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New House, New Job, MediaFire and Single Sign in for Cloud Storage – HGG183

Kyle Wilcox (@kylejwx) and Nathaniel Lindley (@thanlindley) join Jim (https://twitter.com/jcollison) for show #183 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network, part of http://thegeeksnetwork.com/ community. Kyle updates us on his new move, new job and breaks the news that his school is still running Novell ZENworks.  Nathaniel updates us on his job and averting a near disaster when some Windows 2000 Server went down at the school.  We had a discussion around Nathaniel using MediaFire as well as his use of Jolicloud.  We also looked at Otixo and Multcloud. Support the Average Guy Tech Scholarship Fund:

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