Mike Wieger  [55:34] 
of ham radio, Jim.

Jim Collison  [55:37] 
Yeah, you’re whether I’m a weather guy, but I’m a new tech

Mike Wieger  [55:39] 
weather guy. You can submit to that station. If you’re a ham. You could all sudden set up your own and you could be submitting to it. Oh.

Jim Collison  [55:49] 
Jim No. Jim Shoemaker says Timex takes a licking and keeps on ticking right? Yeah. But um, yeah, I was just so it was just fun to see this come out. still be on time. After eight years of sitting in a box in it included here in the studio, and it’s going to go on, you can see me putting it right now on the watch or on the it’s gonna go on my on the arm to my, in the studio here, give me a little just kind of give me a little reminder who he was. And he you know, he was just a, he’s a great guy in a watch. It’s just been a great reminder of some of the things he kind of, I mean, he was an IBM and I actually found some old simple punch cards that he had, you know, from the old days of, of programming, and such a manic I had a lot of junk that I had to throw away, but it was certainly cool to see that watch. two bits of Go ahead. What do you

Mike Wieger  [56:40] 
say those mementos are awesome. When my grandfather passed away, you know, we hear a lot of cool stuff and obviously I’m the green child, so there wasn’t much but he had a lot of hats and no one had interest in the hats and I you guys don’t see this but I wear I wear a hat almost every day. If I’m once I’m at work, I throw in a ball cap and that’s what I’m wearing. And so I have four or five of his hats. Hey, On my workbench in my garage, and every time I mow, I’ll throw one of his hats on and, and he had Alzheimer’s so they all say his name on the inside and like permanent marker so they knew whose head it was because he didn’t know whose hats they were. And it’s just kind of cool. You get to like, well, I’m gonna wear one of his hats and I like that kind of stuff. I think that’s super sentimental, and it’s always gonna be that memory around.

Jim Collison  [57:19] 
I found some old letters I found some wool or two rations cards in there that he had he had collected for whatever reason. So during the war, you know, you can only buy a certain amount of meat and certain amount of things they actually Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, there was different. The

Mike Wieger  [57:37] 
history I think,

Jim Collison  [57:40] 
is a little different. In those days, the US just didn’t print money. When we had to do these kinds of things, right, they actually collected scrap metal. That’s that scrap metal drives, you know, those kinds of things. Um, so it rations cards. I had an I have an old letter from my grandfather and mother from like, 1980 In San Francisco post Mark 1980. In can see the street address, I looked it up on Google Maps and that the apartments aren’t there anymore. It’s a new apartment, but it’s kind of cool. So, to two things, I want to ask for some community involvement, we save this towards the end, just because I know my favorite and best listeners, listen all the way to the end. So two things I want to encourage you to to work with me on if you’re so entitled, one is at this gigantic stamp collection that I need to sell. And I’ve talked about this before, but like it during a pandemic is probably not the best time to sell it. But if you’ve got if you’ve done this in the past and you got some advice for me, contact me Jim at the average guy TV. Just love to dialogue with you about it. I don’t I don’t want to go in. I’ll probably sell it on eBay. I’ll probably do it some different kinds of ways. But it’s a stamp collection that that runs all the way from 18 I think 1848 stamps, something like that all the way to current and there’s some of the current stuff I’m just gonna frame and give to my siblings because there’s some Really cool stamps in there. But nobody’s in the stamps at the moment, but I do want to sell those. So if you’re interested in doing that, let me know. One of the things I did find in there as well back in the days when Kodak right ran the world, there’s little Kodak. If you’re if you’re in my generation, and I did wiegers you remember these things? They’re called slides, right? I actually studied the Kodak case study in business management in my undergrad. It was like a big case study on the downfall of Kodak. So I said, the opposite end, right. You’re on the other side here on the left. These are called slides and they, you would take a picture and you’d have them deliver and you could say, hey, do you want pictures you want slides and if you wanted to show this on a wall where people could watch it, you could do it that way. It was the very first form of social picture sharing that was available on the wall. I need to turn these into digital prints for my for my siblings. I don’t have equipment to do that. There is equipment out there. Oh, by the way, I don’t have just have so I got a whole box of these things. So I need to turn them into pictures or I want to turn them in Pictures. I also have some really super cool spy film. like nobody’s done this in 100 years, right? Super eight, I think this is what it is eight millimeter film that and I could send them into a service. But when I was doing some, when I was doing some research into to getting these converted, you actually for less than $200 can buy a converter that runs all this, it’ll take slides, it’ll take eight, super 820 to 120 millimeter, whatever it is whole bunch of different kinds of formats. And we’ll actually do a lot of the work for you. And you. So I’m considering buying that. One of the things I only think there’s two can we make a community project. In other words, if I buy that, are there listeners who have these kinds of things, slides old stuff that needs to be converted that you can send to me and I’ll convert for you would help you recoup some of the the the cost of that printer to do it in so but it’d be cheaper than you buying it? Or is there somebody in the community who already has that equipment that would be willing to do something like that where we could send stuff in and get it done? So if you if you’ve got that equipment to take old slides, negatives is another thing that old negatives is a thing that Mike you’ve never seen before. But you have, I have seen those

Mike Wieger  [1:01:23] 
who actually went through my grandpa’s pictures. My mom had my grandpa’s age and they had you had the book, the plastic little sheath, you had the prince, and then behind it, there was always the negatives, right? You could do you ever have those where you’re like, you go to you know, Walmart 24 hour print, they print the photos for you. And then in the back, they would stick the negative so you could always get more prints if you needed them.

Jim Collison  [1:01:44] 
Yeah, okay. And I have tons of negatives. I’ve been I’ve also been thinking about converting my pictures, as well to this. Jim Shoemaker says, home converters are junk in my experience, especially if it’s only cost 200 bucks. I had an $800 A Nikon slide scanner and it was so difficult to use, I gave up and sent them in. Jim, do me a favor, send me an email with where you sent them in, I’ll capture that as well.

Mike Wieger  [1:02:10] 
Or if you have eternal or one, if it was confusing, and you just like never got around to using it, maybe maybe community could figure it out.

Jim Collison  [1:02:16] 
Jim’s pretty savvy. Yeah. I mean, if he still had it, I get it. And I’m sure he got rid of it. But Jim, let me know. And then Ron says he can do it for free this local library. So that’s another thing to kind of check in. Maybe I should check into the Omaha public library or the Bellevue public.

Mike Wieger  [1:02:36] 
We did the same thing with our family, Jim on the photo side. So if you’re looking at your photos in our whole family, we invest in a very nice scanner that does it really fast but have really high quality. I think it was over $1,000. We did the same thing a while back. So if you need that done, I have access to that printer. It’s in my parents basement, and they all are the same way. They’re like, Hey, we bought this we want everyone to use it just so that they can use it because we don’t use anymore but it was deal. So yeah, if

Jim Collison  [1:03:02] 
you need to take out No, I’ll take you up on that because

Mike Wieger  [1:03:04] 
we get I’d love to grab that from the next time down in Kansas City.

Jim Collison  [1:03:06] 
I’d love to go through our photo albums down Sarah will probably think differently off to talk to her about this. She likes the photo albums and it’s kind of a pain to take them all out and then I’ll put them all back. So I figure that out. But if you have some if you want a dialogue on this, you got a way to do this. You got a service to do this kind of over the next I don’t know four or five six weeks I mean have a whole big box of this stuff guys that I got to get done. Shoot me know Jim, at the average guy TV, if you’re watching this on YouTube, you can put it in the comments down below if it’s in your podcast app. Well, sorry, send me an email. And we’d love to dialogue about it.

Mike Wieger  [1:03:41] 
We have such opposite problems though. So this is funny because I was just talking to him about this like what happens when you and I die? And our kids are looking to for photos of us but they’re all in our iCloud library or our something that’s locked away. This isn’t sitting in a basement somewhere. I’m like, You remind me when our kids get older they need to get them here. Here’s the access to it. It’s on the home server, which now you guys know how to access. Because a lot of times now, what I worry about is the non techie people is Oh, it’s in my iPhoto library. Yeah, but what happens that’s not share with anyone, and hopefully your significant other or someone can get access to that, but likely not. And then those photos are just gone. like no one’s gonna have photos of you anymore. Unless they took them and they’re on their

Jim Collison  [1:04:22] 
maybe Facebook, they might be on Facebook. Like Could you share it with them? You posted them on there but yeah, we got a huge right so it’s a huge problem. It’s different than it used to get locked up in an old shoe box. Remember, Ryan shoes came in boxes? Yeah, right. I guess they still do the then you know, I’m finding these things and you’re just like, wow, I took here let me let me show you a little vintage. In you know, you can I think Mike you can share those like, you have the ability to share those folders with someone right

Mike Wieger  [1:04:54] 
where you could and you and you should. Well the the interesting part about this is Actually, Facebook is interesting because my memories on Facebook is my number one favorite feature of Facebook. I don’t like Facebook for a lot. But the memories were like, hey, three years ago, look at the photos you posted. And I was showing my mom on vacation. She’s like, That’s so cool. She was you know what’s cool about technology nowadays for you kids, because my parents are not on any social media at all really disconnected. And she’s like, how often do I go down to the basement flooded photos, but right now you’re getting to relive something just because it popped into the case like, hey, look what you were doing five years ago, three years ago, eight years ago, and she was that’s a cool piece of technology that you know, we don’t get from people who have all of ours in the basement.

Jim Collison  [1:05:35] 
Is that your dad? That’s me my dad. Yeah, so I found that in this stuff. I am this is 1977 What do you live on? So we’re at the county fair, Santa Clara County Fair. I grew up in California. And there’s a big Ferris wheel. You know, big and I think we must had some family on it or something. And I remember as a kid, I remember this picture being taken. I am carrying a box of something box full of something. And walking around the fair with my dad, which they used to let me like, sent this is a county fair we raised animals through for each, okay, and I would go down and clean out the unit to clean out the stalls in the morning of your animal. And you know we’d sell the animals in an auction at the end of the fair. Um, I go down in the morning, clean those out and then I had to run to the fair all day, I would literally spend all day walking around the fair at 910 11 years old. They just be like, okay, we’ll see like my dad, it’d be like, okay, be back at five when I’m when we’re ready to go. No problem letting me just run the fair, like, the whole fair. It’s crazy to think about these days. That never happened. But yeah, 77 I was born in 68. So I’m nine in this picture. 910 years old, something like that. And we were looking up and then as we get went to leave the photographer for the San Jose Mercury News, which were this was posted, came up to us and said, Oh, hey, I took this picture. Can I get names and I, I took a picture of the I didn’t want to keep the paper anymore. It was just one of those kinds of things. It’s like you know, now I’m gonna I’m gonna digital. So I took a picture. Whoops, that’s the house. That’s not what I wanted to show you. Then I then I opened up the paper and took a picture of that as well. And then I took a picture of the date. And yeah, well I thought I did. So just kind of a cool experience to take that to take those old newspapers make them digital. Yeah. And and get a dusty old piece of paper make it digital. This is I kind of shared I kind of shared that this way with you guys on paper and I needed to be digital right to get it done. So kind of fun and kind of cool. Last last thing before we go Mike. I want to let you know I bought another DCs 936 l those are the ones we bought that work with

Mike Wieger  [1:07:54] 
it still chugging in the out for me that the elements now it’s not getting rained on It’s under an awning. But mine is an outside in the cold in the heat. This thing is a beast of a camera. They are super great.

illusion, but I’m just saying like for 720. Yeah,

yeah, it’s good. I think it’s been great. Yeah,

Jim Collison  [1:08:16] 
no good enough. I wanted one for the backyard. I have one. In fact, the picture I showed a minute ago was that Well, I mean, let’s just let’s just show that again. So I mean, here’s the let’s go back to screen sharing. And, you know, you kind of say, well, it’s 720. You didn’t say it? I know you didn’t say it that way. But. So, this

Mike Wieger  [1:08:37] 
kind of right nowadays, you kind of expect an ad? Yeah. 4k is like, good. 1080s like the acceptable mark. So pretty good picture. It’s a great picture, right? Yeah. It’s good enough for what it does. Like that’s you use yours the same way I use mine. Mine is not to be zooming in on license plates. Mine is generally Is there someone in the back patio? In the facility? Yeah. Don’t spray for that. Yeah, even dual stream for like a high def and a low def because that’s how I run my blue Iris now. Great little camera and the Wi Fi is pretty decent. I have mine outside away from my house and it picks up just enough.

Jim Collison  [1:09:16] 
Yeah, there’s the back of that pointing showing where it’s at. I bet even on the other side of glass, so I’ve disabled the infrared i don’t i don’t care about that. I’ve got a light at the door that that makes that bright enough I can see enough things that are out there. And then I leave the red light on just because it says people can see it. You know, it’s like oh, there’s a camera out there. Hmm, interesting. And so I ordered another one this week I’ve been kind of going back and forth. On do I want to put a do I want to put a ring light that has the camera in it the the data what they call that the flood, flooding. Not the two One’s the one with the lights built into the box. So it’s square. It’s got a it’s got a it’s got the sensor down below and then it’s got the camera in it as well. I get a powered one because there’s power there. Yeah. 100 and those are 199 you can get them refurbed for 159. I got this one for 40. So it was like, exactly, yeah, I don’t know if I need another ring cam out there. I’m already paying for two. These are free. I have another seat available in town sighthound that I can use. So it seems like I’m going to start this way and do the backyard. That way. What

Mike Wieger  [1:10:36] 
do you got? Well, okay, so don’t use this as a judgment of quality because this is coming in from Blue Iris, which is toned down for my network like this is just showing. But here’s an example. So this bottom center. This is the camera that Jim’s talking about. That’s pretty far away from my house. This is outside. So you can actually this is this camera is right up against the wall and that reflection in the camera is the camera that we’re talking about that Do 96 mil so it’s far away never have any issues it’s out there in the heat in the cold. It’s that far away from the house for Wi Fi purposes and it works perfectly love it for a Wi Fi camera and this is what I needed because right here I right where this camera is located. I don’t have hardware most every single one of these with the exception of this camera and this camera are hardwired usually POV but there’s certain times where that doesn’t work and so a camera like that is great. It’s black it blends right in no one even notice it’s there.

Jim Collison  [1:11:35] 
Looks good. Yeah, so I got it. I got another one coming

Mike Wieger  [1:11:38] 
during this is I run nine cameras. I in this camera. You can’t see me. I’m over here to the left. If I back up you probably could see my brother. Oh, there it is. There’s my chair. On the left side there. Yeah, these are the nine cameras I run all around the house.

Jim Collison  [1:11:52] 
Yeah, no, I’m using a combo. Here. Let me actually share my screen on this one. Hold on. Well, we’re stop sharing here. Let me reshare it so I can share the entire. This is kind of what I look at, during the day. Let me flip this back over to the dashboard. And so I’ve been I use Can I use a hybrid solution? So the the two screens on on the left ring. So if you go to their website, and it takes a picture, I don’t know every couple minutes and updates it. So it’s not real time. So the ring cameras are not coming. It’s not like I’m seeing real time but I have notifications for that. It’s kind of nice to be able to see what’s going on outside like, Okay, I’m down here and the dungeon

Mike Wieger  [1:12:37] 
are such high quality cameras. That’s what I love about the ring. Those things are crystal clear.

Jim Collison  [1:12:42] 
Yeah, and they’re really good at what they do. I mean, they’re just they’re good for that right. And then down below is is the sighthound down here. And like I said, I’ve got room for another camera that’s in there. So I have the two camera plan. So it’s like okay, it makes sense. I’d love to hear it. And then to through the ring. That’s four cameras for me. And then I have one in the garage that is on z moto cam, the one that I reviewed and that I can use the app. If I want to see what’s going on in the garage, I can log into the app on the on. I’ve got a couple devices on my desk that I can use to login so that’s how I’m doing it. Yeah, I’d be kind of cool to have. Have it all in one kind of dashboard. Yeah, not necessary. not totally necessary for me.

Mike Wieger  [1:13:26] 
Yeah, it depends on what you want. That’s why you know blue Iris has been working well for me. I’m Jim I’m still back and forth. I cannot decide if I want to go back to Saigon or not. Blue Iris has not been enough of a winner for me. It’s been cool in some regards, not in the other and I To be honest, I’d probably go back to sighthound if I if I once I have a weekend to devote to it. I’ll probably have going back to site out only because I’m not here all the time anymore. And the really the main reason was I had all nine upon this monitor. It was really nice to have and sighthound I just I couldn’t get a good view. You like that? I couldn’t do what I just showed you a sighthound. But both are great and it really all you need is to know. All I use mine for is are people there, right? I have I have yet to and I will eventually something bad will happen. I have yet to have like, hey, something bad happened. Can you go look at your camera? See if you saw them. Most of my cameras are 720 I only have two that are 4k. Actually I don’t have any other Tandy isn’t that weird? I either have 720 or 4k cameras. I have a bunch of 720 cameras because they’re all the old talks, communications. Whatever security system they used. I ordered a bunch of those because they were really cheap. Everyone was getting rid of that system. And you had to hack them. So I hacked in using URL stuff to make them work but so I wouldn’t be able to read a license plate if I wanted to.

Jim Collison  [1:14:49] 
Yeah, no, and I couldn’t and I wouldn’t I get a lot of notifications on that. Dealing camera, the DCS cameras dealing camera. Get a lot of notifications, because I see See the cars go by it’s pretty busy street I’ve tried blocking them out doesn’t really work but I don’t see license plates and I don’t really want to I see deer from time to time the squirrel makes an appearance we Terrence is his name we’ve named him and Terrence makes an appearance smudge the cat makes it appearance he comes he comes through from time to time so it’s kind of fun for him then of course during the pandemic, like I saw my all my neighbors route walking you know, everybody was out taking walks, eating Yeah,

Mike Wieger  [1:15:31] 
my down now, one area I haven’t quite mast out yet on my front door cam, where you can see the sidewalk and it’s like people walking all the time. sets it off.

Jim Collison  [1:15:40] 
Yeah, yeah. Well, it’s good to see people out.

Mike Wieger  [1:15:43] 
I don’t want you to highlight that area. They don’t don’t look there.

Jim Collison  [1:15:46] 
Please just don’t do that. Jim had mentioned he gave away that scanner at the meetup so he no longer has it. He said one thing about my dad slides is that that they wrote on the edges, you know, it’s paper on the edge, people’s dates etc. Now Have that scans into the picture, right? So he took an index photo of everything before he sent the slides, which is a good idea. Jim, thanks for that as well. Tony makes a good point that daily photo digests from Amazon are also great. And so, you know, that’s in the new digital world. Like you can get these I use Google Photos for that. And they do a pretty great job of reminding me of things and you know, the more I take automatically uploads now I never have to worry about getting my phone backed up, it automatically goes there. In those reminders are pretty cool. When you see those sometimes they’re not so cool. You’re like man, I was. My hand was super impressed. We got back from vacation. And the next morning, we woke up, she’s like, it’s all her vacation photos showing up on the Google Home. And I’m like, it’s just automatic. I might even do anything shows really cool. works out pretty great. Jim says the company he used about 10 years ago, no longer sees around I’d probably go to Costco and get the slides done today. So maybe I’ll look into that as well. I’m considering Costco for a bunch of eight millimeter fans. videos, maybe get two done as a test. Jim, if you do take them into Costco, let me know. I’d love to know if if that works for you. And your says, I’m sad that if I said negatives in today to get them developed, you don’t get a back don’t even get a disk. You get a link to download them. So yeah, I mean, that’s, that’s 100% Digital from that standpoint. Gonna ship it back to high res photos. Do you need the negatives, but I get it.

Mike Wieger  [1:17:28] 
You got rid of them, right? You transmitted digital so you can

Jim Collison  [1:17:31] 
get it if you want them. Like if you want them you want it back, right? So yeah, so and then Joe says the next girl has to be named Philip. So well. We’ll have to consider that. as well. Terence, we can tell Terrence has a V in his tail. And he’s the only school in the neighborhood that has a V cut. He musta got it stuck in something because you can see this big gouge out of the back of his tail so we can tell parents and We feed parents, peanuts and those kinds of things. I go down to you because girls in my yard don’t last

Mike Wieger  [1:18:05] 
long enough to get in.

Jim Collison  [1:18:08] 
Yeah, well, PD gets a hold of them. We did I did. While you were gone, I killed I killed the Mo. Mo. I was at a Mohan and we talked about this. Oh, not going to talk about it here. Okay, that’ll that’ll be in the post show. We a little bit a little bit. I guess I didn’t bring it up. So I talked about it on Ask the podcast coach. Yeah, you’re like when I said I killed you were like, where are you going with this job?

Mike Wieger  [1:18:36] 
This is interesting, because I thought I was the only weirdo

Jim Collison  [1:18:40] 
Where are you going? Anything else Mike. Um,

Mike Wieger  [1:18:44] 
there was and now I’m totally forgetting what it was. I was gonna mention them at the very end. And we might have Oh, real quick. Yeah. I also just another call to community. I want to know what Docker containers you guys are running for network monitoring. So I have been listening Thank you to JP Simmons for suggesting the self hosted podcast. I’m addicted, straight addicted. And I’ve been plowing through episodes while I’ve been working for the past few days. So really cool. They have been covering they run Docker on like a Raspberry Pi. And this guy just randomly listed off like 10 things he’s running for network monitoring that I thought we’re super cool. So I’m right in send us a Tweet at Wieger tech put it preferably put it in discord, that’d be great. I heard about smoke Ping. If you guys have used smoke ping, let me know piehole. I’m familiar with pyles a very popular one. But when I heard of smoke ping, like they’re all these that everyone’s like, Oh yeah, that’s our basic and I had no idea and I am a huge fan of network monitoring. I have Docker on Unraid super easy. So that’s just that was one thing I was gonna mention. Let us know what you are using for network monitoring Docker container specifically, because I want to run it on on Unraid. So

Jim Collison  [1:19:52] 
yes, thank you. All right. No, there you go. A couple reminders free go Mike mentioned Discord. The average guy TV slash discord gets you in there. So great conversations just slow down a little bit last couple weeks but it’s it has its moments and so deals barbecue not enough cigar talk him there I need to get back to be honest I need to get that rolling up pretty well some deals happening some great stuff I’m home networking so it had it had man it had been on fire for a while then it cuts down a little bit. It’s still pretty active though. So jump back in love to have you the average guy.tv slash Discord. Don’t forget if you want to support us here if you want to do that we have we do have a Patreon account the average guy TV slash Patreon gets out there by email address Jim at the average guy.tv if you want to follow me on twitter at j Coulson Mike is at Wieger tech we’re big thanks to Christian over Maple Grove Partners by the way sent a note to Christian this weekend Christian at the average guy TV he’s getting married on Saturday cereal yeah another all right yeah another another one bites the dust. So Christian It was nice knowing Yeah, yeah. And, and so it’s been a really it’s been a really goes to now. start having kids. Right. So congratulations, Christian. But of course Maple Grove Partners, big sponsor of the show over the years. He’s done it all. 10 years we’ve been doing this, by the way, starting to think about our 10 year anniversary show coming up December. I think it’s December 3. And so we’ll be doing some things already starting to think about that at the 10 year anniversary mark. I think we did it. Maybe we thought we did a 10 Year Anniversary Show. It’s the wrong date. I don’t know. Anyways, coming up this December. It seems like I thought we did this. Maybe we cut maybe we got nine. I don’t know. Christian. Thanks for your support Maple Grove. partners.com if you want to get hosting, and it’s just some of the best hosting in the whole wide world. And so get that out there playing start as little as 10 bucks. Don’t forget to get the app Home Gadget geeks.com. We are live every Thursday, just about every Thursday pm Central nine Eastern next week. Are you here, Mike?

Mike Wieger  [1:21:48] 
next week? I am here.

Jim Collison  [1:21:50] 
Samantha is coming. So wheat. Yeah. So Samantha is on the show. We have a week off for my mom’s birthday. I’ll be traveling out to Colorado Springs and then we’re back with a whole list of people and I’ll be scheduling some of you to be on here as well. We’re Facebook friends, Jim and I’ve wanted to comment on a few posts. I’m like, I don’t know for that close yet. So maybe after next week, I’ll feel comfortable like, you know, with Sammy. Yeah, I’ll put it out. You should know you totally should. My dad’s weird friend. She thinks you’re pretty cool. She, she thinks you’re pretty cool. Hey, she came down here the other day and I was listening to Windows weekly. Paul and Mary Jo. She recognized their voices without events without even a hitch. Yeah, she knows. She’s listened to enough podcasts with that she she could she could tell you Paul Ryan, what he says and how he won’t be here. So we are live Thursday evenings 8pm Central nine Eastern. Join us live if you can love to have you do it. If you’re listening live, stay around for a few minutes. Suppose show that little story. So with that, we’ll say goodbye, everybody.

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