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SSD Drives, RAID, UNRAID, Apple, Android and Windows Phone 7, Rich’s Random Podcast Generator Beta – HT037

One weekend, Rich O’Neil (and some of tech guys that hang around the Home Server Show Podcast) thought, “what would happen if we just recorded some of the conversations we have around our tech stuff?”  The result was this podcast that we recorded on July 31st.  Rich’s Random Podcast Generator was born!  Interested in your… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Secure Data Deletion for the Average User

– by Rich O’Neil There’s been a lot of talk about secure deletion of data from a hard drive. How do you ensure that no one will ever read your personal data once you’ve decided to dispose of or repurpose a hard drive?  Maybe you want to hand down a hard drive to your kids but want to guard against them grabbing one of the many freely available data recovery utilities on the internet and taking a crack at your data. How do you deal with that? Are You Sure It Has Been Deleted? Everyone has their own idea about

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