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Listener Comments, Angry Birds, IP Cams, WebOS and Ubuntu – HT016

Jim, Brian, Andrew and special guest and good friend of the show, John Zajdler come together for the next edition of the Home Tech Podcast.  Starting with a listener comment, we spoke a bunch about LiveCams and video equipment.  In a tangent, we talked about music quality and USB Record Players and Tuners.  Is the WebOS making its way a printer near you?  Maybe on a laptop?  We wrap up the show with some discussion around the Windows, Mac and Ubuntu OS. If you haven’t been out on the Average Guy Site, it’s worth a new look.  Our site designer

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Super Angry Birds, the New Google Android Market and the Difference between Sleeping and Hibernating PCs – HT010

Has anyone seen Brian?  We couldn’t find and had to do the show without him!  Christian joined Jim for show #10 and we talked about the new Android Market that is not a phone app, the upcoming Super Bowl ad that will include an unlock code for another level in Angry Birds and the difference between Sleep and Hibernate with your PC.  We also spend a few minutes talking about USB monitors and Christian covers a little news of his own.  In one of your shortest shows to date, we are quick and to the point.  Thanks to the uStream

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