Cyber Frontiers

AI Rising – CF052

This week on Cyber Frontiers we catch up on the lingo defining the technology frontier word cloud in 2019. Everyday we increasingly hear the phrase “we can do this now because of artificial intelligence (AI).” It’s showing up in product literature, super bowl ads, you name it! But is it really AI? How did we get to the new hype curve so quickly? We parse out the journey of the buzz from the year of cyber (2017), to the year of machine learning (2018), to what is rapidly shaping up as the year of artificial intelligence (2019). We hop on the buzzword express to usher in the new year and take the plunge into what society deems the course for artificial machines and intelligence.  
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Home Gadget Geeks

Olympic Drones, Pizza Robots, Google and Facebook are Listening and SpaceX Rocket Concerts – HGG345

Jim Collison / @jcollison and Mike Wieger / @WiegerTech are here for show #345 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network      Jim Collison / @jcollison and Mike Wieger / @WiegerTech are here for show #345 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network WANT TO SUBSCRIBE? Join us for the show live each Thursday at 8pmC/9E/1UTC at Full show notes and video at Tags: Podcast, Home Gadget Geeks, Winter Olympics, Pizza, Drones, Robots, Google, Facebook, SpaceX, Rocket Concerts News: Which will come first?  The Pizza or your eggs?  High-tech drones steal the show at the Winter Olympics – Facebook “Protect” Option installs a VPN on your phone… but of course Facebook now sees all of your phone traffic. It installs the facebook owned Onavo Protect VPN app. Google Ad Blocker – chrome will now block “intrusive ads” by default.   Feature Space X Falcon Heavy Launch and what it means for Space in the Future What am I working on? Jim – Finishing up adding all 12 x 8TB drives to the burst box. Not all USB 3 ports are created equal.  My core i7 box couldn’t handle the load.  The AMD box did.  Using 2 USB3 x 10 powered hubs The Seagate USB drives I purchased will get hot if not give enough space. Purchase special plugs to make it all work. $50 rack from Home Depot to organize Jim – Update for Nvidia Shield last week Catch the post-show for the Crypto conversation.  Lots of talk about Burst.  If you are starting on Burst and need a faucet or coins to get your started, I have provided a solid faucet.   Get the Home Gadget Geeks Mobile Apps at is powered by Maplegrove Partners web hosting. Get secure, reliable, high-speed hosting from people you know and trust.  For more information visit
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