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AI In Everyday Life: Is It Ready for the Limelight? – CF048

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian is joined by Jim to discuss common AI applications influencing everyday life. We take a look at the latest learning technology in discerning fake news, facial recognition at airports, and driverless cars in the Uber and Lyft fleets. We weigh in on what empirical methods are available for validating… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Rich’s Random Podcast Generator: LastPass with Amber Gott – Online Password Security, Multi-factor Authentication, One-Time Passwords, Phone Apps, LastPass Security Challenge – RRPG020

“The Last Password You’ll Have to Remember!” Amber Gott, Online Community Manager for LastPass.com joins Jim and Rich to talk about online password management and security. Online security has always been a hot topic, and it’s only going to be more so as time goes on. With that in mind, there’s never been a better… Click for more / Podcast Player>