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Rich’s Random Podcast Generator – Windows 8: Start Screen, Charms, Keyboard Shortcuts, Reset and Restore, File History, and the Splashtop app – RRPG016

Jim Collison is off today, visiting family in Kentucky. Mike Howard of jpeg2RAW joins Rich O’Neil as co-host for the show, and joining those two are John Stutsman, Paul Braren, and John ‘Diehard’ Zajdler. Discussions center on Windows 8 – Start screen and features such as Restore + Reset and File History, plus the Splashtop app for iPad and Android, and more. There’s been some push back on the new W8 user interface – the Start screen in particular. The community is not exactly feeling all cuddly about it, yet I think it has possibilities; folks just have to get

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Windows 7 Help, PC on a iPad? The Zuck Get’s Hacked? Ninite, Aero Snap and Shake – HT009

Jim, Christian and Brian are back for another week of discussion on Technology in your Home.  We spend some time looking at some helpful productivity tips for Windows 7.  Topics like keyboard shortcuts, jumplists, the Reliability Monitor, our friend Ninite, Aero Snap and Shake, notification customization, using checkboxes, the taskbar and multiple monitors.  Did I leave anything out? Brian talks about his post on using his iPad to remote control his Windows PCs on his network using Splashtop.com.  Windows on an iPad?  Can it be?  We also cover all the different ways a person can remote to a PC or

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