Another Good Reason You NEVER Buy Cables In The Store!

Palm_Pre_image_by_GSMarena Just picked up the Palm Pre the other week (post on that is still coming) and have been slowly purchasing adapters and cables for it.  Of course, it came with one USB cable (USB micro end) and a 110v adapter for the wall plug.  What I needed was the Touchstone charging kit for work and some extra cables for charging at home.  I could have purchase all of it from the Sprint store, but there are always better (sometimes much better) deals online.  Here is the deal.


Itemtouchstone_kitpalm pre micro usb
Sprint Store$19.99$69.99
Internet$3.25  Every Day Source (Ebay)$51.98 Mac Mall w/Shipping

palm pre skinI also purchase a Skinomi TechSkin for $9.95 on Amazon.  Got to protect the screen.





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