Rich’s Random Podcast Generator: HP TouchPad Fire Sale, WebOS’s Future – RRPG003


Were you one of the lucky few who found and picked up a “couldn’t give ‘em away a week agoHP TouchPad tablet for $99?

Well, people all over the US went crazy this past weekend trying to track down and acquire the elusive 16/32GB tablets which had been retailing for $399/$499 respectively.

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There had been some price drops the weekend before but nobody really saw this one coming. By late Friday night here in the US, folks were abuzz with the prospect of a fire sale.  By Saturday morning, they were roaming the aisles of their local big box stores looking for the bargain tablet, or as one person said, an early Christmas gift.

Were you able to lay your hands on one? Were they all sold out? Are you still looking? Well, don’t despair. We suspect there are more stashed away somewhere.

We spend some time this week talking about HP’s fire sale, WebOS’s future, and much, much more!

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