Drobo S, Computer Recycling, Upgrading Your Internet, No More Landline, HD Home Run Prime – HT049

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim and Andrew are joined by Gary Johnson at The Average Guy for this week’s installment of the Home Tech Podcast.

After the introductions, and weather reports from around the world, the guys kick off the show, talking about Jims’ search for a miniature computer to match to a Drobo S, and run Windows Home Server 2011. Gary warns against small form factor machines that can trap heat inside the case, and recommends using a drive such as the Seagate Momentus XT for a system drive for performance gains.

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The guys talk about PC recycling programs – Andrew talks about the PC’s for Kids program that runs in Australia, which donates computers to children who are physically, mentally or economically handicapped.  From the chat, we get recommendations of Freecycle, a global organization who are all about “giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns.”  Jim recycles his old equipment through Best Buy.  Remember, if you are recycling a PC, that you either remove and destroy the hard drive, or use a program such as DBAN or Secure Erase to securely erase your data before recycling a PC if you don’t want to, or don’t know how to remove the hard drive.

Andrew talks about the possibility of upgrading his home Internet connection, moving from an ADSL 8 mbps connection to a Cable connection at 30 mbps.

While talking about in-house services, Jim tells us that he has finally disconnected the phone line in his family home.  The guys discuss the price benefits of VOIP vs land lines, and the various providers and methods for saving on phone bills.

The guys talk about the upcoming change of IP addressing from the current IPV4 standard to the new IPV6 system.  Jim talks about a new concept being thought about, being the building of a network in space, to ultimately allow network connectivity for space craft – watch this space!

Gary gives an update on the HD Home Run Prime he purchased a couple of months back, from Silicon Dust, and some of the issues that he and his family are seeing when they try to stream video over their wireless network, versus working perfectly on the wired network.

The guys talk briefly about some late breaking news, relating to HP retaining the Personal Systems Group, as reported by our friends over at ZDNet, and the potential for the HP Touchpad to run Windows 8, as is also being rumored around the Internet.

Gary talks about the increase in hard drive prices that have been since the the Japan Tsunami and the more recent flooding in Thailand, where most of the hard drives on the market are manufactured.

The guys talk some more about the recent word added to the Urban Dictionary last week by Rich O’Neil, being The Full Fo-Shay.

The guys talk about some of the rumored upcoming mobile phone devices such as the ASUS Transformer 2, and an article Gary has found talking about 18 TB drives being made possible using table salt!

Be sure to listen to the show after the music finishes, to hear about Mike Howards’ recent Windows Home Server 2011 adventures!

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