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Blackphone, Phil Zimmermann, Geeksphone, Knox Security, Samsung 840 EVO-500GB, SED-self-encrypting hard drive, cpu-world.com – RRPG026

Jim and I discuss the soon-to-be-released Blackphone – product of a collaborative effort between Phil Zimmermann (PGP) and Geeksphone. This is their way of taking back privacy for consumers in wake of the NSA revelations. We also talk about Knox Security for the GS4, the SED technology found in Samsung’s 840 EVO 500GB SSD, hacked Internet-connected appliances, McAfee’s rebranding by Intel which is a good idea considering snafu’s McAfee has had in the past which includes a virus definition update that quarantined a critical Windows system file rendering the OS unbootable, and more. Listen Mobile: Intel ditches McAfee name for

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