Lulz Security: A Digital Flash Mob of the 21st Century

Lulz Security hacking group has taught a lot of different divisions of the computing industry several important lessons. Even though the first group has officially disbanded and is being pursued by the CIA, there is still much left for the average guy to try and investigate for himself.

Lulz Security is responsible for several notorious Internet security breaches, from  down PBS to disrupting and dismantling Sony and its Play Station network. Yet Lulz Security has taken a modern approach to hacking and introduced a social element that has engaged its followers and given the news something to talk about. Followers for nearly two months have been able to follow their work from Twitter, and receive updates on new security breaches. Not only did they use uncanny presentations to their audiences, including ASCII artwork and Lulz theme music, but they have made available all of their prized SQL databases stolen from their hacking venture.

Not only has this spread out network of hackers taken down major networks quicker then any other coordinated attack, but they have also had the most media attention on a national level. Fox News, CBS, and other major broadcasting companies have all had Lulz Security as their homepage front page article at least once since the initial formation of the group.

Normally people feel threatened and concerned when they hear that another hacking group could compromise their security, but Lulz has made a community of followers, some of which infectiously follow them on twitter around the clock. Why? The answer lies in the fact that Lulz has planned all of these attacks as being fun, a quote on quote “game” for the hackers and the groups followers. Their sense of humor when hacking PBS is a strong example of their all for fun attitude that seems to lower user concerns because they are kept busy laughing with the group, and not worrying that one of their accounts may be at risk.

Flash mobs have become a popular young adult activity in the 21st century. The excitement that everyone will be at one place having good-natured fun, such as seen in the Christmas Food Court flash Mob or the Sound of Music in Central Station Antwerp, accurately describe fun for the sake of having fun. Just as these events all get popular attention and millions of views on YouTube, LulzSec has “flash-mobbed” the Internet, demonstrating their lack of interest in the information they have gained and highlighting their amusement by their work.

Isn’t their fun dangerous? It is not only dangerous, but hackers have already begun being arrested by the CIA as their is little tolerance when the hacking moves to government servers. Several people have learned a lesson. Primarily, just as flash mobs became sensationalized, Lulz Security made their hacking adventures equally fun, always leaving its followers looking for more, and they always delivered. Most security firms in the world have probably takent he time to re-assess their security measures, and other companies like SONY have probably sought other security administrators meanwhile. Security is a never ending battle, and regardless of the purpose, it always enables someone sitting behind a computer screen to receive his paycheck at the end of the week for combating senseless intrusions.

Is there more to come? Many media outlets believe that their official announcement of termination suggests they are over for good, but their website does indicate that may not be the case. The lyrics and song on the Lulz Security website included below seem to indicate there are still more adventures to be had on what they have coined “The Lulz Boat.”

Ultimately, even if the group were to permanently discontinue as  reported in the media, the idea that hacking can be a social event will always remain just as present in the minds of the youth as Flash Mobs have been for the past decade.

Lulz Sec Theme Song:

Lulz, exciting and new,
come aboard, we’re expecting you.

Lulz, life’s sweetest reward,
let it flow, it floats back to you.

The Lulz Boat soon will be making another run
The Lulz Boat promises something for everyone.

Set a course for adventure,
your mind on a new romance.

Lulz won’t hurt anymore,
it’s an open smile on a friendly shore.

Yes LULZ! Welcome aboard: it’s LULZ!