Omaha Corporate Cup 2009 – Early Results


scan0024This year’s Omaha Corporate Cup was the second largest in it’s history and featured nearly 100 folks from Gallup!  Nice job Gallup.




CIMG0120 The incredible trainers at Gallup, Ryan (his blog) and Jamie, did a great job this year of getting people moving and preparing for the race.  Numbers were up from the 60 that ran it last year.  Congratulations to the both of them.

Spirits were high and the team came together nicely just before the race.

Ryan finished with a record sub 40 minute performance and set a nice PR for himself.

I ran, with the help of some guys from Gallup, just over 50 minutes.  No PR, but a nice tune up for the Omaha Half Marathon that is next weekend.  We will shoot for just under 2 hours for next week’s run!  It’s a training run for the Kansas City Marathon on October 17th.  It will be a busy couple weeks of running.

All in all, a nice morning for running.  Congratulations to all who completed, both the 2 mile and 10k race!