So You Wanna Watch More College Football? Use ESPN360 and Window Media Center to Light It Up!


In my post 20 mile run recovery, I decided to watch some College Football!  Here is a screen shot from my PC. 

Using and Windows Media Center with a cable card, I can stream 3 football games all at once.  I had UCLA v Stanford (upper left), Florida St. v Boston College (upper right) and Washington v ND (bottom left).  To make matters worse, I added two laptops to the mix!


Yep, you are seeing it right.  I am watching 5 games all at the same time!  Besides the ones above, I added Western Michigan v Northern Illinois (left) and Florida International v Louisiana-Monroe.  Not the greatest games to watch, but hey, It can be done!

Because I am using Window Media Center, I can also switch the ND game to either Penn State v Illinois (which is a regional block on ESPN360) or LSU v Georgia.  It’s College Football bliss.

Remember, I search (or watch 5 games at once) so you don’t have to!