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Cyber Roundtable with ACES Cybersecurity Students at UMD – CF018

This week on cyber frontiers Jim Collison comes to D.C. to join Christian and Ashton for a cyber roundtable conversation. We chat with students in the ACES cybersecurity program at the University of Maryland to gain their perspective on the state of the industry, educating students in the field, and potential future career paths for college students engaged in cybersecurity. With seven of us charging away at the conversation, we cover a variety of different topics with multiple viewpoints for the listener to digest. From recapping the biggest breaches of 2014 to discussing what it means to be a students

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The Future of Cybersecurity Competition and Education with CEO of Cyber Skyline – Franz Payer – CF012

This week we take an exciting deep dive into innovation in the cybersecurity industry by talking with Franz Payer, one of the industry’s rising start-up CEO’s of Cyber Skyline. Christian, Ashton, and Jim talk with Franz about his new cybersecurity competition and education platform, which takes a unique approach to teaching cybersecurity skills and hosting competitions for students and professionals alike. With several pilot competitions already hosted and major future events on the horizon, Franz’s platform shows a promising direction for bringing in more talent and awareness in cybersecurity. It’s one of our best interviews yet to date – and

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