The Home Server Show 45 – Add Ins I would like to see

HomeServerShow Show 45 is all about the Add-In competition sponsored by  Since the competition was closed for submission, Dave shared with us his submissions and some Add-In’s that he wanted to see.  I joined the discussion  for news and color analysis as well as John (aka Diehard) and Chris Lux.  It was a fun show to record with these guys and I hope you enjoy it.  We are continuing to  work on the new show format with these guys so hopefully the segments will be cleaned up soon.  Make sure you listen to the whole show this week.  Dave added a blooper and an out-take at the end.

Please leave me your comments on how you like the co-hosting and if there is anything you would like covered in a future show.

If you would like to record an intro for the podcast give it a shot!  Record an 8 second clip introducing the show and we will try to get it on a future podcast.

The Add-In Competition at

Future versions of Windows Home Server?

HP releases Time Machine and Amazon S3 backup services for HP 470 and 475 owners

Twonky Media Server releases in late June

Our special guest, CTLux and his blog from Kenya.

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