The new breed of computer security problems…Scareware!

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antivirus 2009 Many of you have already seen this type of scam or had it happen to you personally.  A window pops up telling you that your computer is in danger of being infected and you need to buy “AntiVirus 2009” to get rid of it. 

These pop-ups can trick you into buying unneeded software, steal personal data and passwords, and block updates and access to anti-virus Web sites. Welcome to the wonderful world of rogue security software, also known as scareware.

Scareware can attack you from anywhere (home or office) and at any time to any family member or co-worker.  The article linked above gives a good run down on the problem and some of the solutions.  Here are my recommendations.


  • Read and reread the post linked above.  Understanding the problem is half the problem.  Stop ignoring it!
  • Make sure you are using some type of antivirus that scans on a regular basis.  I have links to a few free ones on the left tool bar.
  • Make sure your windows firewall is turned on.  (Click here for help)
  • Do not connect your PC directly to the internet.  Use a router.  This will create a hardware firewall. (Help)
  • Configure your router to use OpenDNS (More info from my blog here)
  • Investigate some of the PC security tools that I use.  Look for the list on the left toolbar (still updating, keep checking)
  • Stop using IE and begin using Firefox or Chrome.
  • Make sure you are getting regular windows updates automatically. XP / Vista
  • Run Malwarebytes software on your PC right now!

Amazingly enough, all of this is FREE!  So why are you still waiting?

Remember, I search so you don’t have to!