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How to Create And Share Your Blog – T4C001

Tech 4 Coaches Episode 002 presented by http://UnleashStrengths.com recorded on October 20, 2014 Andy and Jim spend time with Carol Anne McGuire from http://rockyourstrengths.com/ as we look at her current website and give her some suggestions on how to make it better.  Andy covers these questions: What is blogging?  How to write a blog. How often to post. Free Blogging Tools.  How to get ideas for blogging.  Catch the audio and show notes at: http://www.unleashstrengths.com/tech-for-coaches-t4c-ep001-how-to-create-and-share-your-blog/   Tech questions you’d like to have answered?  You can also give us a call at 815-441-2219 or email andy@unleashstrengths.com Jim’s Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jcollison Contact Jim

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