Skype Endless Updates, iPhone vs Android, Drobo Server, Android ROM’s and Photo Imaging Software – HT047

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim and Andrew and Christian are joined by Mike Howard from Jpeg2RAW for this week’s installment of the Home Tech Podcast.

The guys start off with some Skype chat, relating to the aggressive update cycle since Microsoft acquired Skype, and draw some comparisons to the Group Chat feature within Google Plus, as well as talking about the Facebook and Skype integration.

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Jim tells us that his wife is buying a new iPhone 4S, and the merits of iPhone vs Android vs Blackberry devices, and discuss the recent Blackberry Outage, and if the advancements in iPhone and Android could be the writing on the wall for Blackberry.

Jim talks about his new server wish list – a small form-factor PC to connect to a Drobo – check out the discussion over in our Facebook group.

Christians’ Deal-of-the-Week is the AMD AM3+ 8 core CPU from NewEgg, being the first 8-core CPU to the consumer market; ranging from 3.1 GHz through to 3.6 GHz, a very cost effective processor, with fantastic bang for buck!

Christians’ Speed Tip of the Week is the news of Adobe Flash Player 11 which includes native 64-bit browsing, enhanced H.264/AVC playback and GPU Acceleration.

The guys discuss some more Netflix news, relating to plans for Quikster being dropped, and the release of the .XXX domain name suffix – for the more scandalous of the Webmasters amongst us.

Andrew talks about installing a new ROM onto his Android phone, in this case an HTC Desire, to gain more space, and better performance from the phone.

The ROM Andrew installed is SGBS (Stock GingerBread Sense), which is specific to the HTC Desire, however there are also aftermarket ROMs such as Cyanogenmod which cater for most handsets on the market.

If you’re running an Android phone, and looking for a different ROM, it may be something worth looking at – be cautioned, this may damage your phone, so make sure that you research and perform any ROM update at your own risk.

Crossed ArmsWhilst talking about Android, Andrew brings some late breaking news, being the Android Operating System being ported to the HP TouchPad, again by the Cyanogenmod team.  Check it out over at the Cyanogenmod blog.

Mike tells us about a new feature that Adobe is working on for future releases of their Photoshop product range, being an unblur feature.  For those moments when the camera moves as you take the shot.  The guys talk about the immersion of the Photoshop products in the consumer market, as well as alternatives including The Gimp, Paint.NET.


The guys discuss their retention theories around digital media, be it disposable, or having an extended shelf life.  Images are something that most of the guys would not want to lose, however an album of music is something that most of the guys wouldn’t want to lose.  Andrew see images as being a memory triggers, and Mike and Christian see images as being priceless, whereas Jim is not as concerned about potential loss of images.  The guys discuss the changes over the years with the migration from 35mm to digital photography.

Mike talks about the changes covered by Engadget that Microsoft are going to bring to the Metro UI, that people love or hate in the Windows 8 Developer Preview.

The guys end the show with a little more talk about Google+, and the news that Duke Nukem is coming to the Android platform.

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